Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

 Weighing in with Margaret this week
but not in the I'm losing weight way.
Maybe that will happen sometime
but I want to weigh in on a few things on my mind.
Margaret asked what habit would I change...
It would be
 to be able to go to bed early and get up early
(So I could workout, so I could really weigh in--haha)

The above saying now and why I pictured it.
Gosh I love that.
It is exactly how I feel about being over 40.
I love it.
Although, there are sad things when a woman reaches 
a certain age, like giving away the baby items and clothes 
that her 6 children have used, 
and she wonders if there will be just one more.
There are many things that are really good.

Like I know what I like, what I want to do and what I don't want to do.
I also know what I can do, and there is a huge difference.

I know I am not going to start coloring my hair

I'm proud of my gray hairs
( and only pull them out if one is boinging up)
My mom still colors her hair.
It just seems like too much work to me (and money)

I love being the age I am always.


AND I am strong and invincible and I am WOMAN
Wait, that's a song:


 I thought this was really funny.

We are a funny race, huh?
Taking selfies all the time.

 I really want to do this with my kids, 
Have them all look out the window and make this face...

 I always think of this when I see these too...silly people.

 I really want to make this for my kitchen window.  
Anyone have extra pieces of wood laying around?
 I want to remember to do this on Easter!!
I hope it works.
If it doesn't,
 I'm going to try that blow thing...where you crack the bottom and the top
and blow the egg right out.
 I keep forgetting to show this.
My favorite line in the whole season finale, wasn't it one of those 
"Awwwwwww" moments?

 I think this is one of my all time favorite movies.

I found live online Adoration 
People come and go and their heads get a little distracting, but not too much.
I love to say my morning prayers with Jesus
(I enlarge the screen)

So, my weighing in is probably not what Margaret was thinking when she 
posted, but it's just weighing in on things on my mind!

Hoping to do a post on cutting back, decluttering and planning a move.
Any interest in that?


  1. Hey there Kiddo!!! :-)

    I have weathered barnwood for you! Not sure when I can get it to you though.......

    Love your pic of the kid stuck in the phone! tee hee.
    I don't think the baking soda trick works cuz I tried it once... and didn't notice any difference
    Have a great rest of your week!

    1. Maybe you could bring it to Arizona or Texas, we could swim in our pool and have a blast!

      I thought maybe that was what would happen with the baking soda thing, what about blowing the egg right out? They actually do that in the Ramona movie!

      God bless you too!

  2. You know, looking closer at that picture of wood hanging over the window--I don't think that's wood, I think that's a burlap blinder with the words painted on it. I only say that because if you look closely, you see through it a little, plus you can see the rod in it. Good news for all of us, as that is more functional and (in a way) easier than trying to find a piece of wood, saw it to the right size, ect.

    I think your "weigh in" was great and I'm sure Margaret will love it. Also, as someone who is on the brink of turning 40, your positive attitude is good to hear!

    1. Hmmmm...I don't see it, but I actually think painting wood would be easier. Home Depot would cut it for free, but it's not weathered wood there.

      Thanks Becky, you are so very sweet.
      And don't let turning 40 bother you, you look at least 15 years younger, yet, you are as wise as you are because you are not.

  3. You know I share your love of our age!
    For all the reasons you mentioned...
    And the not so sweet the possible/ likely fact that my new baby days are behind me.
    Comforting to know that we share these things, isn't it?
    But...sorry...I can't stop coloring my hair. : )
    Love ya!

    1. See? You are stuck...coloring your hair forever! Christine too!! Just teasing you two...I don't mind if others do it, it's just not me. I like wash and go hair. I never go in and get it cut, except maybe every few years for a re-layer--so to start that now, well, I just can't. Maybe in 10 years when it's all gray I will want to look young and go on one of those shows where they do a before and after thing? Hmmmm...nah.

      It is nice to know others feel the same way about having more babies...or wanting more babies.

  4. I love your take on the weigh-in. I feel the same way about growing older. I keep seeing people my age with health issues and it makes me so grateful to just be healthy! Also, as they say...With age comes wisdom. So very true. I love that sign above the window. And the dinosaur cartoon had me laughing out loud.
    Have a great day today!

    1. Oh, I know Kathleen! That is one of the big reasons I want to go to bed early and get up early, to walk or do something! You have a great day too!

  5. This is my kind of weigh - in. My favorite quote is the first one, I get that. I'm not sure about the grey hair thing though - I live just outside of Dallas, hair is THE thing (and makeup) and I'm vain, I like a lush full head of hair. I DO NOT like that harsh dye look though. I've been using a rinse out for a few years now but quit for Lent as a 'look/see'. I've caught myself standing in front of the dyes twice now contemplating. The truth is that I do not want to be grey, I'm not afraid of it, I just like my hair color - but I do fear the chemicals in the dyes which might make me go grey by default. It would be a lie if I said I don't care or I embrace it...because I really embrace good health and those dyes just don't go along with that (but I might justify them anyway at some point, LOL)

    1. Oh, no!! I told my neighbor the other day that I am a little worried about moving to Texas, because the women there are all so beautiful.

      I don't even worry about the dyes or chemicals...I just worry about the time it takes to do it. hahah! I think because I've had this same color hair all my life, turning gray (grey?) would be fun, just to have a different look. (haggard?) Oh, wait, I already look like that! hahah!

  6. Jamie, I love you. Your heart--your beautiful heart!

    Yes, this is EXACTLY the kind of weigh-in I have in mind: one that is full of life and love and enthusiasm. So often it's those negative thoughts that weigh us down!

    So thank you, dearheart, for participating. Again. : )

    1. I think I'll save my decluttering post for your next week's weigh-in!

      See? You've gotten me excited about it already!
      I love you too Maggie, especially YOUR heart.

  7. When I think gray hair, I think of Rosie R. Her hair is gorgeous, isn't it? I can totally see you with that hair color...beautiful. I don't think I'll ever have hair like that though. So I have mine highlighted, except now that money is super tight, I'm re-thinking that extravagance.
    Love the Helen Reddy song, I had that LP once upon a time. Now I really sound OLD!
    Would love to hear about your decluttering. Now that everyone's living back at home, I am floundering in STUFF. I'm pretty sure they bring back twice as much stuff(dare I say junk?) as they left with. And the laundry...I better not even get started on that subject. Need another Thankful post from you just to decompress!
    Maybe I'll go look for that Watergate cake recipe....

    1. OH, me too Kim! I've always loved Rosie's hair! You have beautiful hair! Your mother is one of the prettiest ladies I know and she's gray! I just found out my neighbor Jeanne is friends with your mama! (we went to noon Mass together and saw your mom)

      Helen Reddy had quite a few back in the day didn't she? Oh, good times.

      I'll try to do a decluttering this next week. It's amazing, we are doing it because of moving, but I've not missed one single thing we've gotten rid of...quite the opposite!

      Yes, Watergate cake....Nicholas just learned about the Watergate scandal and was not impressed. It's amazing though that recipes were named after that time...oh, and all the things Nixon did, Obama does ALL THE TIME!! Gosh, I Hope there are no recipes named after him!

  8. I like this kind of weigh-ins also. I color my hair!! I have the worst hair ever. Thin thin thin and a little color seems to make it thicker.

    That Ramona and Beezus movie...totally one of my favorites also. I just love it. One that I would love to love love! I seem to use love a lot.

    1. Oh, I don't care if other people color their hair, I'm just not going to start doing it.

      We could watch Ramona and Beezus together!!

      I Love love love love love love you!!

  9. John Paul mentions all the time how he loves the natural look. He say's, "please do not ever dye your hair!" I wish I had the beautiful hair you do to be able to let it air dry, but mine needs to be blown dry or it looks crazy! John Paul doesn't really like me wearing jewelry either, he says it seems to flashy, but he says if I want to that's fine. He is very sweet to me and tells me I don't need all that stuff, he said he loves my natural beauty. LOL I'm not sure what he's talking about, but I'm thankful he loves me for just being me!

    1. Oh, Kari, that is so sweet! Tom is the same way. He likes natural. He thinks I'll look beautiful in grey hair...

      John Paul is right, you are a natural beauty...staying simple (no jewelry and hair color) shows your natural beauty even more!

  10. I haven't made up my mind on the coloring, but I don't want to be stuck coloring my hair forever, either. I'd rather use the money for a massage if it's going to be for an 'extra'!!

    I'd like to hear what you have to say about decluttering and the like. I'm always trying to simplify and the less stuff there is to clean around or re-arrange, the better, imho.

    1. Now, that's the way to talk, using that "fun money" for something else! I think I'll save all my hair coloring money, that I save by not doing it and go to Jamaica or something. (hahah)

      I have a post in mind for this upcoming week...


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