Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Have A New 8 Year Old!

 My June baby!
Can you guess her favorite color?

This child is pure JOY

Yellow, bright as the SUN!!

(that's how you put candles on a cake like this!)
 I've always called her "My little love girl" 
because she is always there with a hug and kiss
She always wants to snuggle
She's always there to help
(Even though her help is often more than I need)
She's so innocent and loving always.

Pure JOY I tell you!

 The cake turned out great, so easy to have cake and ice cream (cones)
 Super fun "Sun Party"!
The messier the better, right?
 She (and the little kids) made the decorations!
The cake is just 2 round cakes layered, with yellow frosting (in a can)
ice cream cones, $5 sunglasses, and Junior Mints!
(we got chocolate chip ice cream to put in those cones)

Usually, my purple iris's are blooming on her birthday, but this year, 
they are only 6 inches tall...we just ended winter 2 weeks ago!


  1. Happy happy birthday to your sweetie, Jamie! Love the cake idea...chocolate chip ice cream is a favorite in this house. For some reason, it is hard to find...
    Have a great week. : )

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter-what a wonderful sunny birthday party! Our oldest granddaughter turned 8 on the 10th of May-it's a sweet age!

  3. CUTE cake!!!! I am in the "8 year old girls are pure sunshine club" myself, as my oldest granddaughter will be 8 in 2 weeks. Happy birthday to your charming daughter!

  4. What a happy birthday celebration! How special for her to make her First Communion and then have her birthday just a few days later :) I bet she is on joy overload!!

  5. Happy birthday to her. 8 was one of my favorite ages. 8 and 9. I hope her years are just as magical and special!

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  7. Wishing a very happy birthday to dear Colette. She look so pretty and sunny. May she have a blissful life.
    The cake looks so cute. I love those decorations at the window. Simeon is looking so engrossed in the ice-cream..He makes me chuckle every time :D. Such a lil cutiepie! :*
    And guess what Jamie? 1st June is my Mom's birthday too! :)

  8. LOVE it! So full of bright love, you can just see it. Abundant birthday wishes and blessings to you ray of sunshine!

  9. Happy birthday to your daughter! That cake is great. One thing I'm enjoying as the kids get older is their contributions to the party.

  10. I love the sun cake! I also have an 8yo (almost 9) who loves yellow! I just may have to make that cake for her August birthday! Happy Birthday! :-)

  11. Happy birthday to the beautiful birthday girl! What a happy, sunshiny celebration!

  12. Happy Birthday Sunshine girl. (dont tell the other kiddos--who I love--but you have always held a special place in my heart!!)...god daughter first but sunshine is so so sweet! love to her and God Bless.

  13. What a darling cake!! Happy belated birthday to your eight-year-old. My oldest grandson also just turned eight this month. Enjoy the coming weekend.

  14. Lovely! Wish we lived closer and could have helped you celebrate!

    You heard correctly - we did have our baby! I need to post, but! We're having feeding/milk supply issues...ugh! Baby #8 is giving me a run for my money!


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