Monday, February 9, 2015

South Padre Island Animals (Part 1)

 I've wanted to do an animal post since we got here, down in South Padre Island, TX.
While loading pictures for this post, I realized I will have to do 3 posts,
because there are so many different animals down here.
I'm doing this mostly to show people in the north, like Minnesota,
how different it is down here.
This little lizard was the first animal we saw as we walked to the beach through the pool area.
They are everywhere!

 I may have to edit this post many times as I learn the real names of each.
 Of course there are Pelicans!

 This one I need help with, we thought it was some kind of jellyfish
It's a flat, (about an inch thick) Frisbee like animal, in many different sizes.
We couldn't find any tentacles, so I'm not sure if it's a jellyfish or not.
I love how you can see right through it.

 Some kind of Heron, found at the end of the beach on the jetty.
(Remember a Jetty is kind of a dock)
Look at his bright yellow feet!
 Look at these crabs!
My 10 year old found these by the Jetty and brought them home for the littles to see.
(we put them back in the water when we were done)

 Excuse the bed hair!
 The littles loved them!
 We also discuss all the animals that used to live in these, oysters, crabs, mollusks, clams...
We also find lots of claws from crabs...
 Different ducks here too
 I'm pretty sure there are no signs like this in Minnesota!

We've seen several Puffer Fish washed up on the beach. 
They are not real big, probably about 6 or 7 inches long.
This Sea Gull is guarding his food!
This crab was about the size of my hand and very, very fast!

This is some kind of Egret or Heron

Tiny, scurrying crab
These birds are everywhere down here! 
Here, this one is on a chair on a sidewalk cafe's patio.
(there are a lot of places to eat outside down here)

Isn't that fun?
They make a really cool noise too.
After we were here a week or so,
the Man of War Jellyfish started washing ashore.
Hundreds of them!
Be careful, their stinger is very potent long after they are dead!
The jellyfish washed up with a ton of seaweed.
If there is seaweed, there are treasures...and animals!
(it smelled nasty!)
This washed up for about 2 weeks and as fast as it came, it was gone.
Covered up by the tide and the sand.
It's been so amazing to see the beach change from day to day.
To see how God provides for all animals of the earth.
One day we found this pipe washed ashore full of these Goose Barnacles.
Hundreds and hundreds of them!
Can you see them moving?
These Goose Barnacles cling to just about anything that washes ashore.
Look at these animals I found at the beach! 
(Just kidding)
You can see one of them is not happy to leave the beach.
Me either either.
I'll try to get Part 2 and a Part 3 done soon!
We leave in 16 days.
Yes, I'm counting.
Yes, I'm sad to leave.
It's been such a wonderful experience and blessing to be down here!


  1. I have so loved your adventure down in South Texas, I know it is going to be hard to leave but I hope soon you will find yourself under sunny skies always!

    1. Thank you 9Peas! You "get it" why that sun is so important! This trip has been a once in a lifetime experience to cherish forever!

  2. I know all those animals- you've encountered a good variety. Can't wait to see the next ones!

    1. You are a fountain of knowledge! I love talking to you!!

  3. So cool! You have school and all your lessons right on the beach! :-) Do the little crabs pinch? I'm guessing not, since you had them in your hand!

    I'm sorry you have to leave too--but at least you know that coming back means that you're coming to get your house ready to sell! I've got more of those stick-on tile for my kitchen! Remember how you wanted to see the outcome of those? Still working on getting all of them on the walls, but I will show a picture on FB!

    And it's getting warmer here! Nothing like what you have but at least it's in the 20's-30's! And it will just keep getting warmer!

    1. I must clarify, I did not have them in MY hand. My kids did! hahaha!! I don't touch live things. Now dead things? That's more up my alley. Ha!

      They did not pinch they said anyway!
      Tom can't wait to go home so we can finish getting our home ready to move!
      I love your kitchen tiles! If we were staying I'd do that in mine! (eventually)

      And baloney on the "it's getting warmer"...I don't believe you. (just teasing)

  4. See the birds and lizards all the time! Love your pictures!!

    1. I bet you do have many of the same animals where you are!

  5. We have many of the same animals here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The clear jellyfish are comb jellies. They're completely harmless and really cool when they're alive. The lizards are called fence lizards (at least around here).

    That man of war jelly fish looked pretty awesome- we don't have any of those around here!

    Glad you've enjoyed your trip. We've enjoyed seeing all your cool pictures.

    1. Wow, Kari! Thanks for the information!! Comb jellies? We saw more on the beach after reading this, but were still afraid of touching them! We poked a little with a shell though!

      Fence lizards...haven't seen them since December. Not sure why. It's been in the 70's here the past couple weeks and we still have not seen them. The kids loved searching for them!

      Thanks Kari, glad you are enjoying the pictures!

  6. Replies
    1. It is! It's so interesting. I suppose if we lived here it wouldn't be that cool we see deer and squirrels all the time in MN, no big deal...

  7. Thank you for sharing your ocean time with us! With no sun for days on end, I love seeing your pictures and knowing that the sun is indeed shining somewhere in this world. Oh, February, hurry up and be over so that Spring may spring forth!

    1. February is almost over! For the first time, I'm sad about that...I want to stay here longer! Then comes MARCH. I do not like March. I always want it to be spring, but It doesn't come and so it's kind of depressing...or unhopeful? We will be home for March. Plenty of winter left for us!

      The prices quadruple here in March....can't stay.

      Wishing you sunshine and spring Jenny!!

  8. This is so awesomeI Thanks for sharing these.

    And eekkkkk!! Jellyfish!

    1. You are welcome! And yes, stay away from the jellyfish!!

  9. You should bring some of the critters home!!! I bet the kids are loving all the critters. So interesting. Lots to see and do down there. I bet it makes the time go fast. Enjoy everyday!

    1. OH, man, time is going really fast....too fast. 10 days left.

      NO way, no critters will come home with us!

  10. I think the 'fence lizards' are technically called 'anoles'. (An-ol-ee) Or at least that was what I was taught as a kid.

    1. Yes, Rhiannan T, you are right! I've heard it now from others around here!


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