Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful (Link-Up)

(St John Bosco's feast day is Friday, January 31--a favorite of ours)

 Thankful for my Holy Hour with Jesus.
Without this hour,
 I could not make it through the week without breaking down

 Thankful for new bangs!!
(the one on the right, is hiding hers, she accidentally cut them again 
on her own the next morning--you'll see them later)
 Thankful Billie Jo let us know about THIS special day!
We decided to make her recipe...
 So on the way home from Mass that day, I picked up 
a chocolate fudge cake mix...but didn't realize we did NOT have sour cream
so I used vanilla Greek yogurt...and we did NOT have chocolate chips, 
so I used Raspberry M&M's
No one complained once!
 Thankful for moments like this one
She's reading to him (from memory)
He kept touching her lips and laughing...he's such a tease!
 Thankful we homeschool this little girl that has the staying power of a squirrel.
Literally, if I turn my head, sitting right next to her, she's GONE.
What would they do with her in a school?
(this Thankful thing does not mean I am always patient and happy she leaves constantly)
But when the day is done, I am Thankful.
 Thankful when she be bops away, this little one is ready to fill her seat!

 Thankful for collage (see the wrapping paper?) and 4 year old Art!
 Oh, my goodness...I LOVE this age when they make these Bubble People...
 So Thankful for that...
 Thankful he loves his big big big big sister so much that he sits by her in 
the school room every day and does puzzles!
(and lets me work with others)
 Thankful we had one really nice day, it was like 23 degrees out!!
Woo Hoo!!!
It was super!
 Why can't they ever all look at the same time?
Best of like 5 shots...
 I couldn't wait to go outside
Thankful I did!
 Thankful I got to shovel  paths for the littles to go on...otherwise they can't even move!
 Thankful for snotty nosed, red cheeked, smiling 4 year olds...
 And snotty nosed, red cheeked, smiling 2 year olds...
 Oh, my goodness, they are quite a pair!
So very Thankful to still have littles...
 Thankful for kiddos that wait patiently.....
For hot cocoa with marshmallows!
(there's those newly cut by herself bangs)
 Thankful for sweet 2 year olds that are growing out of their naps...but not quite...
(this is supper time--he just couldn't make it)
 Thankful for double baths...
(almost as much as sink baths)
 Thankful for this weeks kitchen helper
He's making a brown rice kind of chili thing I made up...
(Tom hated it)
I loved it
(it made for some great farts)
Thankful this photo was taken at 5:42 pm yesterday afternoon!!
This shows the days are getting longer!

Link up if you want, no rules,
no special day
just remember to be Thankful


  1. The simple joys of life are God's greatest gifts. We truly all have so much to be thankful for! Have a wonderful weekend. If I have time, I will link with you tomorrow for end of the week gratitude.

  2. You are right Deb! You have a wonderful weekend too! Link up anytime! (I love your gratitude Sundays!)

  3. Thanks for my morning laugh. "It made for great farts." It's so encouraging to see that much of your day mirrors my own. Two year olds outgrowing naps, 4 year old drawings (seriously, it could almost be a twin image of my daughter's), excited about 20 something degree weather so one can play outside, and a flighty school kid. Mine frustrates me I really don't know what I'm going to do about him as his course load increases. But I AM thankful we can deal with it at home. I shudder a bit thinking about the "what ifs" had he attended public school. And, how does one accidentally cut one's bangs anyway?

    1. And my morning laugh is from you immediately after saying "it made for great farts" said my day mirrored yours! (haha)

      We are having similar days, another reason to keep blogging, right?

      Well, I guess accidentally cut too short...she was trying to add more or something...came crying into my room at 6am...oh, my...

    2. Yes, definitely, one way to keep us sane. :) So she was trying to add bangs. I was envisioning a scissor project and hair in the way. My now 4 year old grabbed the scissors sometime last year and she came away with a new bangs, but I'm sure you're familiar with that scenario!

  4. Gosh, as always, your thankful posts remind me of the riches we have to be thankful for. I love the pics- your whole family has the most beautiful eyes! Ok, do you have a fart rating system for the meals? That made me laugh!

    1. No rating system, but that's a great idea! I eat healthy and the prob with that is those foods make me fart!! What?

  5. Love, love, love! And yes! yes! yes!

    Love these thankful posts. It is so fun to watch them grow and how close in age of our babies are.

  6. I love the bangs! They do make her seem like such a big girl! I put ponytail knots in Avas hair and there was a really short piece. She must have cut something! I am so thankful you blog because I just love seeing what is going on and all the funny stuff and pictures. Cute cute cute.

  7. I am thankful for you and your family who bring us so much joy by seeing their faces and antics each week! God bless you :)


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