Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Expectations VS Reality in Motherhood

I was chosen among some amazing women to be a part of this project set up by 
It's a year long effort to better our lives
You can check it out HERE
I'll show you who the other lovely ladies are, in this blog hop,
 at the end of this post.

Amy asked several of us to write for the kick off for this fun project and the first 
topic is:

Expectations VS Reality
in My Motherhood
(Make that Thankful Reality for me please!)

I always knew I wanted to be a wife and a mother.
I think I have been surprised by it all!
Motherhood is not as I imagined it, 
yet, so much more than I expected or hoped for.

I am most surprised in my motherhood by
How good I am at it.
And at the same time
How bad I am at it.

I think in motherhood,  no matter who you are, we are all faced daily
 (if not hourly or even moment to moment)
 with our accomplishments and our shortcomings

I'm not as skinny or organized as I'd like to be, 
supper is always late, there are toys all over the place,
 a ton of laundry to do at any given time, 
my floor is always dirty,
my kids don't nap and they all go to bed way too late.
I wish I had more time each day to spend with each and every child alone,

There never seems to be enough time and I'm always chasing after more of it.  
I'm not as patient as I'd like to be and yet 
I'm surprised at how patient I am.

I could go on and on and tell you what I'm NOT.

I know a priest, 
that, during Confession, he says, every single time,
"Praise God for all the good you do!"
(Fr Herron)

God has entrusted these children to me.
He does not make mistakes.
He knows I am what they need and they are what I need 
for my journey to sainthood
(we are all called to be saints with Him in heaven)

So stop comparing yourself to others 
Your kids love you just the way you are!

We can choose to dwell on our failings 
or we can try our best to overcome our weak areas
and Praise God for all the GOOD.

 Thankful I actually like myself!
I'm  not that bad!!
 Sure, I wish I were thinner, but I'm OK with ME.
 Give yourself a break and love who you are
and the way you look!
 Thankful for messy fudgsicle faces
 for big kids reading to little kids in jammies!
 Thankful for warm park days and silly kids
 Thankful for girls with freckles

And girls with dimple chins and rosey cheeks
 Thankful for wonderful summer camps for the girls
 (Sisters of Schoenstatt Camp)
This is part of my van load

And Vocations Camp for boys
(hosted by the lovely 12 Lives at the Lake + 1)
 Thankful for summer foods...
 Slumber parties with some awesome boys
 Thankful for this sweet boy.
After being away from home for 2 1/2 days,
Vocation Camp ended with Mass outside with the Bishop
(yes, that was really cool)
All the other boys (about 30 of them) 
sat away from their families, 
this boy sat with his family.
Yes, he's very very sweet
and I'm Thankful.

 Thankful for my Grandma (she turned 92 in July)
my sister and cousins...
 and aunties and parents (that's my dad with 4 of his 7 sisters)

 Thankful for a new 12 year old
who is beautiful, talented and just an awesome kid!
 Thankful for new recipes
(I'll have to do a "recipe" post)
 Thankful for vacations with grandparents 
for moments like these are treasures in our hearts
 Lots of fun memories from vacation
 Beach time
 and pool time (with cousins)
(and Spike the Dragon)
Thankful for my wonderful husband in charge of them all!
 Thankful for reading time on the porch with my oldest
(we are reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy)

 Thankful for my view from the porch
 and my view of the porch
 A closer look
(you're welcome)
 Thankful for this girl that took on the job of watering my flowers this year
 Thankful for mailboxes and the hope they bring
(we got home from vacation to find that deer had eaten the whole right side there!)
 Thankful for little boys too tired to go any further...
(because of that no nap thing)

 Thankful for swim lessons
(isn't this the cutest swim group ever?)
 Thankful for sisters with a growing relationship
 and littles that do everything together
 Thankful for 14 year old boys
 And girls not afraid of anything
 not even BUGS
 or ziplines....
 Thankful for kids that are not afraid to try anything
(as hard as that is sometimes!)

 Thankful for running 2 year olds
(really fast 2 year olds)
And the busy-ness of life.
 SO, sit back sometimes,
enjoy the view

 Be Thankful for your life
"Praise God for all the good you do."

Check out these other lovely ladies and see how their
expectations and reality come together!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request!!!!

Please pray for Sarah

sarahMy friend Sarah was attacked by hornets yesterday while walking with her children, and had an allergic reaction, she made it home in time for her husband to try to do CPR on her and call 911.

  Further tests revealed a ruptured aneurysm on her brain.  She was 21 weeks pregnant with her fifth child, a baby girl named Cecilia, whom she has now lost.

  Please join me in praying for Sarah, her husband Eric, and their 4 small children, Liam, Annalee, Jude and Faustina .

 Friends and family are saying goodbyes while praying and hoping for a miracle.
We are praying to Ven. Fulton Sheen for that intercessory miracle.

Last I heard, they took her off life support...please please pray for Sarah and her family

She is the one who makes those beautiful Clay Rosaries.  I've known her since she was a teenager.  Her mother and father are very special to us. 

Lord Jesus, please surround her with Your Love and heal her as only You can.  You are the Divine Physician, I believe You can heal her.  Praise You Jesus.

Sarah did pass away, following her sweet unborn baby girl, Cecilia.  Such sadness in my heart, I cannot even contain myself.  I'm struggling here, I just do not  understand why.  I never will.  I know that is one of the many mysteries of God.  Now is the time for us to be charitable to those around us, love them all.  Treat every single person as if it were going to be the last time you were to ever see them.  LOVE them.

I know Sarah and she was a good and faithful Catholic, and I am quite certain she went straight to Heaven and is holding her baby girl in the arms of Jesus, we will still pray for her soul.  One of the saints (I think Padre Pio) said that between the time of death and burial, is the most important time to pray for the soul.

Eternal rest grant oh Lord, upon Sarah, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God rest in Peace. Amen.

Adding a picture of beautiful Sarah with her beautiful mama.  (last time I saw her in person, 4 years ago, pregnant with Jude, holding Annalee)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What a Difference!

wet and muddy
(I couldn't keep them by the door like in April, they just want to go out)
Lush, green grass, trees and flowers everywhere

lonely, ugly mailbox
 beautiful mailbox
(and new too)
You know how I love mailboxes!
 white, pastey kiddos

 somewhat tanned kiddos
(it's been a cool summer)

 right before she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
(down about 6 lbs from the next photo)
Toothless, happy and 6 lbs up from April!
She's doing great by the way!
My baby
OK, he's still my baby,
 but he's really really fast.
He might not be tanner, but he's blonder!

OK, this was not April, but today
Long beautiful hair
Short beautiful hair!
She donated her hair (for the 4th time)
She got 16 inches cut off!!

Enjoying July
How about you?


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