Saturday, August 30, 2014

5 Years Old

 My little Sweetie Pie turned 5 on Sunday!
I admit it, I get sad inside a little bit when I say that.
My aunt asked me if she was my "favorite", she said, "you know if you 
could have a favorite, would she be it?" 

All I'm going to say is I think about that conversation a lot.
(and I love all my children equally, really)

 I changed as a mother after my 5th baby.
It, somehow, got easier
(and then got harder again)
I can't even explain it in words,
because, obviously the work got harder,
I mean each baby adds another load of laundry, right?
But things were easier in my mind.
I didn't get as stressed when they didn't pick up their toys.
The house didn't have to be perfect before I went to bed.
(although, I do still like that)

Maybe it is because I turned 40 right after she was born
(Yes, that means my 45th birthday is coming up!)
Around age 40, I started knowing what worked and what didn't
and not really caring what other people did.
It all (raising children) became a "This is what works for us"
kind of thing.
 Maybe it's all the love and joy she has brought to our family
 Both these little ones have.
Children do that, babies do that,
they make people happy, they bring so much love and joy.
They love like we are supposed to,
unconditionally and fully.

When a child hugs you,
they give it their all, nothing is held back.
Oh, we need to love like that.
I think, I finally, when she was born,
realized how quickly time goes
(I'm a slow learner)
Those sleepless nights?

(What a ham)
I learned to cherish that time up in the night
It was our special time
(except the nights it was more than 3x, those were not so special)
 How amazing it is to have little ones around.
The joy and excitement they bring to the little things 
helps us to be a little happier
 And Thankful
So very Thankful.
So hug those little ones.
Hold them a little closer.
Sit down and watch them, be with them
Read them some stories.
Because there will come a time 
when they will no longer want that.

Oh, how I love you Sweetie Pie!! 
God bless you my sweet girl.


  1. Happy birthday to your incredibly sweet and beautiful girl!

  2. Birthday blessings to your sweetie pie! Great advice that we should never forget!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweetie pie!

  4. Happy Birhday to your sweet little lady!!!!!!
    That second picture?!?! Precious!!!!
    You and I are together in this, you know?
    Flynn is five in November...
    Soooo much to love.
    I am happy I have you to share these wonderful days with.
    Beautiful picture of you, my friend!

    1. Yes, and don't you and I share pretty close birthdays too?

      I'm thinking this makes them pretty special adults someday (all the kids)
      Thank you Billie Jo

  5. She sure lives up to her name, Sweetie Pie, doesn't she? We have been re-connected for over 5 yrs+ already. I remember when you were pregnant with her and when she was born. Man, time flies. I was 30 back then. Lol. Thank you for the beautiful perspective and reminder that I will miss all this one day. I shouldn't miss a moment as it happens.
    Happy birthday Sweetie Pie!

    1. Wow...we wasted some years, didn't we? You are still so young.

      Love you Sarah

    2. I mean when we were not in touch!

  6. Happy Birthday to such a beautiful little girl, and oh how I 'got' this message. I softened up a lot after my 3rd and then my 5th was the ultimate softening - cherish it, cherish it all. My baby is now seven and it breaks my heart a little every single birthday!

    1. Oh, my 3rd was a hard one...she was a very fussy baby, but then when she turned 5, when my 5th child was born, she completely changed and became my easiest. Funny how that turned out. Made the 5th even easier though!

      I know you get it. I am trying to cherish it. I am trying to not be so distracted, but it seems the more I try, the more I get distracted.

      Love you.

  7. Happy Birthday to you sweet five-year-old. Yes the years do go by quickly. My youngest daughter is having her 30th birthday today! Life surely is fleeting. I love the cake you made and that quote brought tears to my eyes.

    1. Oh, and what you said, brought tears to mine. Thank you. You are a blessing to me.

  8. Happy Birthday to sweet sweet sweetie-pie. We just got back from Duluth this Labor Day weekend so I get to go on line for a little bit before I go to bed. She is a very special little one. I am blessed to be praying for her everyday and have known her since the day she was born...or the second day. Hugs and kisses to her.

  9. Sweetie Pie turned 5?? really?? she had just turned four..hadn't she??
    Time flies so fast... I have been following your blog since 1 and half years and i just realized the babies are growing up so fast.. i know why you feel sad while saying she turned 5.. Happy birthday to the little cutie pie.. lots of love, hugs and kisses for the birthday girl.. awww ahe looks cute..and so adorable..


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