Sunday, August 3, 2014

One Week

 One week.
Oh, how the world the way we know it can change in one week.
Actually, that change happens in one day.

My beautiful friend Sarah's death has caused a whirlwind of emotions 
and feelings for hundreds, if not thousands of people.

I could not even make it through Mass today without crying, thinking about 
how last Sunday morning was like any other ordinary Sunday morning
for Sarah and her family, for me, and how 
this Sunday is not.

 The people that pulled together were amazing.
Funds were set up immediately 
(to help support her children) 
The response has been incredible!

I can't help but think of the lives Sarah has touched, 
both in life and in death, 
because of the way she lived her life.

Another blogger wrote 
a beautiful birthday post for Sarah
The amount of prayers offered for Sarah and her family 
just on this site are awesome, and to think there's even 
more we don't know about!

Someone even anonymously set up an Etsy account
selling anchor bracelets
Because of her last post, 
back in April
Sarah had just completed her last bead creation
The Anchor!

Her words here:

"I love the symbol of the anchor for hope. It is very powerful.  Hope is the virtue of having confidence in God's mercy that we will be in heaven with Him someday.  When we have that hope, nothing in life can move us. We are anchored in God.  Now that is something I need to pray for everyday and I hope you are inspired and reminded by this bead to pray too."

I am blessed (or my daughter is) to have this special bead (2 of them) in the rosary I 
ordered for my daughter's First Holy Communion in May.  

Something that was already a treasure because of the love 
and hard work Sarah put into her beads and rosaries, 
is even more a treasure now. 
I only wish I could have ordered more
for everyone in my family.

I remember when I used to do daycare, 
(before I had children)
I used to wear the rosary she gave me,
(they are that beautiful)
and one of the mothers was a teacher and 
she gave Sarah, only a teen at the time, a TON of orders!

I smile now, knowing all these people, 
and even more have these treasures forever.

 My heart is broken.
As I think is the case for all who knew Sarah.

I loved this article 
put out by the Fredricksburg, VA newspaper
If you have not read it yet, please take the time to do so,
it was written so well.

The part I keep thinking about most, is all the things, 
all the projects she was working on.
All the things left undone.
The sadness for her husband,
 family and close friends that will need to 
go through all these things.

I think about all the things in my life right now, 
if I died, that would be left undone.

Is my soul ready for a sudden tragic death?
Is yours?
I think many of us would like to think that there will be time.
I'm faithful, God will give me the time to prepare.
I'll find out I'm dying and I'll be able to make all things right.

There's no promise of that.
Unless you count the time right now.
God is giving us that time right now.

We are all called to be saints.
We are all called to be holy.

 God is merciful.
God is Mercy Himself.
Am I responding to His Mercy?
Am I responding to the chances He keeps giving me to 
make all things right with my soul?

 We are the Body of Christ, 
that is why Sarah's death has effected so many.
We are all connected through Christ.

It makes me also think about SIN, because if goodness and sadness 
can effect us all, then evil does too.
When we sin, we might tell ourselves 
"It effects no one."
But it does.
It effects us all.

This tragedy makes me want to try harder
to keep my eye on my treasure in Heaven, 
and what is waiting for us all.

 To have met Sarah as a teenager,( through her mother,
whom I met at a retreat and connected instantly with)
 to see her turn into such a beautiful young woman, wife & mother
 has been a gift to me.

What I do with that gift
 is in God's Mercy
and up to me to choose that, 
to live my life so that my soul is ready always.

 I love this picture of Sarah with her baby Faustina (age 1 now) 
because it reminds me of....
St Gianna Molla with her baby.

St Gianna, Pray for us
St Sarah, Pray for us
St Cecilia, Pray for us.

The good has to surpass all this sadness.
There is a lot of good and there is a lot of hope 
Anchored in LOVE.

(another great article written about Sarah
 and about a shelter being named after her and her baby)


  1. Thank you for this heartfelt, tender post. I cannot tell you of the many times I have thought of Sarah and her family this past week. I appreciate your beautiful honesty, speaking from the heart amidst such unknown and difficult feelings many of us are feeling.
    I cried reading the last article which I hadn't seen yet. Heartwrenching to see actual pics from the funeral.
    I don't know what else to say. My heart still remains so heavy.

  2. I learned about Sarah's rosaries about a month after my Dad died and 6 months after my heart attack. I became obsessed by her rosaries and needed this distraction after such a difficult year. I emailed Sarah and we emailed back and forth a few times about her clay creations; I ordered a chaplet for my brother from her which I think he has lost. I think about all her customers and how lucky they are to have such beautiful creations from someone who was so GOOD! I loved her work, respected her as an artist and admired her as a blogger. Even though we didn't know each other well enough to be called friends, I feel a loss and will truly miss seeing her rosaries.

  3. A sad, yet faith filled post. Thank you for sharing Sarah's story. Will be praying for her husband and children in their grief. I know they will all see Sarah again!

  4. Jamie...
    I'm so sorry...
    Thank you for sharing the information with us...
    My heart has been heavy all week thinking of her and her dear family.
    Good night, dear friend.

  5. It's just heartbreaking. Yet, I find there is much hope in the fact that Sarah's legacy is helping so many mothers and families be certain they are living their lives to the fullest. I went to confession this week justincase (which I should certainly do more frequently but time gets away from me.) A beautiful soul taken too soon is helping others live in the moment and cherish their lives!

  6. So beautiful Jamie.
    I too felt compelled to write about her even though I did not know her personally
    She was an inspiration still
    God Bless

  7. I already commented but I thought I would throw this out--it's a thought that I had about Sarah and it did give me a lot of comfort. I had mentioned before on Facebook after hearing about Sarah's death that she had seen the Face of God. Thinking more about that, I began to think of the great joy that she must have experienced in those moments. And even though she might have gone to purgatory for further purification (assuming of course, as most of us will be in purgatory, though she was a very holy woman!) I know that every act of love she made, every sacrifice she made, every good deed she did, every kind word she said, every rosary she made was accounted for and noted, and paid back in full. All of these good deeds, sufferings endured and sacrifices made I know was worth it in the end to see the face of God and claim her reward. And with this happiness and joy, she had no worries or doubts about God's plan of her family. She would happily do her penance just to see the Face of God again. And you know, after I had this thought, I felt like I experienced a little of what Sarah's side of heaven must be like, and it helped me to be less sad for her and more trustful of God. I still feel sad for her family, still feel sad even for Sarah because it's hard not to think about her last moments on earth, and as I said, I will selfishly miss her rosaries, but I believe that Sarah is truly happy and is going to help her family through this.

  8. As everyone else, this hit me hard. Not knowing Sarah personally but just reading her blog a few years back and seeing how wonderful of a person she is and being her Catholic sister in Christ makes my heartache that she is no longer with her husband and children. I know she will be reunited some day but for now they will be separated and that just breaks my heart. What is comforting is knowing that she will be praying for them and the eternal banquet she is at. Thinking about... how our Loving Creator Must have a Loving purpose/plan for Sarah and Cecilia and everyone's heartache will hopefully be "used" for redemption of souls.

  9. I prayed for her on Sunday at mass. She has been on my mind as well. Such a beautiful soul. I also feel for her family...especially husband and kiddos. They will miss their mama so much.

  10. I just can't believe she was taken so quickly, and in such an unexpected way. What a well lived life. Her legacy will go on as long as there is an earth. And I lovelovelove Do More of What Makes You Holy.

  11. This was a BEAUTIFUL tribute to such a beautiful soul. Through your words, and sharing the words and works of others, you have helped others work through their own mourning. This is definitely a tough one to swallow. Thanks for the uplifting prayers and thoughts!

  12. What a beautiful set of words to honor the life Sarah led. May God comfort each person that has been touched by Sarah's words, actions, and life.

  13. A beautiful reflection. Very hitting, too, about how none of us knows our time.

  14. It had been a long time since I checked your blog. I am so startled to come across this news. Thanks for sharing Sarah's story.
    My heart goes out to her husband and little ones. May she rest in eternal peace.


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