Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Good and Bad Movie Reviews!

 This movie was awesome!
The whole family watched it
And loved it!
(some of us watched it twice!)
It is based on a true story of an unlikely track team with considerable odds
against them, including the coach,
 who is played by Kevin Costner!
(I like him and his movies)
 Here's the real life people the movie was about!
 Here's another running movie.
(which is odd, because rarely are there movies about track teams!)
This one is about a blind teenager that wants to run on the track team
but he needs a partner to help guide him.
Someone as fast as him.
The best person to help him ends up being a boy
that has some troubles, but they form a friendship and it ends up
helping them both!
Jill Hennessey plays the blind boy's mother,
 which made us (me) decide to start watching Crossing Jordan.
I've seen some shows here and there (while nursing babies during the night)
but never watched from the beginning.
SO Tom and I are enjoying this one.
This one was a pleasant surprise!
Full of twists and a suspenseful plot,
Tom and I really enjoyed it!

 This one also had a few plot twists,
however, I give this one a thumbs down.
It had an interesting story, clever ways of showing how to scam people,
and it had Will Smith!
 It had too much of this.
And too much lying and deceit with each other.
The movie could have been really good without this.
Way better, in my opinion.
Another thumbs down.
the first episode (via Netflex)
was really good.
Tom and I thought, "Oh, good, a good drama"
Then, we watched the 2nd episode.
Really bad.
Really really bad.
As in we shut it off, but not soon enough and
those images will never be erased from my mind.
Why do they do that?
Totally unnecessary.
The good and the bad.
Here's a couple of my new favorite songs (this week)
This video is kind of sad though, because it shows
Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in real life.
So young and such a loss.
Ed Sheeran.
Gosh, I like his music.
Doesn't everyone?
He's so young and talented, isn't he?
What a cute video.
He's only 24 years old now.
Amazing talent.


  1. Another running movie for me to watch. Yay! Was it on Netflix too?

    I think I watch too much tv....

    I really dislike how a movie could be so much better and family friendly if only the language and sex scenes were cleaned up.

    1. I know, why do they feel they have to do that? They must be after a certain type of audience.

    2. Oh, and yes Netflix...Macfarland USA was not on Netflix yet though too new, soon, though, it will be...we rented that one from the video store.

  2. I always enjoy your movie reviews! Thanks so much! I always like knowing that a movie is "family friendly" before I invest the time to watch. I hate "surprises" in movies (things that I do NOT want to see or hear). Enjoy the coming weekend. Every time I see a house for sale, I think of you!

  3. Thank you for your reviews!! I am ready to watch some good ones!

  4. Enjoyed your reviews! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi!
    Thinking about you today...
    You are on my heart. : )
    Missing you and hoping all is well.
    Have a nice day, my friend!!!!


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