Saturday, April 18, 2015


It's so hard to catch up after taking a blog absence,
so I thought I'd update with a "Thankful" post.
I'll have to update more again soon hopefully.
We have been busy doctoring, schooling and trying to get our home
ready to sell.
 Thankful for Easter!
God is so Good and Merciful!
Thankful for my beautiful children.
 Thankful for my wonderful husband and our marriage.
(yes, my boobs are that big)
That tan I got in Texas?  Yep, it's gone. 
 Thankful for silly kiddos,
(planning on re-staining our porch this next week)
 Fun Easter cakes
And homemade pretzels!  
 Thankful I still have littles.
So very Thankful for that.
They bring so much joy
 boy am I going to miss it when they are not little anymore.

 Thankful for almost 9 year olds that are still little and big at the same time.
 which means they still enjoy the little kid things.
 Thankful we keep it simple, just the cheapest egg coloring kit there is
and good ol' crayons!

 Thankful I got to spend Easter with my family
Since we are moving, I'm trying to enjoy these "last" things.
Thankful for my sister Brenna.
 And my whole family.
Here we are in order of age.
I'm the oldest, my brother John is 1 year younger,
my sister Brenna is 9 years younger and Jordan, the baby, is 16 years younger.  
 Christine asked me if I had a "Bubba"
I was like, "???"
Thankful she brought me one!
Speaking of Christine
(not sure if she wants me to link her or not?!!?)
She's an ol' lady now...
Her birthday is this Sunday.
(she's like 2 years older than me!)
Happy birthday friend!!
 Thankful for my bookend boys.
My oldest is now 15
Gosh that time flew by.
 Our Hobbit cake!
 His fun "teenager cake"!
I love how the girls are like, "Are you going to share?"
 Thankful he's only 15.
I still have a few more years with him here.
He's an awesome kid.
 So is this little stinker.
We started potty training a couple weeks ago,
but the kid would not go potty at all.
Like, he'd go 12 hours without going potty and be in terrible pain.
we just wanted him to go.
So we went back to diapers.
In which, he had a hard time even going in his diapers at first.
Then, he'd tell me every single time and want me to change it right away.
 We used up the rest of our diapers and ran out today.
He seems excited to be wearing underwear and understands
we have no diapers.
he hasn't gone potty since his last diaper around 1pm.
 Thankful Wal-mart sells markers for pretty cheap.
I found this in the cupboard, in our "marker box"
All the lids off every single marker.
Some of the markers were smashed flat and all (yes all) of them were dried out.
"Not Me" did it.
He lives here and he does everything.
 Thankful for Nutella smiles.
 Christine showed how Ava is biking on her own now,
so we figured we better get our 5 year old a bike!
(all our old broken down bikes went into the dumpster)
 And of course if the 5 year old gets a bike,
the 3  year old needs one too!

 Thankful for beautiful sunsets seen at the top of our stairs.
I love this house.
I will miss this home so very much.
Happy weekend everyone!
May the joy of Easter and God's Divine Mercy fill your heart!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Flat Zelie!

 My 8 year old shiny-haired daughter here
has a good friend named Zelie.
Zelie is doing a school project
where she sends herself, in a flattened version,
through the mail, so she can go different places!
 Since we just got back from Texas,
(where she could have done a ton of sight-seeing)
Flat Zelie just wanted to play with my 8 year old at our home.
She got to play with the little kids too!
Flat Zelie played dolls and dinosaurs with them!
We will miss you Flat Zelie.
I think you are headed to your Grandma's in Washington now!


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