Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What's Going On?

 Well, we are home! 
(it's been a week now) 
The first thing I noticed when we got into Minnesota,
(after being stranded in a Texas Snowstorm for 2 days)
(they have no sand or salt or SNOW PLOWS!!!)
(We counted 113 cars in the ditch in one stinkin' day!)
OK, what was I saying?
Oh, yeah, the first thing I noticed when driving into Minnesota,
(now, this is after Iowa, which has no scenery, except empty corn fields)
Pine trees!!
I'm missing palm trees....but noticing the differences is good, right?

Not really "sweet home"
 because we are kind of fixing things up to get our home ready to sell.
New paint, new countertops, new toilets, cupboards refinished,
new vanities, new carpet, new appliances, new windows...too much to name.
Our Mr 12 lives at the Lake + 1 had been working on our home
the whole time we were gone!
(he's still doing things) 
 We are trying to de-clutter BIG TIME.
Like that green time-out bench there? 
Has to go.
(into storage)
That diaper-changing dresser there? 
Has to be moved out of the entry way.
We need to stage our home
basically to look like we don't really live here.
Need to get some nicer rugs too...any ideas there?
Something cheap but nice?
 I got to see Christine!! (and sweet little Ava)
(not sure I can link her or not?  Christine?  Can I link you?)
Enough with the parenthesis, huh?

 We moved Little Sims here out of our bedroom and into Jedi's
Last night was the first night and he slept the whole night in there!
I guess he even woke up once and Jedi asked him if he wanted to go to Mommy.
He said, "NO" and laid down and went back to sleep.
Humph.....Well, I missed him!
His bed is a twin,
 but Jedi's bed is on a nicer frame, with a headboard and endboard
so his looks bigger.
We are in the middle of decluttering his room.
How do those walls look?
 He was SO excited to sleep in Jedi's room. 
It's so cute.
 Today is Jedi's birthday!!
He's 15
My favorite is the kids gathering all around each birthday kid.
 I can't believe it. 
I'm happy he's only 15.
That means I have a few more years with him home.
He is such a sweet kid. 
Gosh, he's a good kid.
Strong faith, very sensitive and sweet.
 I went for this idea I got on Pinterest.
I actually added a layer, the Reeces layer, because it's his favorite.
He's having a party with friends tomorrow, so I'm going to attempt to make
a Hobbit cake!!
 OH, my goodness, can you say, "Sugar"?
like Maroon 5
What can I say?
I like tattooed arms.
 My 2 oldest girls got their ears pierced.
I'm not sure what I was waiting for.
 I guess something to look forward to?
 I told them, "When we get back from Texas"
 So, why, yes, they might have asked me every single day several times
when we were going to do it
 They had an audience!
(their friend Maggie and the next in line for ears pierced...maybe next year?)
We are still walking, with the sunrise.
It's not quite the same as beach walking,
but we pretend.
 My oldest daughter has joined us
Besides dodging all the ice, it's been pretty fun!
We walk 3 miles.
Cuter than ever.
They are loving our "snow home" as they call it.
Quick question:
I asked this on Facebook also.
Which do you use?
Fabric sheets or liquid softener?
Just for fun.
I use Bounce sheets.
(because my mom always did)


  1. Glad to read that everyone's happy to be back in the snow, they all look so gorgeous!

    Liquid Downy for sheets. Bounce in every dryer.

    1. Well, not everyone Allison!! :)

      I've never used liquid before...I bought some though for some kind of potion to detangle Barbie/doll hair, haven't tried it yet though!

  2. Glad you're safely back home-sorry about the crazy Texas weather! We really aren't prepared for snow and ice in this state. Happy Birthday to Jedi!

    1. OH, the weather is not your fault!! It was a cooler year down in South Padre too, but I still loved it! It was an experience to say the least...now we know what y'all go through when it does snow though!!

      Thanks Jan!

  3. I've never used liquid softner...don't even know how to.

    Happy birthday to Jedi!

    Where did you get simeon's twin bed, I'm looking for something simple like that.

    I don't like how Louisiana keeps planting palms trees everywhere, I prefer seeing oak trees, they remind me of Louisiana. Seems like a lot of the southern states are planting palms now, I keep thinking California?!

    1. I don't really, either, never used liquid. I think it goes in the same time as the soap?

      We actually had the boxspring and bed...just had to get a frame. So I have no idea...every kid has slept on this mattress. Nicholas's bed is from an old bunk, that is not a bunk anymore.

      Yes, the palm trees, I could tell they were all planted, there were none on the beach, growing naturally. I did love them though. So pretty.

  4. At least this week it is in the 50s and 60s here! Spring is finally coming! We bought a pretty nice looking, but cheaper area rug at Menards, not the ones they have hanging up in the rug section, but sometimes they have a large box of rolled up ones that come in a 3 pack with large area rug, runner and small mat. We also use dryer sheets, my mom uses softener.

    1. I 2nd Menards. I recently had to do what you're doing, getting a house ready to sell. It's hit or miss, but they usually have "Bound Remnants" standing up in a box near the more expensive ones. I also found decorative accessories there, for less than elsewhere. Home Goods might be another option, also Ikea - altho I measured & looked online first, since I get overwhelmed in that store! One thing that was a hard concept for me was that there is a difference between having the house in a way that WORKS for us vs. making it appealing & updated to a buyer. Also, really didn't like the realtors telling me to take down the "religious stuff", since I have been & still am praying for a successful sale. Left the crucifix up. Good luck to you, and God Bless!

    2. OH, the weather is awesome here Allison! We are loving it this week! I've never thought of Menards...I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

      Fabric softener seems to be quite the controversial topic over on Facebook!

    3. Kate, we'll pray for your home to sell, that is so hard to live through a home being for sale and have children and still live!! Not looking forward to that part. I'll have to check out Menards...never thought of them. Our friend/contractor uses Menards all the time. We don't have HomeGoods close or Ikea close by either. I'm used to at the very least having a crucifix in every room, so, yes, that is hard to take those things down. I'm trying to look at my house the way I look at other homes, what do I like when looking? What things bother me when looking for myself?

      Best wishes to you Kate, God bless you too!

  5. Are planning on re-painting at all? I am not suggesting new colors or anything, but it gave the walls a really new and fresh look. Made a ton of difference! I wish you luck on all the "new" things--don't waste too much money on it though! That is just my two cents. It pays off, and yet, it doesn't, because so many people still want granite counter tops, new this, new that. We spent so much money on our house with the important things like a new roof, new water heater, new A/C, new furnace and had no money left for any of the cosmetic stuff. We replaced what we could, put in new carpet and repainted. And still, people complained that the house looked "tired". (It housed five kids for the last two years, it should be tired!) Anyway, I am still put out how people can be so cosmetic, so don't mind me!

    Oh my gosh, Lucy has been bugging me to get her ears pierced! I have told her not until she's at least 12 (she's 9), because I know how sensitive to pain. I tell her that she can't stand to get shots so how is she going to handle two ears getting pierced at the same time! I just want her to wait until she knows a little more what she's in for, and then she can make up her mind. :-)

    I do dryer sheets too. I've tried to do the liquid stuff but I'm like the cartoon lady on those old commercials: "I forgot the fabric softener!" and I never make it in time. :-)

    Glad you are back! Happy house renovating! It's fun!!!

    1. Repainting what we just had painted 2 weeks ago? What repainting do you mean? The pictures are showing the repainting...we repainted the whole basement and the living room too. The entry way and hallway and kitchen and dining room. We'll do touch ups in the school room, that will be staged as a formal dining.

      We've already spent a lot of money...just to get a decent price so we can afford to move.

      We got a new water heater, because we needed it, but also have new appliances coming Saturday for looks...It all boils down to the right price I think...and the right person buying it!!

      the girls did really good with the pain of ear piercing, but they are 10 1/2 and 12 1/2 years old...not letting my 8 year old do it til she's at least 10.

  6. I'm glad you're back safe and sound, but I miss the beach (I'm sure you do, too -- a lot more than I!).

    Good luck getting the house ready. I have sold two homes, one in two days and one in three months. I have no suggestions except that no matter what you do people will give negative feedback so don't knock yourself out. If you get a good offer and someone hates the wall color, or the carpets, you can always degotiate a painting or flooring allowance. Keep it uncluttered and reasonably clean and that's the best you can do. When spring comes, plant some flowers. My mom works for a realty broker, so if you need any more suggestions...

    Faith doesn't have her ears pierced yet either. She was waiting for a certain biological event (iykwim) which hasn't occurred yet, so I told her she could get them pierced if she wants to. I think she's chicken, though. ;-)

    No Downy, no fabric sheets -- dryer balls. They have no chemicals and help your laundry dry faster. I'll make you some if you want or you can get them on Etsy. And if you want a scent just use essential oils on your balls -- just a drop or two. I am very sensitive to strong scents so I love not having perfumed laundry.

    1. I'm planning on posting more beach posts...

      Our last 2 homes sold by the 9th day...St Joseph novenas....our realtor has a lot of pressure this time! Ha! probably won't happen that way this time, but you never know!

      flowers...can't wait to plant and we just got our flooring estimate...7000bucks!!! windows...a ton too...but has to be done to get a decent price for our home!

      New appliances are coming Saturday...kind of excited to use them!

      We were waiting too (not for that, actually for my 12 year old to grow her eyelashes...she picks them) but that was not working so we just decided to do it...they are both mature and it was fun to come home and go do it.

      I have never heard of these dryer things...I do like scented things. I'd try them, but not sure I'd like them. I really like soft towels and stuff...
      Love you Barbara!

    2. My towels get soft and fluffy -- the dryer does that part! And they smell clean, just not perfumed.

  7. So glad you are back safe and sound! And the tans! Yowzer!!

    A lot to do, but that sun in AZ is certainly an inspiration.

    Happy birthday to your handsome, young man. He is going to make a great priest or dad some day ;)

    Miss A's blond hair! Holy cats!

    1. We have one daughter praying for him to be a priest. Actually she's praying that both boys become priests! :)

      Yes, I love the blonde highlights in her hair....I always wanted my hair to be that color when I was young...very similar to your girls' hair!

  8. I WAS SUPER glad you were back and called and you let me come and see you guys right away! Thanks! AND then you put my white face next to your tan face and took a picture...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am white like Sims and Clare. Interesting how some of your kids are super tan and some don't...that is me too. My skin really never tans. Just freckles. Genetics. pffffft.

    Congrats to the girls! Doesn't it make them seem so grown-up now?! It did that for Colette. They looked like they handled it ok. Colette needed 20 mins of talking about it and then held my hand and broke my finger squeeeeeeezing it so hard!

    I don't have much advice about selling homes. Like the other people said...clutter free. Good luck with kids! My house is never ever ever clutter free.

    I use dryer balls. Not the wool ones...just the rubber ones with knobs on them. Cannot wait to just hang those sheets out on the line.

    Glad you made it back safe and sound.

    You should post your shell collection...and your pearl story!!!! LOVE your pearl story!

    1. My girls are brave....Clare thought it would be really painful, so she had 2 women do it, but Katherine didn't. And they were both surprised that it didn't really hurt, even though, I told them it wouldn't. Come on, they have a mom and sister that take at least 4 shots per day, they can handle this. We are not raising any wusses.

      I have never heard of dryer balls until I posted the question on Facebook. Funny. I'm sticking with my Bounce sheets.

      Pearl story? The one we pryed open? Gosh, I want to only post beach pictures again....we have so many!

      It was great to see you and Ava...missed my friends and just familiarity....have to admit, I'm still really missing it down there.

  9. I also need to say Happy Birthday to Jedi and that cake is awesome! Love it.

  10. Bounce sheets - just because I don't want to mess with another liquid! (And that's how I grew up)

    I love the cake that you made Jedi - I'll have to file that one away. What teen wouldn't love the soda and candy bars?!?

    You need to e-mail me and let me know how you guys paid for your travel this winter. Not trying to pry, just curious. I would love to have a warm weather, sandy adventure like you all had. For now, I'll have to go back to older post and live vicariously through you!

    We're still praying for Simeon over here. He looks great! And Bridgette seems to be doing well and managing her sugars. Glad to see that you all are doing so well! :-)

    1. Gosh, the travel thing, EXPENSIVE...but you know, while we were down there, we didn't do a lot of toury things because with 6 kids, it all costs a ton. For us, just going to the beach was fun and educational...and different. We did do the birding center, (really cheap) and the Turtle Rescue Center (free will donation)...so it just cost us cost of living while we were there...Texas, down by South Padre Island, in the winter, it's their low season, so owners are very happy to rent their places,, to have those spots filled,, that would otherwise sit empty. Wish we'd known that, we would have shopped around a little. I guess you could even name your price, like, "We'll rent for 3 months if you give us such and such a price" The prices double or triple March 1...March they have Spring breakers come and the weather gets really nice. Places like Arizona and Florida, are very expensive even in the winter,, because generally, they are warmer. (like double or triple, ,even quadruple)

      Tom used his K-1 money, it's money that his business profits at the end of each year...the way I understand it anyway,, and it's used for things that come up,, like if the state is late with their payments...they have back up money....we used some of that to pay for our trip.

      I'm planning on doing more beach posts...have to, I miss it so much!
      Thank you for your beautiful prayers...you are amazing Heather.
      Love and miss you!

  11. I hate moving... trying to make a house look unlived in with kids is a joke!

    As for fabric softner, we don't use it. Though I have been thinking about using sheets again. I find the liquid stuff stains the clothes sometimes.


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