Monday, July 28, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request!!!!

Please pray for Sarah

sarahMy friend Sarah was attacked by hornets yesterday while walking with her children, and had an allergic reaction, she made it home in time for her husband to try to do CPR on her and call 911.

  Further tests revealed a ruptured aneurysm on her brain.  She was 21 weeks pregnant with her fifth child, a baby girl named Cecilia, whom she has now lost.

  Please join me in praying for Sarah, her husband Eric, and their 4 small children, Liam, Annalee, Jude and Faustina .

 Friends and family are saying goodbyes while praying and hoping for a miracle.
We are praying to Ven. Fulton Sheen for that intercessory miracle.

Last I heard, they took her off life support...please please pray for Sarah and her family

She is the one who makes those beautiful Clay Rosaries.  I've known her since she was a teenager.  Her mother and father are very special to us. 

Lord Jesus, please surround her with Your Love and heal her as only You can.  You are the Divine Physician, I believe You can heal her.  Praise You Jesus.

Sarah did pass away, following her sweet unborn baby girl, Cecilia.  Such sadness in my heart, I cannot even contain myself.  I'm struggling here, I just do not  understand why.  I never will.  I know that is one of the many mysteries of God.  Now is the time for us to be charitable to those around us, love them all.  Treat every single person as if it were going to be the last time you were to ever see them.  LOVE them.

I know Sarah and she was a good and faithful Catholic, and I am quite certain she went straight to Heaven and is holding her baby girl in the arms of Jesus, we will still pray for her soul.  One of the saints (I think Padre Pio) said that between the time of death and burial, is the most important time to pray for the soul.

Eternal rest grant oh Lord, upon Sarah, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God rest in Peace. Amen.

Adding a picture of beautiful Sarah with her beautiful mama.  (last time I saw her in person, 4 years ago, pregnant with Jude, holding Annalee)


  1. Praying! Praying! I am so saddened and heartbroken to read this. There are no words. Only prayers.

  2. Jamie...
    I am heartbroken reding this.
    I will join you in prayer.
    This sure puts things in perspective, doesn't it?
    Things I fret about aren't really that important...
    Prayers and hugs for you and her family as well.

  3. Joining in prayer. This is a very sad situation. God grant this family the help and peace they need.

  4. I saw this on FB. Unreal! Praying for this family. For all who know her!

  5. I've been praying all day. It just breaks my heart!

  6. I can't understand either that this would happen to a beautiful mother whose husband and children need her. And an innocent babe in the womb too. So, so devastating. Continued prayers.

  7. This is so heartbreaking. God rest her soul and give her loved ones comfort and peace. She and her family are in my prayers.

  8. Prayers. Prayers. Prayers. And even though I did not know her, tears.

  9. This is so so sad!! I am crying. I can't even fathom the heart break for her husband and precious children and all those she knew. We will be praying for all to have comfort and strength and for Sarah and Cecilia's souls. This is a reminder that this life on earth is only our temporary home and your message to LOVE is exactly right. God Bless you Jaime Jo, may the Lord comfort you.

  10. this is just so hard to believe. Such a beautiful mother and all those precious children and the husband...breaks my heart. Hugs to your heart, Jamie.

  11. Praying for Sarah's soul, as well as her husband, family and friends.

  12. Both life and death are mysteries to us. We cannot know why God allows such incredible tragedy, but certainly, we know, a miracle was within His power. We must trust He has better plans, as hard as it is.

  13. I am so heartbroken for this family! What a beautiful wife and mother and promoter of the rosary. I will be praying the rosary for her family daily! I am just so sad.

  14. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Sarah and little Cecilia. So, so sad. Praying hard here for the family.

  15. I am so sorry! Prayers for this family and for you. It's hard when tragedy strikes us and those we love- but we take comfort in knowing that God is working in everything that happens and that nothing separates us from his love.

  16. Praying for the soul of this beautiful wife and mother, as well as for her family and friends.

  17. Oh, I am so sorry about Sarah! May her family find strength in God's love. May her soul rest in peace. So very sorry.



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