Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Few Quick Things

I told you in my last post, I'd post this recipe!  
 White Pizza

Pizza Dough
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 cup self-rising flour (actually you will need much more)

Mix and knead the dough for 5 minutes
Here's where you'll need more flour, keep adding it 
til you can make a good dough

Roll it out

1/2 Tbsp olive oil, drizzled on top
1/2 tsp course sea salt
(I also added course pepper, ground onto it)
Mozzarella cheese (about 2 cups)
Ricotta cheese (about a cup, maybe more)

Dollop the Ricotta cheese all over
Bake 450 degrees for 10minutes or til golden brown like above!

I made 2 of these, and on the other one,
I put fresh minced garlic and sprinkled some fresh red pepper flakes on 
before the cheeses.

Everyone voted (and we had extra kids(boys) here that night)
The recipe above, no added spices, surprising, huh?  
Sounds kind of plain, but it wasn't, it was delicious!

 Borox cleaned my shower!!
Actually, I cleaned it using Borax.
(and it was bad, really bad)
I thought it would never come clean, 
I thought we'd need to buy a new shower in order to sell our home.
I was wrong.
is something I pinned a long time ago
and finally tried.
(the dirt and grime and shower soap scum) 
came off like butter.
Really, I kid you not.
OK, not really butter, but it was really easy.
 Seriously, is there any parent out there that actually likes this 4 year old bald kid?
Well, when my 2 year old says,
"Ci Woo, Mama, Ci Woo, Mama"
I melt and give in and let him watch the stupid show.

 Why does the donkey have so many names?
  1. Donkey
  2. Ass
  3. Mule
  4. Burrow
Do you think Adam had a hard time deciding what to call this animal?

 Has anyone seen this?
I watched it the other night.
It has me thinking, it really has me thinking.
If beans didn't make me fart so dang much, 
I might give this vegan thing another shot.

Really interesting, I give it a thumbs up.
 Movie review!!
Good movie, pretty good movie
Especially if you like Kevin Costner
 And I do, so I liked it.
I didn't like the weird boss lady he had though, that was a really weird part.
Other than that, it was a pretty good movie, with some cute stuff to make it light hearted 

 Why do cookies get flat like this sometimes?
I rarely bake homemade cookies 
so when they do this, it bugs me
(no one complained)
I could google it, but I thought it would be more fun to see what you'all 
would say.
 My baby boy.
He's a cool dude.
He's so fun and busy right now

and not that red anymore.
(yes, that's a bruise between his eyes...he got hit with a frisbie)
I just want to keep him like this forever, 
fun and busy and in love with his mama.

This little girl, my baby girl will be 5
(YES 5)
on Sunday
My heart is sad, I admit it. 
I don't want her to grow up.
(I'm selfish that way)
She's spunky and full of giggles and she says funny things
and wants to do anything FUN.
And she's a cutie pie.
I mean, look at those curls!

Have you heard of this "ice bucket challenge" thing?
I've never heard of this before this year.
It's for ALS, to raise money to support research for ALS
explains the type of research they do

Now when I read something like that, 
I have this moral conscience thing that will not let me let go of it.
I can't read something like that and ignore it, like it's not a big deal.

It's a big deal!!

We need to do our research before donating to an organization
that might be using embryonic stem cells.
You can go 
for an updated list of organizations that do this.
(their website is down, but the address is there)

 It's issues like these that I get tired of being unpopular.
Why don't people care about this?

Don't get me wrong here, I really think the bucket challenge thing
was an awesome idea, what a media frenzy!

What a way to spread the word.
It's just the particular organization that is profiting is not so up on
the up and up.

SO, what is a person to do?

There are options, a few different options.

And remember...

Spending our time at the beach, where there are no distractions,
just the beauty of young hearts enjoying summer.


  1. Cookies: The butter got too soft before baking so the heat of the oven made it spread out a lot. In the summer especially it is good to chill the dough for a while to firm it up and the cookies will hold their shape. Based on bloggers opinions of the bald kid, we have still not seen it and I am hoping we don't. I'm off to buy some Borax!

    1. Oh, gosh, do NOT start with the bald kid, EVER!!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!

      Just teasing, he's not that bad. He's kind of cute. His sister Rosie is cute. And his mom is fluffy, she's not skinny, I like that.

  2. Thank you for mentioning the ice bucket challenge link. My mom died of ALS, shortly after her 59th birthday. I hope that scientists one day find out what causes this illness and find a cure for it; however, I do not want a cure that is based on embryonic stem cell research. My sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, etc. are participating in the challenge. A friend shared the link that you referenced with me. When I read the article and learned that the research involves using embryonic stem cells, I knew that I could not participate. Today, a family member called to try and convince me to do so. I told her why I could not do so, but I don't think that she agreed with me. I know that my mom would have agreed with me. Sometimes, it's a lonely world. I needed to know that I am not alone. May God bless you!

    1. Christine, I'm so sorry for your loss. I feel the same way about diabetes research. Even if it's only one baby, it doesn't matter, it's still a life and no one should lose their life, so mine can be easier.

      I edited my post to add a link that had 4 different safe organizations to donate to for ALS.
      Again, so sorry you need to go through this, just be so hard for you. I'm proud of you for standing your ground, making your mother proud. God bless you too!

  3. I love how you write. I feel like you and are catching up over a couple cups of coffee. I am coping the church militant picture. I get so angry when people don't know their facts and just follow the crowd. I am saying that as a St. Louis girl who has watched the national media, the white house and every other yahoo scream RACISM when that probably wasn't the case. My hometown is a joke right now. I don't like Calliou. I have avoided it so far. A friend's son (on the autistic scale) learned to say "Excuse me" from that show and will not stop saying it until you stop and look at him. I don't think he got the entire message. The twins love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I find him to be very whiny. I wish someone would tell him, "no" without an explanation some time. I am thrilled that they no longer enjoy Barbie Dreamhouse. My older kids try to get them hooked on Barney, but they have not had any luck. The twins actually do a happy dance when we put Daniel on. It is so cute!

    1. Oh, Neen, thank you so much. I do hope we get to have that cup of coffee someday!

      I edited my post to show safe organizations to donate to for ALS. I get that "follow the crowd" feeling with this whole bucket challenge thing and it actually makes me NOT want to do it, because of it, because I've always not done what the crowd does it seems.

      That's a little funny about the "Excuse Me" thing...just a little. OK, not really.

      Daniel, we've seen a couple times, and when I walk in, I say, "Oh, cute" but I don't watch it with them, are you kidding? I'm getting stuff done!!

      I think my older kids threw the Barney tapes in the "donate" pile....

  4. You know, compared to Spider Man, the Avengers and all these other shows that my kids are wanting to watch (the kind where everyone has a sassy mouth on them), I don't mind Calliou! I have noticed though--that the new Calliou--has him complaining and arguing a lot! This, I don't like! We watch the old Calliou, when he was still happy and cheerful. Even my kids are tired of the new Calliou's complaining.

    I am going to have to try that Borax thing. Maybe it will also clear out some of the earwigs that live in the bathroom (shudder). I love our new house but the bathroom is...ugh. The floor has to be redone because it is literally rotting underneath; everything someone gets out of the tub the ceiling in the basement starts to leak. The tile around the toilet wasn't even put it either, so it reeks of pee and so there is ALWAYS a pee smell in the bathroom. When I clean it, you can't even tell. The bathtub too, is nasty and stained--I'm not sure the owners ever cleaned it.

    How did I even get on this rant???

    1. Ci-woo is OK...I mean, I like his sister Rosie! And I like his fluffy mama, she's not skinny at all. We only watch Callou via Netflix, we don't have TV....I think it's the newer ones.

      Gosh, let me know if Borax works..Let me know!

      I like your rants!

  5. David despises Caillou...our boys love it. It's pronounced "Ki-ooo!" in our house. I don't mind it; I kind of wish Netflix had more episodes though..since we're seen all them waaaayyyy to many times.

    I like Daniel, although Neen is right. The parents are WAY too involved sometimes.

    I always find my cookies turn out better if I chill them for an hour or so first. It also helps to set the butter out before you bake so it is room temp.

    You are the best, Jamie!

    1. We're doing the Netflix Ci-woo here too, wishing they had more episodes of a lot of things.
      Daniel...I know the kids have seen it, but it's not a regular, like only a couple times. I walk in and say, "Oh, cute". That's how I know.

      Because when those cartoons are on, I'm getting things done man, not watching!!
      Chilling, I need to try that. I've made a couple recipes that call for that, like the Andes Mint ones, and they turn out great!

      No, you are the best.

  6. Now I really want to try your pizza dough..I'm so intrigued that it only uses flour and yogurt. How does it compare to other homemade doughs?

    1. So sorry this took me so long to get to! My family loves it, and that includes my husband and he is very picky with crusts. I've found that I don't need to pre-bake it and it still gets crispy...but with others, I need to pre-bake it a little or it gets doughy. It doesn't taste good plain though, the kids have tried to lick the bowl and been very very disappointed...just a warning! :)

    2. Plain, as in before it's cooked, you know, as dough.

  7. I cannot believe you are going to have a little girl who is 5!! that means my little girl is growing up fast also! You are blessed to have a little little cute blond boy. The world is such a moral mess. Most people dont get it.
    The sandy beach looks like fun. I missed out. I just need a little more warning so I can arrange and THINK about how to get there!
    The cookie thing...maybe more flour? I make cookies and they are gone in one day.
    Thanks for speaking the truth and standing up for what is right.
    oh yah...shows...we are still stuck on Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and now Little Einsteins. No ki-ooooooooooo!

    1. I'll try to call sooner next time. Didn't realize you were so busy with school stuff already. (I mean we started but we are done by afternoon)

      More how much more?
      We love Tom and Jerry and Bugs....

  8. I experimented the cookie thing for years. Mine always came out like that. The recipe needs more flour! Don't be afraid to completely melt your butter before mixing it in. I know people will disagree with me (Betty Crocker even says this is why the cookie goes flat.). Once I increased the flour amount and melted my butter my cookies come out perfect every time.

    1. More flour....hmmmmm, might have to try that...but how much more? Like 1/4 cup?

  9. Hi up there!!! You always brighten my day when I stop in! Little red is so cute! Two year olds are so much fun...and five year olds. I hear you on the stem cell research stuff. It's really sad to see so many "pro lifers" uninformed. Thanks for spreading the word. Okay...back to mommy-hood now. Have a great rest of your week!

    1. Hi Y-all down there! (I'm not saying that right...or, um, I"m not typing that right) hey, I'm trying.

      Getting my "southern" on for this winter!
      It's nice to see some support out there though, like you, we are not completely alone.

      You have a great rest of your week too!

  10. So many great things go comment on, but supper needs my assistance....

    I have wondered the same thing when my cookies also just turned out like that. I'll be watching the comments and experimenting cuz I like my cookies perfectly rounded and yummy to the eyes too. :)

    Caillou, I agree how in the world do kids like him??!! We despise him but the little girls like him. Aargh. We are trying to get rid of him completely, but some habits are hard for toddlers to break. lol.

    Movies....I rarely watch them cuz I fall asleep. Have you see that Jim Caviezel has a new movie coming out this weekend? I totally wanna go. You know, cuz I am really into a sports related movie, not the actor at.all. hehe.

    I need to remember that one about finding ourselves irritated and overwhelmed. Whoa. Shot to the heart. That's exactly true. Completely. I just tend to forget it. Why?? Who knows.

    Ok, gotta run, but I just wanted to comment with my dear Jamie. {hugs} my dear.

    1. After reading the comments, I've decided to maybe make my dough and then refrigerate it for an hour or so...but who has time for that? If I'm making it, I"m baking it!!

      Katherine just told me she liked them FLAT. See? No one complained. At all. Except me I guess, about them being flat. :)

      Ummm, yeah, me too on the sports, who cares if Jim Caviezel is in it. What are the times? I'm going. What did you say it was about? Jim Caviezel is in it. (not that I care or anything)

      (((hugs)))) right back at you!

  11. This post has been such fun that I've read it twice! I'm going immediately to my shopping list to add Borax (you should get a commission). I didn't even think they made that anymore - I remember it from childhood TV ads. Can't wait to try it, and if I'M excited about cleaning something then.... well, you really SHOULD get a commission. You've posted a picture of my favorite kind of cookie - my homemade ones always turn out flat like that and I LOVE THEM JUST THAT WAY - and I'm laughing at your question about Adam having a hard time deciding what to call the donkey. The picture has me smiling out loud. Do people smile out loud? I just looked at the pic again, and yep. We do.

    1. I'm kind of excited to clean things with Borax too! You know, I've had a box of the stuff for years now, we used it for an experiment for growing snowflake crystals...SO cheap too, like 2 bucks a box!

      Glad to help you smile out loud. People do smile out loud, because I smile out loud at a lot of the pictures you post on Facebook!

  12. Okay, NO FAIR posting that pizza photo and recipe. I'm on Day 28 and am seriously craving a nice, chewy piece of bread.

    And a cookie.

    But not a flat one.

    Ha ha, only teasing. Actually the cookies look really yummy, too. I have a special recipe I'm going to make and hopefully will stop after eating ONE. It's in the book Relish which I loved and am hoping to review sometime.

    And I agree about the Kevin Costner movie! Fun show and I like the actress that plays his daughter VERY much.

    1. Hmmmmm, I think after that diet, flat or soft, plump and chewy, wouldn't matter!!

      Proud of you for making it that far!!

      Can't wait to see your review...and glad someone else liked that movie!

  13. I agree with you about the ALS ice bucket challenge. It is all the rage out here, but some people don't realize that ALS research is all tied up with abortion. Thanks for making us aware. I won't be taking the challenge. I use Borax a lot for cleaning ~ I use half Borax and half Baking Soda and it works great for cleaning the toilet. I also use Borax in my homemade laundry detergent. Those cookies look soooo good! Have a great week~to~come!

    1. Borax, huh? Where have I been? And it's SO cheap! I'm excited to try it on a couple other my main floor bathroom sink, it gets so used and gets so grimy...

      I edited my post and added a link that lists 4 different pro-life places to donate for ALS. I saw today a priest that "challenged" people to pray for 1/2 hour for peace in our that is a challenge for people!

  14. What fun pics! Little Sims looks like a cool surfer already! When we went on our trip, we passed through Boerne, and I almost took a picture for you- can't wait!!!

    1. Now that would have been great to see!! We will see it this winter! And hopefully you too!!

  15. Yes...I am so glad you wrote on the ALS ice bucket challenge!! The upside is that faithful Catholics I know have been donating their money instead to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute where they only do research on adult stem cells. Here's the link:

    Thank you for always being a joy to read :)

    1. Thank you Lisa, I just updated my post to add that link...I have been meaning to add it for a few days now, just never got the chance, so you reminded me, thank you!!

  16. hello, aku sangat menyukai beberapa artikel,
    dan itu sangat bermanfaat untuk saya baca,
    terima kasih,
    berkunjunglah ke blog pribadi saya :)


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