Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Holy Communion!

 It was a beautiful day!! 
(she is holding her beautiful rosary made by Barbara)
She loves it!
Can I just say that not all girls like their pictures taken?
 not all girls care what their hair looks like on their First Holy Communion day?
(thank you)

My first daughter was like, 
"Oh, please take 236 more photos of me"
(OK, not really, but close)

My second daughter was somewhere in the middle...
this one, not so much.
 She also got a hand embroidered scapular made by Barbara
(thank you Barbara, she loves it!)

Oh, my these clay rosaries are such a treasure!!

 My sweet little 7 year old is a no fuss kind of girl
She just had her big sister paint her nails her favorite color
 and wanted her hair cut short for the big day!
My cousin Kristin is our lovely stylist!!
 Cute as a bug!

 We made a few dozen cookies for the big day....

 The girls helped frost them all!

 And we were ready to go!
(OK, after cleaning, or trying to clean with 6 kiddos,
 and grocery shopping and preparing food)
 She got to do the first reading, 
(which was a really hard reading, did you see those names last Sunday?)
 petitions and help carry up the gifts
She did a super job!
Big brother got to serve that day too!
Gotta love 7 year olds!!
(click on the picture for a close up!)
 Mesmerized by the candles...
 After Mass, we did pictures with godparents....

 and our own family
 At which point, she was DONE.

Please honey, just one can get out of the dress as soon as I'm done!

OK, 2 more....I need one black and white...
Out of the dress, life is better now...
Father Tom here, came to visit for a little bit
She told him he had to stand by Mary because he's a priest.
We had a house full!
But who's counting?
OK, Tom was counting, we had 28 guests!
It was such a fun day!

My aunt and uncle came, and that is their granddaughter Ava in the corner
I wanted pictures of my grandma, my in-laws...and many other people that came to visit, 
but dang it, I just didn't get pictures of everyone!  
***note to self***
 We got a cake picture, but you can't even see the writing...
Oh, well...this is my good friend Nicki and her beautiful daughter Melissa!

 My beautiful cousin Kristin...

 My beautiful friend Sarah! (all the way from Fargo!)
Look at those blue eyes!!!

 Our kiddos all had a blast together til they had to go...
A day filled with blessings!


  1. This was so beautiful! I love her dress and veil.

    Did you just use regular frosting for those cookies? They came out so well.

    I've been waiting for the post on her First Communion :)

    1. Kari--it's a homemade frosting, I'll have to post the recipe soon...(If you need it sooner, I can email it to you)

      Her veil was my wedding oldest daughter wore it too. The dress was a little snug, because it was a "one purchase for all the girls" kind of thing and she's built differently than the others..we let out the seam under the arm and it was a little better, but she did not like the snugness of the dress and couldn't wait to get it off. (poor girl) Now for my next daughter, we will have to altar it, she's so tiny.

    2. I don't need it any time soon :) My homemade frosting always come out way too runny, but yours looks great!

      That's so neat that all your girls can wear the same dress! The wedding veil is a lovely idea...I hope we can do that too.

      Your family always looks so happy and beautiful! I bet she was really excited with the rosary.

  2. What a celebration! Thank you for sharing. I especially love the black and white photo. So pretty.

    1. Thank you jenny! I have a frame in the living room that has each child in black and white on their FHC I needed one and almost forgot!

  3. I don't know a lot about the First Holy Communion, but it sure looks amazing! Colette looks like a princes. The first picture, she looks so divine. I remember Rosie posing in a similar way by the window in one of the previous post about First Holy Communion! I bet the Mamma must be brimming with joy looking at her lil princess all dolled up :)

    And Mary Hannah get a hair cut again? Boy she looks cool in short hair :) Your kiddos are indeed a blessing Jamie. They make people so happy. They make me smile here 9000 miles away! Lots of love <3

    1. Manju--you are always so sweet! You have an amazing memory too! We tried to do the same poses that Rosie did, but she just was not into taking pictures like Rosie was!!

      Yes!! Mary Hannah got her hair cut, I was going to post it in my thankful's...she wanted short and it is a style meant for her!! (very cute)

      I'm glad you are smiling, even 9,000 miles away! Love to you too Manju!

  4. I'm glad she enjoyed her rosary and scapular. God bless her! She's so funny...Faith is just like that about pictures. You should see her when I ask her to model First Holy Communion veils for my'd think a little girl would love doing that, but not Faith. It's like torture. She has too much to do! ;-)

    Wish we were closer, geographically. ;-) Move to Ohio??

    1. She IS funny and so sweet, it just makes me smile, her personality. I think it makes me smile and be so very thankful, because she is the way she is and she doesn't care what others think...but I'm the opposite and always worry what others think. We can learn so much from kids, can't we?

      And like Faith, she has so much better things to do than sit and look pretty for the camera!!

      I wish we lived closer too, Let's meet in Texas!! (as in you move to Texas too?) Oh, I'd love to be able to send the kids to Steubenville...(won't happen, but I can dream, right?) is that anywhere close to you?

  5. What a blessing to have a house full of family and friends. You had a really nice day too! God Bless your little sweet-heart on her special day. I love pictures and my kids know I take a lot and probably act like I gotta say that black and white is precious.

    1. Pictures are a must. Didn't we get a nice day?? The most perfect day since last summer!!

      (today is going to be another!!)
      Love to you Christine!

  6. Yes...agree with everyone else...beautiful day...beautiful daughter...and am a huge fan of the black and white photo! Congratulations to your little lady, Jamie! And it is so funny you mentioned her reading that reading! When I was listening to that last weekend, I was thinking man! Who could read all those names?!?! Good for her! : )

    1. Oh... Meant to are gorgeous! : )

    2. We were able to practice for about a month but she still had a hard time, so we just told her to just say them and that no one else knows how to say them either and so no one would even know if she made a mistake!! (that seemed to help!)

      I have a big frame in the living room that has all the kids (so far) on their First Holy Communion days in black and white, so I HAD to get it and almost forgot it!

      Thanks so much Billie Jo!

  7. I love all the photos, congratulations to her - such a big event, and such a pretty girl! You can tell your family has the best times, I love it!

  8. Oh, she is adorable! Congratulations, and what a beautiful family and day! You guys accomplished a lot with so much to do. She will look back on this day and remember it well~

  9. What a wonderful day for your family! The dress and veil are beautiful. She sounds like our 8 year old granddaughter-always ready to get out of her dress and into something comfortable!

  10. Awe! Jamie Jo, this is such a precious post. I love the words you wrote and the pictures are so adorable. She is just a precious little soul, isn't she?! Congratulations to her (and mom and dad) on this big day. God bless her always!

  11. Your daughter looks so lovely in her white dress, and having Holy Communion, and then such a fun celebration with 28 guests.

  12. So So Beautiful! Congrats to your daughter, what a special day!

  13. What a beautiful, memorable day! Such beautiful photos of her special day. The cookies look so yummy. That must've been a lot of work. Cutouts take time. :)
    I love that she made Fr. Tom stand by Mary because he's a priest. Too cute.
    As always, you and Sarah look beautiful. How do you two do that??!! You always make me smile with your radiance :)

  14. What a lovely sacred celebration. You have a great family!

  15. How wonderful! Congratulations to your daughter.

  16. Congratulations! Looks like it was a lovely day!!


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