Saturday, May 17, 2014

Labor Day (A Movie Review!)

 Tom and I watched this last night, 
and I could swear that someone told me it had a terrible ending.
It does NOT.
It is definitely sad towards the end, 
but the ending is far from terrible!
 I hope I didn't give anything away by mentioning that.
Josh Brolin plays an escaped convict that enlists the help of Kate Winslet's character
and her son.
What happens in that short Labor Day weekend, 
ends up shaping their lives forever.
If you see the movie, 
the pie scene is memorable and I found this interesting,
the actors went to a small town in Massachusetts to learn how to make pie!
Ha!  Isn't that a neat tidbit?

I give it a thumbs up!!
You will cry towards the end.
And then, you will be happy.

Although, nothing happens in this movie, I don't even think there are any swear words, 
there is adult content in it and so I'd give it a mature teen rating.
(a girl the son befriends, says things like, "they are off having sex"
 and "they want to get rid of you so they can have sex." stuff like that)


  1. Sounds like a movie I would like. Thanks for the review. Hope all is going well for you and your sweet family! Any news on your move? Have a happy weekend!

    1. We are going away for the winter Texas...and will come home in the spring and get the house ready to sell and move to San Antonio!!

      Thank you for all your help Deb, I really appreciate it.

  2. I fully trust your movie reviews, so this will be an upcoming one in our movie queue~

    1. Oh, gosh, I hope you like this one too then!! Let me know! Tom didn't care for it, he didn't think it had the redemptive power I thought it did...does that make sense?

      (see above comment Shelly!)


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