Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holy Week Thoughts

In a spirit of prayer and reverence for our Lord, 
I will not have a Thankful link up this week, 
as it is the beginning of

Lacy has awesome ideas for your palms!

I've always loved Palm Sunday.
I think our souls need Holy Week.

Don't you feel the soul yearning for more?

If you are like me, 
maybe your lent did not go as planned.
Maybe you were distracted
and couldn't handle doing the things you planned.


We still have Holy Week
The week that changed the world.
The week filled with special days
The week YOUR soul and MY soul are yearning for

 I have a special devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Mary's heart is united with The Sacred Heart of Jesus,
and quite often pictured as this.
A friend shared with me the other day, 
that one day when she was praying
(we were talking about struggles and hard things in life)
she looked up, and if you look at Mary's Immaculate Heart,
yes, it's pierced, but there are flowers blooming out of it!! 

That's Easter.
We get Easter all the time if you look at it that way.
The flowers will be there at the end of our struggling
or maybe they will be there along the way 
just to keep you going.

Holy week, 
The week that changed the world.

Look for those flowers along the way,
or find them at the end, on Easter.

Let your soul have Holy week.
Jesus will make all things new.

"The former things have passed away...Behold, I make all things new."
(Rev 21:4-5)


  1. Jamie Jo...
    This is why I love you.
    This is why I love visiting you here.
    You make me feel better.
    My lent was not all I planned...
    But you reminded me that I still have hope.
    Blessings for a truly "Holy" Week, my friend!!!!

  2. I'm with Billie Jo (and you). I feel like this lent was not all I planned either, but found myself tearing up during Mass today. It was like so many things caught me in the moment, in the songs, the readings, the words of Palm Sunday. It was good and so needed because this Lent has been dry. It has been 'plain' and just not as fruitful as 40 days seem like they could be. There are still flowers and there is still beauty in or after the struggle. Thank you for the reminder that we still have this week, Holy Week.

    Beautiful photo of Jesus and Mary by the way. While I've seen similar ones a bazillion times, something about this one caught me by surprise. Perhaps it's the vivid color, but something just stood out.

  3. I love the Sacred heart of Jesus and Mary. That book you gave me emphasizes the love we need to have for Our Lord.

    This is THE WEEK! So much to celebrate because we do have Easter. We are so blessed with our faith.

  4. May you have a blessed and fruitful Holy Week, Jamie Jo! I'm limping in....but I have Holy Week :)

  5. Thank you for the link on creative uses for the palms. My son Henry was just asking me what we're going to do with all of them - so this is perfect! Have a blessed holy week!

  6. Have a wonderful, blessed Holy Week! By the way, I was out driving here in Gilbert over the weekend and found a brand new Catholic Church here in a lovely new section of town - Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church. Beautiful homes and subdivisions all around it. (Just a little more of an enticement out here to Arizona.... ;-) Smiles from Arizona!


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