Friday, March 28, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life Link-up

 Thankful for Everyday Life
Everyday things
Because this is where I am right now
This is for you
Yes, you, mama of littles
Don't get frustrated, you are not alone
and God sees you
He sends everyday blessings to you.
 If you missed it, 
you can read about it in my last post
We have no idea when 
but it is going to happen 

I'm Thankful God knows what is best for our family.
I'm Thankful He will lead us.
I"m Thankful for your prayers 
that give us the grace we need to keep looking for ways to make this work.

 Thankful we had one day that was warm enough to read books on the porch!
 Thankful for creative, silly girls that can't wait for spring, 
so they can play in the water and mud.

 Ummm, yeah, that one warm day, gave water for these Barbies and their bathtub, 
but then then the next day they were frozen 
(does this seem kind of Twilight Zoney to you?)
 Thankful this sweet little girl will be making her First Holy Communion 
this May!  
(the snow better be gone by then!)
Our parish decided to do poster paper banners instead of 
the felt ones.
I guess it saved them like 400 bucks to do it this way.
So we got a blank paper this size 
and we could do whatever we wanted to it.

 I think it turned out pretty nice, except that stupid vine thing I tried to do at the top.
 Thankful for my old, old recipe holder.
This thing is so stuffed.
What do you do with your recipes? 
Your physical recipes, the ones you can hold?
I need to do something, put them in something bigger.
Any ideas?
(I have dividers in this but you can't see them, because it is so stuffed)

 Thankful, or rather, the kids are Thankful I tried a new bar recipe.
They liked them...
 You can tell by the smile and the chocolate on her mouth!

I know, I know, this is the lazy woman's way of showing you the recipe...
Not lazy, just busy.
Yep, I like that, it's the busy woman's way of showing you a recipe.
 Thankful for my kitchen helper this week!
(he's making crepes here)
He's learned a lot since we started this kitchen helper thing
(Thanks 9peas for the idea)
 For the Feast of the Annunciation 
(when the Angel of our Lord appeared to Mary and Mary said, 
"I am the handmaid of the Lord")

Thankful for feast days and good recipes!

We made Blueberry Snack cake
It's a favorite, it tastes like blueberry muffins only in a cake pan
 (busy woman)
 Thankful we took down Little Red's crib...Oh, yes, I cried.  
Only a little.
I still rock him to sleep and tonite, 
I laid him in bed with his big big big sister.
(we actually have 2 double size beds next to each other, 
we call it "Grandma's feather bed" --you know that John Denver song, right?)
Three girls sleep there and now Little Red.

We need to start decluttering, 
so we can stage our house to sell, 
so the crib needed to go.

We figured it would be good to do it now, 
he can get used to waking up with his sisters
and then when we move, it won't be such a shock.

I have not conceived a baby in a long time,
so we have the crib in the truck ready to be donated.

Oh, my heart aches...
 Thankful we spotted the Red Fox again in our yard, we've seen her twice in the last 2 days.
A few years ago, a fox dug a den in our bank in our woods, 
so about every other year we have a fox.
She has babies and we only see her a little in the spring
Then she's gone
This is the best shot I could get of her.
 Thankful for lots of decluttering!! 
Lots of donating!!

 Thankful it's so easy when we ask the question, 
"Do we really want to move this?" 

 Thankful for grass growing in the windows...
 Thankful for a sweet sweet husband who brought me this spring cactus!!
(symbolic of Arizona, I think, don't you?)
 Thankful our piano teacher also brought me a spring plant!!  
This spring garden...It might not be spring outside yet, 
but it is in our house!
 Thankful this kid LOVES puzzles!! 
He is working on three 24 piece ones here!
 Thankful he learned how to take his clothes off.
Wait, I'm not really Thankful for that one, but it sure is cute!!
(he's running "the strip" as I call it, he starts in the living room
and runs down the hallway to the office)
(really fast!)
 Thankful for my sweet little lefty
(takes after her mama and her big brother)
Yeah, we're cool.
Told you.

Thankful for this song, you'll like it too!

Have a great weekend everyone!
50's expected here for Sunday 
and snow on Monday. 


  1. I love so much about this post! Grandma's Feather Bed holds great memories for me. I love that song!

    I still rock Peter to sleep too. He is still in the crib, for now, but it won't be long till he climbs out and that is when I move them to a bed.

    Um, the Barbie frozen in the bucket is classic! If we lived in Minnesota, I know I would find that in our yard one day too.

    About the recipe organizing. I bought a 3 ring binder, prettied it up with some scrapbook paper and then stuck all my recipes in those plastic page holders. They wipe right off when I spill something and my recipes are safe. I have tried organizing them by category, but my mind actually seems to find them better by chronological order. I know generally when I found a recipe, so I can find it by how far it is in the order of pages. Weird, I am sure, but us lefties think differently!

  2. I love you and miss you. Thanks for this post. Read the other and didn't get a chance to reply but want you to know we're praying for you and so proud of your faithfulness to go wherever He leads you. Simeon is AWESOME with those puzzles! And Bridget is amazing with her coloring. Jedi's doing such a fantastic job in the kitchen. His wife (or community... or rectory) will thank you hard some day. xo I need your email when you get a chance. Mine is: marijanna (followed by 4 ones) 1111 (at gmail dot com)

  3. Another great post! You are so busy and productive. Way to go! Barbies on Ice, that's what my hubby called them when he saw that photo. lol. What yummy treasures coming from your kitchen. I've been kind of stuck in a culinary rut lately. I hope to dig out soon.
    I was going to mention the binder idea that Jenny did above. I don't have mine that way, but I've heard of a number of moms who do and love it. Worth the try.
    I really like the poster for First Communion and thought it turned out great. And less expensive for the parish is good too.
    I already posted on your move, so I won't again. I'm trying not to dwell on it and think how you won't be a MN posse blogger any more :( But you will be in spirit. Wait, this means we'll have to have a blogger going away party for you, doesn't it?? I think so. I'll have to think on that one. Hmmm......
    Good luck with your decluttering and blessings as you keep moving forward. Maybe when spring actually comes, you can break away and come visit?

  4. I use a binder with plastic page protectors. That way if something spills, you can wipe it off. Dont keep recipe books. Just rip out what you use and place it in your binder. A sure fire way to declutter. Loved the Barbie scene! Your blueberry dish looks delicious! Beautiful post, again. Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

  5. Happy Thankful Thurs. Thankful I had you for a friend for 10 yrs....sniff sniff...Yes yes yes...I am being a big baby.

    Sweet Tom getting you that cactus. that is cute!

    I look at the stuff you are donating and Im like....let me have it (MY hoarding issues) I always have to stop myself and more stuff. I have a thing for good deals.

    I didn't know you were left handed. I heard about those left handed people...more prayers for sweetie-pie...ha just giving you grief. My dad is left handed. brian's sister nancy is left handed.....I MADE ave use her right when she kept putting her crayon in her left. mean mama???

    It is weird to put away baby stuff....there is nothing like having a baby in the home. You and Tom make beautiful babies!!!!!

    I use pinterest a lot for recipies and just binder that is organized with meat, dessert, breakfast, etc...

    poor Barbie....we all feel like that right now...Frozen!!!

    ps...but if you are getting rid of a Candy Land game...I could use one because mine is gone! I did get rid of stuff and then I'm like...where is all my stuff?

    let me know if you need any help...really!! I don't know what you need so you need to ask me.

  6. My parents have that exact same Campbell's tin. Only it holds the coupons at their house! :) Love all your thankfuls!

  7. I really needed this post because I'm down today. Seems like nothing is working out. Moving is so up and down, but you know that better than anyone! Thanks for this post!

  8. Love all your thankfuls! The plants, the yummy recipes, the precious pictures. So much to be thankful for!

  9. I don't know why it is, but I find those pictures of de-cluttering exhilarating! Don't you think everyone should have a big move every ten years or so? Or at least a major de-cluttering! Ha! Show us more of your de-cluttering process as you go, OK?!

  10. You're moving??!! See what a girl misses when she's down and out? I tried the link but it says the post isn't there. I want to know the details! Moving is such hard work but the purging feels great.

    That's neat that you're left-handed. Do you think kids copy that or is it really a natural thing? My kids use two hands for a long time before going to the right.

    You make me crave something sweet with every thankful post. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, even knowing I can't even eat what you post. :)

    I'm happy you were able to get a better shot of the fox than the one here. That's such an awesome picture.

  11. I missed it too, the moving part!! I tried the link and it didn't show a page... I am happy for you going some place warmer... Do you know when you will leave? I love the decluttering!! I am doing that in the house too, feels really good! Blessings to you all!


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