Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 Things

I have never seen any of The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit movies
I started with the very first one, but fell asleep, many many years ago
I never fall asleep during movies (except kid movies)

My kids and husband love these.
They talk about the characters and I have no idea what they are talking about.
I do know that "The ring must go to Froto"
Because many  many years ago, we got a McDonald's toy 
that kept saying that.

 I am not the only one who thinks the guy in The Lord of the Rings is 
I am 44 years old and have never had a cavity
My dentist thinks it's pretty cool too.
I only like and chew sugar free mint gum
(it must be mint)
I don't have many pictures from my childhood
My mom says dad was too cheap to let her have a camera.
Here's my brother and I
I think I was 3 and he was 2 here, and we are stylin'!
I remember the lady wanted him to put his arm on my leg and I did NOT want him to.
He was digging his elbow in my leg, can you see his little smile and me gritting my teeth?
My family moved from Minnesota to California 5 times growing up
I loved and hated it.
This was 5th grade in Santa Rosa, CA
I walked to school every day, a few blocks
My teacher was Mrs McEnroe,
 she was John McEnroe's great aunt or something like that.
Can you guess which one is me?
I am on the top, right side.
This was the year I became a diabetic

 Same year, tan tan tan.
I roller skated all over the place.
(nice shoes Jamie)
That is my baby sister, isn't she a dolly?
Back to Minnesota, pastey white.
I think this is me around 13 maybe
I was in Competitive Speech in school, this is around that time
(again no pics)
I loved speech, they put me in Serious Poetry
and I cannot for the life of me remember any of the poems I recited.
Not even one.
And I ribboned every time.
Walt Whitman sounds familiar....
(I loved giving speeches and talking in front of people)

Back to California
Here's me my 11th grade year.
My first "date" 
Steve was his name
I couldn't date til I was 16 and we had just moved so I didn't know anyone anyway.
I met him at Burger King where I worked, he was 2 years older.
He drove me home and walked me to the door,
where he grabbed my hand and licked his lips (yep)
and kissed me.
I did NOT kiss back.
So he tried again. 
OH, my gosh, I pictured myself pounding on the door, 
"Let me in, let me in!!"
I hated my first kiss.

When I was a senior, we moved to southern California
and I got to see a couple tapings of  "Charles in Charge"
Anyone remember that show?
It was really fun.
 He's aged well, hasn't he?
Willie Aames...look at those beautiful curls!

I fart a lot.
I do.
I eat healthy foods and they make me fart.
(and keep me regular)

I ALWAYS claim my farts though.
(you gotta claim a good one!)
So you'll know if it's me or not, you won't have to trace any.
Except if we are in a store.

In 8th grade, my bestest friend at the time
(that's what we called each other)
and I bought clothes together and called each other every night 
and tried to dress alike.
We also loved rainbows and drew them all the time.
We used to sign in class and no one knew what we were saying.
We are still friends, she lives in Colorado.
Love you Karla!

I know sign language.
(I'm not good at it, ask my sister, she's deaf)
I don't like to exploit her in that way, but 
I couldn't think of 10 interesting things about me...
This is my sister Brenna, the baby in the upper picture #4
We had teachers that came into our home and taught our family.

Gosh, that was hard.
I don't like talking about myself.
Is that an oxy-moron?  Having a blog and all?

I'd rather talk about my kids or thankful things.
Sorry to bore you

I got this award from 

Thank you ladies, I am so humbled
that you'd think of me 
especially since you are all so cool.

I do not like to follow the rules all the time.
so I am going to nominate all of you!

You brighten my day!
if you are reading, leave me a comment and consider yourself 
awarded The Sunshine Award!
(because you give sunshine to others)


  1. I absolutely loved this! I'm putting one up tomorrow, these are really fun to read and participate in, I'm just not sure I can come up with 10 things!

  2. Thanks for a great morning laugh Jamie!!! I Loved it :) You are definitely Sunshine today!

    1. Thank you Meredith again for awarding me, you challenged me!!

  3. A fun post! Love those healthy foods! Have a day filled with Sunshine!

  4. How fun to go to a school named Strawberry School!! What kid wouldn't love that?! (Except for the boys, maybe...)

    I worked at Burger King too! Working those frozen patties on the conveyer belt, fun times.

    1. It is a fun name for a school, although, when I was there, I thought it was a stupid name for a school.

      I think I could do those microwaved burgers today, 2 pickles on the Whopper Jr's and hamburgers and 4 pickles on the Whoppers....hahaha!! I loved working there!
      Did you get to wear the rusty brown uniform and viser?

  5. I am laughing myself silly. Tears. The whole bit. We all know your main ambition from the title of your blog, and I'm just thinking.... will you someday be known as the patron saint of (hhm.... those who.... 'eat healthy??') .

    I loved all of this. LOVED it. SUN. SHINE.

    1. Those who don't get tummy aches, because they let it rip!!

      Thanks Nancy, you are so sweet!

  6. Loved the older pictures! I put some older ones up today too on my blog.

    1. I loved your old pictures, and your hubby's curly hair!

  7. Oh gosh...I am also laughing and smiling..this was way too much fun. I totally dont get those LOTR movies either. Frodo? Froto? who cares.

    I love looking at you when you were little and I can see so many of your kiddos. I just love your dark black hair.

    You are so lucky to have good teeth. I have so many crowns(and I love chocolate!)

    That is cool you were in a speech club!
    and You loved rainbows.

    Ava is a rainbow nut also. That is her birthday theme this year.

    I always blame my farts on the dog. Totally works every time..because the dogs farts a lot and they stink!

    thanks for playing! you sorta wish you were still in CA..with hubby and kids...enjoying some warm weather?

    1. I didn't even know I spelled Farto's name wrong, til my kids corrected me, oh, well, fits in with the post.

      I even see Simeon in my brother John in the groovey clothes picture.
      It is fun to see old pictures.

      Not speech club, competitive speech, it was like a sport, we went all over the place competing. It was so much fun!

      RAINBOWS????? That's my goddaughter!! Yay, can't wait to see it!!

      We don't need a dog, everyone blames me.
      Yes, warm weather dreaming here....

  8. Smiling here in Pa, my friend!

    What an exciting life!

    Totally loved the pics of you ...

    I see your kids in all of them!

    You always make me happy. : )

    1. Hhahaha! I'm thinking, "Exciting?" "huh?" Isn't it funny how we all think of ourselves as boring, but actually, we are all pretty interesting. We all have a story!

  9. Lovely post! I loved your childhood pics..You look recognizable! And yes, I must say, with time you have only turned prettier! :)

  10. Ok, you may not like writing about yourself but I really enjoyed learning more about you! I used to love Charles in Charge. And farts... eh, pretty common around here caused by many much to my husband's annoyance.

    That's crazy and awesome that you liked speech so much. I was the shy one so this is mind-blowing.

    By the way, it's "Frodo" not "Froto." Unless you meant it on purpose. :) And no way is Tobey Maguire anywhere close to Elijah Wood. I had a crush on the first and not the second.

    What a bummer about your first kiss. I can't believe he tried again. Or... maybe I can. Teenage boys...

    Thanks for a fun post!

    1. OH, gosh, Christine and my KIDS corrected me...on Farto's name...hahah! Now, I guess it's on purpose! (I didn't know til the kids read this post though)

      (fits with the post)

      And the kiss? I KNOW!! Like he thought I'd do better the 2nd time. I did not. It was a peck, that's it. I think I thought, before that, that I'd have to be in love with the man before kissing him. Oh, well.... Yes, teenage boys...

  11. Could I love you more? No, I could NOT.

    ( heaven I will...and won't that be cool?)

    You talk about yourself in the same way that you blog--very humble & self-effacing. And I know if you don't know what self-effacing means, you'll ASK, which is basically what self-effacing means.

    I love you, sweet Jamesters, and thank God for the gift of you. I still remember the very first comment you left on my blog. You came over from Danielle Bean's and you told me I was "beautiful." I've been a fan of Jamie ever since. ♥

    1. Awwww, you made me cry. Can't believe you remember that first comment. I owe my love of blogs and blogging to you, my all time favorite, always will be.
      Love you too.

      Off to look up "self-efacing"
      I'm serious.

  12. I can't believe you moved that many times! What a character builder it was! No cavities??? You dog! Lord of the Rings...Spiderman thing. I'm right with you. That's what I think, too. AND...I just watched all three Lord of the Rings two weeks ago. I my word. And someone tried to tell me that Star Wars wasn't for kids! I thought it was pretty Scott Baio...Tiger Beat magazine. Really loved his looks and yes, he aged quite well!! You had me laughing so hard at your farting comment. Love your honesty! What a fun list, Jamie Jo. I love learning about you even more!

    1. It was a character builder, I'm using that! So do you think I'd like The Lord of the Rings movies? My kids want me to like them.

      I think Scott Baio is even better looking now...

  13. You are a hoot!!! I enjoyed all of these as well as the pictures. What fun- you are the life of the party!

    1. I CAN control myself, you must know! (only my kids and hubby get the luxury of my farts) (and sometimes people at Wal-mart)

      I'm having a sledding party today!! Come on up! (I'm having taco soup--filled with BEANS!!)

  14. Jamie Jo, you made me LOL! I was in love with Scott Baio and I fell asleep on two of the LOTR movies, too. I'm so confused about what's been happening in the sequel/prequels.

    1. Thanks again for the award, Anabelle! You challenged me, that's for sure! That's funny about the LOTR and sleeping, I've heard that from several mamas....must not be a mama movie?

  15. You most definitely are so deserving of the SUNSHINE award! All the years I've known you and faded in and out of your life, you have always remained the beautiful, sunshiney Jamie. Really.

    I loved all the photos and your stories. Oh, and the no cavities (lucky woman!) and the 'gassing' (that's what I like to call it). Died laughing. You are so honest and such a hoot!

    And the first kiss, how disappointing for you. And shame on that boy for trying a stunt like that just after driving you home from work. Darn boys.

    How is it even in your teens you are so stinkin' beautiful??!! I will not even show you my teen pics when I respond to my Sunshine award cuz they are carefully hidden away for obvious reasons. Not my best years and my Lily would be the first to also point that out. Yup, she likes to keep me humble. ha!

    Thanks for the great time yesterday! The kids and I had a blast. It was just good to be with good people and welcoming, smiley faces. And seeing and meeting your kids for real was super awesome too. So precious. Love 'em!

  16. Oh, my goodness, you are way too sweet!
    You know, I think the same about you. Gassing...I'll have to remember that one!

    Oh, that first kiss...that was after our date, not after working. I actually kind of shudder when I think of it. I guess I thought I'd have to be in love to kiss someone...funny notion especially today, but it's how it SHOULD be!!

    I'm sure you were beautiful as ever when you were younger. I met you not long after your might have even been 18 or 19?

    I'm glad the kids had fun. It would be fun to get together with just us sometime too, that way we could talk more! I'm so glad you could make it--I loved seeing you!
    (and your beautiful children)

  17. I loved Charles in Charge and like the song I wanted Charles in charge of me!!

    I do like the LOTR series. You have to read the books first or listen to the audio version. I admit that I needed a chart to follow the story in the films, though. The text is just so deep and I am not that fast.

    I think the farts have something to do with age as well. At least that is what this 44 almost 45 year old is saying.


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