Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Flat Zelie!

 My 8 year old shiny-haired daughter here
has a good friend named Zelie.
Zelie is doing a school project
where she sends herself, in a flattened version,
through the mail, so she can go different places!
 Since we just got back from Texas,
(where she could have done a ton of sight-seeing)
Flat Zelie just wanted to play with my 8 year old at our home.
She got to play with the little kids too!
Flat Zelie played dolls and dinosaurs with them!
We will miss you Flat Zelie.
I think you are headed to your Grandma's in Washington now!


  1. Too cute. My son's class is about to mail their "Flat Stanley's" this week. Fun stuff.

  2. We have hosted "Flat Friends" 6 times now over the years. I guess Florida is a desirable location to be mailed to! Always lots of fun!

  3. Safe travels to Flat Zelie!


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