Monday, May 4, 2015

Please Pray for Simeon!

Tuesday, sweet little Simeon will have another surgery.
This time it's considered minor, but I'm the mama,
and I say surgery is never "minor"!
He's had clogged tear ducts since birth.
He's having a nasolacrimal duct surgery to unclog his tear ducts.
He may need stents placed, which would mean an on the table decision
to drill through the bone.
I am praying specifically for a little miracle
(nothing is little with miracles either is it?)
Praying that he won't need the stents put in and he has a quick recovery
with no more red, watery eyes!
Thank you so very much for any prayers!


  1. Offering my day up for Simeon! Love and prayers for you Jamie, as I know it is always hard on the mama when our babies have to have surgery.

  2. Prayers lifted. Peace for you, a successful surgery, no stents and thanksgiving for His constant loving care. :-) Good luck!

  3. You got it. He'll be on my heart all day.

  4. Thankful for skilled hands that helped him. Quick recovery!


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