Friday, March 7, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life (Link-up)

 Thankful for the love these littles have for Jesus.
 OH, they love the Stations of the Cross we put up
"Mama, why do the men nail Jesus's hands and feet?"

Why Ashes, do you ask?

 Thankful for our sacrifice and good deed jar, 
We are not stingy with the beans,
 and yes the baby gets a bean just for being cute.
 Thankful to take down all our winter crafts (Goodbye winter!)
and put up our cross and Lenten calendars
(Found HERE)
 Thankful for these littles
playing together, building, talking
 It's just such a special time now, while they are little.
 Just so you don't think they sit here so happily playing
He is kicking his legs right now, trying to get all the Legos away from her.
She is screaming.
 Thankful we finally got some days above 10 degrees!!  
We actually got some days above 20 degrees!!
You can bet we played outside!

 That's 50 days we could not play outside folks, 
it's been a long winter here in Minnesota.

 Next week we have temps expected in the 40's!!
Bye-bye snow!

Thankful this little sweetie pie loves to do anything that resembles school.
and the next 2 videos will prove she is a born leader.

(we pray a nightly family rosary and she likes to lead)

(for non-Catholics, to lead, means the person prays outloud the first part of the prayer, 
and the others respond with the 2nd half)

You're welcome.

Thankful we visited this GIANT SNOWMAN!!
He really was giant!!
Read about him HERE!
He's taller than the trees!  
His nose is made out of a garbage can!!

 Thankful for lent, I am following Dr McDougall's Plan
A reader and fellow prayer warrior, Angela, 
suggested this plan and I read about it and 
thought I could do it.
(basically, it's a vegan diet)

 You know I love veggies...
This was my lunch:
Boiled potatoes and zucchini, with salt and pepper.
The other night, 
I boiled lentils, added chopped celery, onions, carrots, 
brown rice and boiled chopped potatoes with some salsa for extra flavoring.
(Angela told me how to do it!)
I made a big pot for me to eat all week. 
I loved it. 
My family? 

They are not liking the farts.

Thankful for fresh flowers to brighten up the kitchen.

Thankful for YOU.
You, my readers.

Thankful for all the blogs I read, 
(you know who you are)

I read THIS post this morning, right before going to Mass.
BIG mistake.

Don't get me wrong, she's a great writer, 
a wonderful mother and faith-filled woman.
She was just expressing her opinion.
(and her intention is not to hurt anyone)
I'm so filled with pride, 
that I took her post as kind of a negative post.
You see, my blog is the kind of blog she does not like to read. 

So, yes, I was sad, all through Mass.
til I received Jesus.
I kept saying "Jesus, I trust in YOU"
I thought of all the Thankful things in my life, 
instead of thinking of myself and feeling sorry for myself, 
because someone out there doesn't like the way I blog.
(probably lots of people)
Who cares?
We all have our own likes and dislikes.
I am who I am and I like me.

Her post made me realize and be Thankful 
for the reasons I like your blogs.
I love the differences.
I love that each blog I read is like visiting a friend.
I love that each blog is a place of YOU. 
And I like you.

I am Thankful for you.

Have a great weekend!!



  1. That snowman is crazy-tall...I would be scared to stand by it luck it would fall on me.
    I am thankful for Brian. He got the suburban out. a miracle.
    Sweetie pie is just so SWEET! praying for you sweet baby girl.
    That food does look yummy.

    That last link did not work. It goes to the food thingy. I am very interested to know what that blog was...probably MINE!!!!ha

    praying for a good Lent for your family. Praying for warmer weather here in MN because we deserve it.

    Wishing we could see each other more and fart....I like vegetables too.
    please put up some of those recipes...they look really good.

    1. I just fixed the link. She knows her prayers because she has such a good godmama!! Keep those prayers coming!

      Oh, gosh, so happy, I could cry about the warmer weather.
      Yay Brian!! Christine's knight in shining armor!!

      I don't think I want to smell your farts.
      You don't want to really smell mine, do you?

  2. Well, I don't know about the lady whose blog made you feel sad, but I really enjoy your blog-it's so refreshing to see a mom raising her little ones to love Jesus!

    1. OH, thank you Jan, you are always so loving and encouraging!

  3. First, I can't believe how TALL little Sims has gotten! Wow! I love the sweet pics, and they make playing in the snow look really fun. The giant snowman was on the news even down here. And maybe you should create a scale for your foods- instead of gold stars, you could have something to represent farts. But it also means you have a healthy diet!

    1. Hasn't he? He's almost as big as Bridget!
      I have to admit, I always hated snow, til I started working with children. (Montessori and my own daycare) Children make winter fun. (and that is the only thing fun about it)

      Oh, my, I need to stop blogging about farting, don't I? You must know that I can control myself...that my friends have never "witnessed" this in me. (just my blessed family!)
      Beans, lentils and veggies fill this plan though....I do have to kind of strategically plan when I eat these things, like not early in the day if I need to go someplace!!

      Have a great weekend Shelly!

  4. Well, all I gotta say is that you always have tons of people here telling you how great your blog is and all your posts, so you must be doing something right. :-) I personally don't agree with what that blogger said, but to each their own, as you said. I'm guessing she knew it might ruffle a few people's feathers--but I think that's the chance you take when you voice your opinion.

    Where on earth is that snow man? Being so big, you'd think we would see it popping over the trees!

    1. Becky, I have good readers, that is for sure. I think what bothered me was the underlying negativity. I like to build people up and like this blog and my time on other blogs to build up.

      That snowman is in 4 miles north of there. (the middle of nowhere) It's about a half hour from here!

      My 7 year old thought we'd see it from really far away too!
      If you go, it is in a field and on the day we went, there was a steady stream of people coming and going, the ground was frozen, but still after a 40 degree day, it will be a muddy mess!! (just don't get stuck!)

  5. I love your blog because it makes me focus on what I am thankful for. You give me that every week! We, Mamas, need to be reminded to about the beauty in little things in our daily life. Being thankful is your "Little Way" to Jesus! Don't change it or think less of it!

    The blogger kinda rubbed me the wrong way this morning, too, and I don't have a blog. I know she meant no harm but words are powerful.

    1. Oh, thank you Towers. You are so sweet. I think being thankful is the "Little way" too. If I'm not thinking of these little things, I end up thinking negative things and not being thankful at all.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so...sometimes it's easy to get defensive for no reason at all. Words are powerful. Do our words lift up or tear down?

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Marcie and I am thankful for YOU!

  7. Even though we have yet to meet in person, I love coming here to read your blog. You reached out to me (and you sure didn't have to) when I was losing it over lice. Your love for your family and kids come through every post. You help me to remember to be thankful, especially when it seems the hardest thing to do. Thank you for being you!

    1. Oh, thank you Jenny! That whole lice thing was meant to be for some reason. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Maybe that is the good it brought? (I still do NOT want to go through that again!!)

      I've been thinking and praying for you a lot lately, being in COLD Germany and are an amazing woman!!

  8. I love your blog, like truly love it and feel as if I'm visiting with a very dear friend each time I visit here - I have to remind myself we've never actually met!
    I'm blogging again starting next week - and as much as I needed the break I miss recording our life and all that we love and do plus connecting with bloggers like you and the other Mama's that form this circle of support for one another!

    1. OH, 9Peas, I am so honored you'd say that. Really. I feel the same about you and hope someday we do actually get to meet! I'm thinking Texas vacation, not Minnesota vacation!! hahaha!

      Can't wait to read your life posts, you are so amazing! I love the bond we all have too.

  9. Now, ladies, I was not fishing for compliments!
    Thank you. You are all so sweet.

  10. First, Margaret has now bonded with the snowman in your photo. She was sitting here with me while I read your post and noticed the big 'Noseman'. As I scrolled down, she waves and goes "Bye, Noseman!!" I guess now we'll have to go visit him, unless he melts next week. Not to wish him bad, but I hope it is warm enough to melt him. lol.

    Second, I love your blog. I think you are plenty YOU here and while I do know you IRL, I still would feel like I know you from reading here. It's funny how our blogs may kind of change through time, but yet remain the same. When I found out I was pregnant with Gianna, I cried because I was unsure how to blog and how my blog would change slightly due to the change in my life. I felt like a lot of me on the blog became me as a woman struggling with infertility. While it contained other things, that was a portion of my heart that I poured into my blog at the time. Now that blogging kind of sits and waits for me and the time I have to devote to it, it's about just real life. Sure, I struggle thinking that it doesn't have "content" but I'd rather have the small readership of genuine, sweet friends (like you) than ones who search for content while reading. We love you just the way you are and what you share here. I wouldn't have you any other way!!

    Enjoy the warm weather that is on the horizon. Surely, spring is just about here!!

    1. Are you trying to say I don't have content? Hahaha...just kidding. I know what you are saying.
      I try to write "content" things once in a while, but, I"m not a writer and well, most people that come here already know the deep stuff. Know what I mean? I write for myself first. To get things out of my head, it's an outlet. When I try to write for others and try to please them, it becomes not so fun.

      I'm sure that was a hard thing to figure out, changing the way you write, but I'm so happy you kept up with it and are such an inspiration for others experiencing the same thing. You bring hope. You bring understanding and love.

      You are awesome. I know we know each other in real life, but these blogs have brought us closer, it is so wonderful to share our vocations together. To support each other.

      Love that Margaret loves the snowman!! He is a noseman!! That day we were there, the wind was crazy windy and his nose was blowing around and around like crazy, I thought it was going to fall onto us!! If you do go, it is in an open field, so it will be muddy. (especially after tomorrow) so maybe park in the road and walk in? When we went, the ground was frozen, but still muddy, puddles everywhere. (just a warning) I was surprised, there was a steady stream of people coming and going, when we were leaving, there were 3 cars waiting to drive in. This snowman is in the middle of nowhere and all you can do is look at it, take a picture and leave!! (there is a spot to sign in and donate money for the local church--which is awesome)

      Spring is coming, I'm happy Easter is late this year, maybe it will actually be warm? April, I'm planning on an indoor picnic (First Friday Mass) but May NEEDS to be outside!!

      Have a great weekend!

    2. You can't see the mud in the picture, around the snowman, it's packed down, but where you park, it is a field, and muddy!

  11. I love your Stations of The Cross. Simply love.
    Love you too! : )

  12. I didn't see anything about her post being anything against yours. I love your blog. Especially these posts, they are my favorites. It is such a good practice to be reminded to the things we should be thankful for, even kids fighting over Legos!

    1. Oh! I wanted to post something about the food list too! I noticed it recommended a lot of soy. Be careful of soy if you have any history of thyroid issues in your family. It contains a lot of estrogen too which can do wonky things to your metabolism. A little is probably ok, but if you substitute all dairy with soy you are probably going to damage your thyroid. Almond milk, and canned whole fat coconut milk are good substitutes for dairy. You want the canned full fat coconut because a lot of time the other ones have MSG in it. It also makes your smoothies so creamy! And it is a good fat for lowering cholesterol and feeding your brain! :)
      Sorry I have done a lot of research on this as we have funky thyroids in my family and just wanted to warn you!

    2. Oh but then it says no coconut. LOL...

    3. Amy, you are so nice to me!!

      Well...On my blog, I like to center my words...I think it is easier to read. It is for me. I guess not for others. I like it because it makes me feel like I'm talking. I don't talk in paragraphs.

      I also have fake names for my kiddos. My husband makes me do it. I think if a woman chooses to not use real names or doesn't show her children's faces, then, it is what SHE thinks is the best for her children. Her children's safety is number one. And who am I to complain about it?

      Shall I go on?

      Oh, well, I really believe to each his own. I am not going to tell others how I'd like them to portray their blogs to me. But if others want to, that's fine. I think that's why her post made me defensive. I'm not trying to win anyone's approval. That's my opinion though. Her post was not written with my blog in mine, just blogs that post like me. It's not really that big of a deal. I'm sure she's never been here, but boy, if she ever comes here and sees this post....

      Onto the diet!! I do not like soy things...I like soy sauce I guess in things. But not soy milk or tofu, I cringe just typing that word!! I had heard about the estrogen in Soy, but not the thyroid stuff. I love almond milk, love it in smoothies and on cereal. I used to get coconut milk for my smoothies....but, umm, yeah, no coconut allowed. I'm finding the no dairy products to be quite hard....not even egg!! I had wheat crackers with squash on instead of cheese today. I haven't read his book yet, (parts of it) but basically, I think he's saying all fats are bad, even the ones we think are good like coconut and olive oil. We'll's only a lenten thing now...if i like it, I'll keep it up longer.

      God bless you Amy, have a wonderful day!

  13. Where did you get your Stations of the Cross pictures? They are so pretty! I loved the videos of Sweetie Pie praying, too precious!

    Please don't change the way you blog. You do such a great job and are so inspiring. I've read her blog a couple times, but I found she says more I disagree with than agree with, so I stopped reading her blog a long time ago. I didn't find it uplifting. I like to read blogs like yours, that help me focus more on Christ and my family.

    1. Kari--I got those prints at CHC:

      They are the 8x10 ones. I got them quite a few years ago, I think they were cheaper then!
      I have loved them!! They also have Mysteries of the Rosary ones, I have a big set in a binder with sheet protectors and a smaller set just because.

      I think we all need to take a look at the blogs we read and only continue reading the ones that lift us up, not make us feel inadequate. I hope mine doesn't make anyone feel that way, but I know it's easy to think someone else's life is perfect by looking at a blog, because it's only a peek into our lives. There's a fine line there, don't you think?

      Have a great week Kari!

  14. Jamie, I could not regularly read the blog you linked. I haven't read her enough to say if she's being sarcastic with the whole post or not, but it's just not the type of post I'd enjoy, either.

    Good luck on the food choice changes. Lent is a great time to make these changes, imho.

    My stations WILL be hung today...thanks for the reminder!

  15. Of course you know I love your blog. The few blogs I read regularly: those with "friends" appeal - some real life people I know and some not and those for spiritual support or knowledge of some kind (like a food blog). I am glad going to Mass made you feel better. Jesus always does.

    That picture of Little Red playing with his sister with blocks, sitting legs splayed in a onesie... He looks MUCH older in that picture. Our babies are growing up way too fast.

    That snowman is awesome!!! My kids are going to get a kick out of seeing that picture when I show them. And hooray for warmer temps! And for snow melting. We have had a warm day today in the 40s and sun. Beautiful. But... another freakin' storm tomorrow night. Ice and 6-8 inches of snow after. Ugh.

    I love taking away winter inside and putting up Lent and slowly creeping toward spring and Easter. Makes me so happy. Those prints are beautiful. I have CHC's Rosary prints but not the stations. Methinks one year I will have to buy those.

    Best of luck with the diet. I cook/bake a lot without eggs as I can't have them and dairy too so if you're ever craving something particular feel free to ask. (Gluten-free of course here as well...)

    1. The comment about Little Red looking SO MUCH bigger??? That's EXACTLY what I was thinking. He's growing so quickly!

  16. Your thankful posts just overflow, girl! I love it! There's always so many gifts that you see and pause to treasure. Way to go! But that snowman....Mabel was like, "there's NO WAY that thing is real!" LOL Reminds me of the reaction your kids had about the lizard on my FB post ;)

  17. WOW! I just read that post you linked to. As my mother would say "who died and made her boss?" I didnt know there were "blogging rules" So glad to come here and be encouraged in my Catholic, homeschooling life! Thats all that really matters! You share your gifts. Thank you!

  18. Thankful for your blog - I enjoy reading it! Different strokes for different folks. Keep up the good work!

  19. Jamie, I just clicked over to that post (first time visit to that blog and my last) that you linked to. She said plenty about what she likes, did she give any consideration to what others like? I didn't get the impression she was writing it out of any true kindness or sincerely looking to create positive conversation. Her tone was completely off-putting and sanctimonious. <--hmm, I wonder if my grasp of the English language there was good enough to meet her high-horse standards. Honestly, it was so insulting and pompous that it became laughable towards the end. Actually, I was laughing…and it wasn't with her.

    I love you, Jamie. I love your blog. You embody what is SO rare on the internet these days: you're real, you're sweet, you're generous, and you're HUMBLE. You don't write to impress or to get a huge following. You write for the real connection to others and to share the joy that you so obviously have in your life. That's why I will always prefer your blog over others. Don't compare yourself to others. They can't hold a candle to you.

    I would like to finish by saying thank YOU for blogging and letting us be a part of the conversation (without having to worry about whether or not we're good enough or meeting certain standards). xo

  20. p.s. LOVE your Stations of the Cross. :)


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