Friday, March 14, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life--Link-up

 Thank You God 
for so many blessings in my life
Thankful for hovering/levitating little girls in rubber boots!
I just happen to snap the picture at the right time,
but it shows the excitement of the girls, 
they were hopping and skipping the whole way!

We finally got some warm weather!
(I know for many of you 40 degrees is not warm, but to us Minnesotans,
it's balmy!)
 Thankful for pink rubber boots
 on little boys!
The blessing of having 4 older sisters.
(I had some purple ones for my oldest son
borrowed them away and never saw them again!)
Oh, well, Little Red loved them!
 He only escaped our hands maybe 4 times!
This kid can run FAST!
Thankful  he falls easy and we can catch him!!
 Thankful for slushy walks and girls holding hands
 Thankful we've had open windows (and no bugs yet) a couple times this week!

 Thankful this sweet boy,  my new 14 year old,
is such a joy raising
 For birthdays, 
I always have (for 14 years now) 
filled the house with balloons and streamers
thinking that I'm surprising them every year.
Last year, I filled his room while he was sleeping.
This year, he told me he woke up last year when I did that.
he wanted to play a game, 
if I could get the balloons in his room without him waking up,
I win.
If he would wake up, he'd win.

I won.
I rock.

 This is Brownies Jubilee (from my sister in law Kris--whose birthday is today)
Happy birthday Kris!
 This is the lazy person's way of posting a recipe.
(click on the picture to see it better!)
Thankful this easy recipe is a favorite and is requested for birthdays 
and holidays!

 Thankful when I close up on these fresh flowers in my window, 
it brings me back to my mind.
 Thankful for our unicyclist!  
Happy to be out in the warm weather!
 Thankful for cutie pies walking hand and still my heart.
 OH, happy times!!  
Don't you just want to jump in?
Why, yes, her boots were full of water afterward.
 She might have whined a little on the way home....

 but not too much!

 Thankful we can walk to piano lessons
(we are walking to pick up piano kids actually here)
Thankful Thankful
Thankful for cute little boys in sunglasses and pink rubber boots
 that insist on stopping at every crack in the road.
 Thankful for this man!
(he decided it's time to break out the shorts!)

Thankful for little shoveling boys
Oh, he's loving being able to go outside!
He's going to love this spring, it makes me so excited 
how everything is new again 
for my littles! 

 Thankful the animals are out again!!
It's been so cold this year, we've hardly seen any squirrels or birds!
This little guy visited us the other day, it's a red squirrel.
We researched him, we've not seen him looking white
(we have one red squirrel that visits all the time, we are assuming this is him)
They mulch 3 times a year.
He's mulching!! 

 Thankful for folding helpers
We have lots of socks and underwear!!

 Thankful this girl is in the choir for our Mass with our new Bishop!
We have a Mass with our new Bishop today
He's saying Mass for our Catholic homeschool group
(potluck afterward)
I'm excited to see so many families again!  
It's going to be a fun day!
I'll leave you with this selfie.
You don't want to know how many I took to finally get a half decent one.

So very Thankful for the little things
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. As always, you look beautiful! Can't believe how much snow you still have but I can see it's melting.

    So cool that you have a unicycle and....a blonde squirrel!! Never saw anything like that! Wow. God bless you all!

    1. Oh, thank you Allison! I thought the East coast had a lot of snow this year too? Our snow is melting....but very slowly!!!

      My oldest unicycles for a group and they do parades in the summer, it's really fun! It brings something really unique to the parades!

      God bless you too Allison!

  2. Love your selfie and all the great pictures of thankfulness! Lucia wants to play in your snow so bad! It's amazing how much you have there and we have absolutely no snow here.

    I need some folding helpers over here :)

    1. Wish I could send Lucia some snow!! I have to say, that the kids LOVE playing in the snow, it is the only thing that gets me through winter. That's why this year was so hard, we had so many days that it was too cold to go outside! It is amazing how a few states away and the world is so different. The awesomeness of God.

      You have folding helpers, my 4 year old folds great washcloths and hand towels! (but she's not consistent or reliable...she doesn't have staying power, unless I'm right there with her! hahaha)

  3. Beautiful lady, beautiful family! That is still so much SNOW! Goodness! Out here we only get a few days of it, if at all, and it is gone.

    1. It IS a lot of snow! I thought it would be gone by this weekend. I was wrong. OH,'s melting slowly....

      I'm glad you get some snow, it's fun for the kids!

  4. Thankful for warm days here also. Your kids look like they are having so much fun walking in the water. I cannot wait to go outside and just go for a walk...but it is getting cold again this weekend. High of 30 for you people who do not live where we do. It is so weird to just see stuff our deck!

    You look beautiful by the way. You have the best hair! I want it!

    Happy Weekend and thankful for you.

    1. I WILL TAKE 30!!!! After the winter we had, I'll take anything above 20!!

      (but not below--hahah)

      Yes, things look so different as the snow melts! We found a shovel that was missing and several other toys the kids left in the yard!!

      Walk...maybe we could walk around Lake George and then go out for something????

      Happy weekend to you too!

  5. Thankful for you!
    For friendships found here that make my heart happy...
    That make me realize there are other mommies out there who love their home and family and faith...
    And that are gorgeous!!!!! With awesome hair, like Christine said!!!!
    Hugs, my friend!

    1. Oh, I love that "heart happy" thing!! Me too!

      I am not all that. Believe me.

      (((hugs))) back to you!!

  6. A great spring time Thankful. It's amazing how many 'simple' outdoor things we can find to be thankful over when the weather turns warmer. We are enjoying a bit more time outside and resuming our family walks. The fresh air is wonderful and good for all of us!

    As always, looking good, Jamie. Great selfie!

    1. Thanks Sarah! This spring, I hope you can come again for another first Friday and we can maybe be outside....but then, it gets harder to watch those littles doesn't it (and visit!)?

      We could use my home as a base and walk to the park and walk back or something like that!

      Can you tell I'm excited for warmer weather? Already planning picnics....

      God bless Sarah!

  7. I still can't get over your's still buried!! And the hovering photo...that was my fave out of the whole bunch of pics. Wishing you plenty more warm weather!

  8. That first picture is great! It really does look like she's floating.

    When you said forties, I was like, and they're still in coats??!! :) Then I saw Tom in shorts and your older girls without coats. On a sunny day when it hit low 30s my oldest was like, "Do we need to wear coats?" Uh, yeah. They're funny. I love these changing weather days. It helps you bear the last of the wintry days.

    That's great you have Catholic homeschooling group. I need to touch base with our diocese's group but the heart of the diocese is over an hour drive away so... we haven't done anything. I miss my old group.

    That dessert looks yummy and just the sort of thing I would have made growing up. And that squirrel? Kind of freaky looking. I wonder why it's so blond looking? Our animals are out in full force again. It's been super cold for us (not as cold as you but we had enough arctic weather our way for our record books).

    Have a good week!


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