Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Time for Movie Reviews!

 Time for reviews.
Or, well, my opinion anyway.
I don't really review them,
because I don't want to give anything away!
Turnaround Jake was watched via Netflix.
I liked it
It had a Christian theme,
without it being in your face fake overload
(I'll explain that comment later)
 This was a pleasant surprise.
This is about a marriage that's failing.
I loved that they actually love each other and
if you know my reviews, you know that I only like movies
with happy endings..
(OK, I gave that one away,
but you'd get that from reading the description of the movie anyway!)
Another "Christian" movie, but not in your face overload.
I like how there was another man there, to, I guess tempt her
into leaving her husband,
but they made him just as nice as her husband.
It really was up to her to decide to fight or give up.
It had Gerald McRaney in it.
I really like him

You remember him from this show, don't you?
And he's married to Delta Burke!
Aren't they just the cutest couple?

The Song
Another "work on our marriage" movie!
The main character is Alan Powell, from the music group Anthem Lights!
I really liked this movie, it took me on a roller coaster ride,
happy, sad, mad, happy...

 Heaven is Waiting
Another Christian move, but not in your face Christian.
(I'll explain that now)
What I mean by that, is that, it's just in the movie like it's the norm.
Like it should be.
I've really loved seeing this in these movies.
I really liked this movie.
A little slow, but really good.
 This one was very good also.
Another Christian movie.
This one we let our oldest watch with us,
but it does deal with the subject of suicide
and is, we feel, more for older kids 
 (our oldest is 15, which was a good age)
Really good movie about a teen that loses his father
and all he goes through afterward. 
 This one, had some pretty famous stars in it, like
Ashley Judd, Seth Green, and Ray Liotta.
I really liked how Ray Liotta was in this, he did a really good job.
Actually, so did Ashley Judd.
This movie was really corney though.
Because the main actor plays a twin to a famous singer,
who they made seem kind of like Elvis...but not Elvis.
They even mention Elvis in it at one point. 
Other than that, it was a pretty good movie.
(I had a hard time getting past the part that he was kind of like Elvis,
even looking like him)
I think this movie would have been better if they would not have
done that, but had a different actor and made his songs just a different type.
(they were not Elvis songs just songs like Elvis had)
This also was a Christian movie, but not in your face,
just the way it was naturally.
The Good Lie
 This was a really good movie!
This was based on a true story.
It really really makes you think about how we treat refugees
and if we are really helping them or not.

 Now, onto some bad ones.
I was excited to see this movie, The Best of Me.
It sure looks like a "Jamie Movie" from the cover, right?
Well, it was OK
I didn't like, and I'm going to give some things away here,
that they did NOT work on the marriage that was broken.
The woman has an affair
with the man that the viewer is supposed to want her to,
I guess.
I was just disappointed. 
That ruined it for me.
This movie, I actually saw before the above movies
where the couples actually worked on their marriages,
which is what made them so refreshing.
 Tom and I started watching this show via Netflix.
We made it through maybe 5 or 6
It seemed like it was going to be really good.
And, hey, I really like seeing Kevin Bacon in a regular show,
but it was just so dark and so, ummm, not happy-endingish.
If you know what I mean.
We got tired of everyone turning out to be bad in it.
So, and many might disagree with me on this one,
I give this thumbs down.
This one is in the middle for me.
I like these actors in this kind of movie.
It had bad things in it though.
Like, of course they sleep together.
And they talk about it.
But it was also kind of funny.
I feel guilty saying it, but I actually kind of liked it,
Oh, gosh sakes!

 Tom and I LOVE Blue Bloods!!
Now this show is really really good!
It has happy endings every single show
(we are on the 2nd season)
They have a problem and solve it every episode.
This is about a Catholic family
and they show Catholic things just in the normal every day life,
like eating a meal together every week as a family and praying before they eat.
(I do have one complaint, though, it bugs the crap out of me that
they do not pray the prayer before meals right.  I mean, if you are going to
make them a Catholic family and put it in there on purpose, get it right)
Tom Selleck
I love seeing him in the "Dad" role.
I wanted to see what he was doing now and if he was actually Catholic in real life.
I found out that he likes playing a role in a family that shows their faith.
(his soul is drawn to that holiness, the soul knows, I tell you, the soul knows)
 he said that he is not "religious" himself.
Since there was a "but" there,
let's all pray for him, OK?
 My kids are loving this show.
Yes, it's corney.
Yes, if there is a woman in the show, he will kiss her.
But it's clean and good!

 My 2 oldest girls are loving Doctor Who.
I think it's so stupid.

Oh, how I loved this movie!
We saw this a couple weeks ago, while our home had an open house.
It's out of the theaters now.
This one is a buying one.
As in, we have to own this one.
I won't tell you what she says at the end to her stepmother,
but it's beautiful. And probably my favorite part.
Well, the dance with the Prince has to be my favorite too...
it was really really good and flowy and it just made you want to be a princess.
Like we all are.

And, I love how he takes her breath away when he touches her back,
when they start to dance...and continues to take her breath away.
There was one point where she took his away too...loved that.
I loved that they showed that.

You can actually watch it on Youtube HERE
(don't know how long that link will work though, because I don't think
they are supposed to do that) 

I'll leave you with my new favorite song.
I think Steven Tyler looks really good and healthy
and I love the words to this.
You can see him HERE
Now if you've seen any of these, let me know your opinion!!


  1. We just watched " And So it goes" yesterday. I agree, it was just ok. We fast forwarded the bedroom scene. Blah, I hate those scenes, I feel like I'm a pervert or something. But, it was not a horrible movie either. Ended nicely but sort of predictable. Poor Diane Keaten, she's stuck playing the same role in every movie!

    Dr.Who? I used to love that show as a kid! Actually, my older brother loved it and so I pretended I loved it too, because I wanted to like something that he liked. :-) But then, I actually did like it. But then I grew out of it, and here it's all popular again. My friends thought I was such a nerd for liking Dr.Who!

    I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but you MUST watch "Gifted Hands" if you haven't already! Very, very, good movie and clean! Plus, it's a true story! I really enjoyed it and Cuba Gooding Jr did such a good job in it!

    Ok, that was fun! Gotta go to bed now!

    1. I actually thought And So it Goes was pretty good...just embarrassed to say so! Ha!
      I didn't fast forward...they didn't show much anyway, I knew they wouldn't with such famous actors...I thought the same thing about Diane Keaton, not poor her, because she takes the roles, but that she always plays that kind of person...

      Gifted Hands? Going to look it up!! Thanks!

  2. This settles it: you are my movie twin. And now I have more films to watch based on your reviews :). I felt guilty too about kind of liking And So It Goes. We fast forwarded "the" scene and I kept trying to forget it had been there, but once I "knew" that, I had trouble unknowing it. Oh gosh sakes indeed - do movies HAVE to be like that?!!

    I really liked The Identical. Did you know Elvis actually had a twin who died at birth? So I kept thinking of it more as a "this really COULD have happened this way" story.

    Haven't seen Cinderella yet and am itching to. Always liked MacGyver. Tried Dr. Who but just couldn't get into it .. I actually lose concentration and daydream through it (but I daydream through action movies too). And I have the same gripe about the before meals grace in Blue Bloods. Which is the EXACT same incorrect wording that was used in the TV show "American Dreams" 10-11 years ago, and that happened to have one of the same actors (Will Estes). Interesting!

    Now I have a few more movies to look up, thanks to you. O boy O boy!

    1. This made me laugh!! The "And So It Goes" part....And NO movies do not HAVE to be like that!!

      I think I knew that a long time ago about Elvis...glad I didn't for this movie, would have bugged me even more...I just wonder why they did it that way. The girls were really disappointed he didn't get to meet his brother. It still ended good...so I was happy! :)

      Love that you didn't like Dr Who either..
      We can't be the only ones that the prayer before meals is wrong in Blue Bloods, right? You'd think they'd change that. Is Will Estes the man that plays Jamie? I'm going to look him up. If so, he's the only one that actually makes the sign of the cross correctly. Funny...I notice those little things. Gotta look up "American Dreams" too...

      Glad we are movie twins!

    2. I don't remember who Estes plays in Blue Bloods, as I've only seen the first 2 episodes so far. Will Estes played a young man named JJ Pryor on American Dreams. I liked the first season of that series (although it had a few really "aggravating" story lines) because I, being 125 years old, remember the late 60s. It was centered around a Catholic high school girl who danced on "American Bandstand" in that era, and I loved the authentic way they did the clothes and "feel" and music (Simon and Garfunkel, Beach Boys... groups your parents listened to :) ) of that time. Why the Catholic grace wasn't also authentic - well, that's a puzzlement!

    3. At the risk of taking up this entire comment box, I want to add that, now that I think about it, there were a number of stories in American Dreams that were super-ANNOYING. I also don't think they portrayed Catholicism well at all. Just wanted to add that I am NOT recommending it, overall.

    4. OK, I better not watch American Dreams..I think it would bug me too much...some of those things anyway.

      AND you are NOT 125 years old!! I actually remember my parents listening to those groups...and have good memories because of it..maybe I would like the show for the music!
      Might have to at least check it out a little....

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Maggie! Yours are always awesome too!

  4. I am writing these all down. Hope to get some good ideas from comments also!!

    A Good Lie ...I HATED IT!!! The beginning started out interesting but then it seems like Reese W. was such a dork...just threw those men in an apt and just left! I thought it could have been so funny learning about running water and lights and different things with our culture...but there was no funny. FUNNY how some like a movie and some dont.

    Cinderella was good but I still love Ever After with Drew Barrymore and Angelica Houston best. I remember what she said to her stepmother at the end!!! emotional. But...I think I would be more like Drew Barrymore and send my stepmom to the washing room to clean like the maids.

    Thanks for the reviews...they are awesome!

    (miss you)

    1. OK, The Good Lie was a true story...so hate away. It was how it was. :) It was not funny, I thought it was sad. And what about the sacrifice he made at the end for his brother...Oh, powerful....so powerful. The "good lie" came full circle at that point.

      Reece's character was someone who did not care at all...but then did...she was just the job placement person. I thought it is a good reminder to us to look more closely at people, and see what they need. (instead of our own agenda or just doing the bare minimum for others)

      I really liked Ever After, but thought this was WAY better....Ever After had an agenda to make Cinderella more independent and strong in a women's "I don't need a man" way....I loved that this new Cinderella stayed true to the story, they made her strong in her kindness. What was the line...."Be kind and have courage" (or the other way around...can't remember)

      Another favorite part of the new Cinderella was how he took away her breath when he put his hand behind her back to dance....loved that...

      I think we are usually opposite on movie reviews...we should do a together post on movies!! Wouldn't that be fun, showing opposite opinions?

      Miss you too!! Is school done for your kids yet?

    2. I cannot do reviews because I use words like HATE...ha... I read a very similar story about a story like this and it was amazing. So my hopes were so high that this movie would be so good...but the book is always better. What I did LOVE about the movie was the bible, the names of the children, the sacrifice,...sorry but I fell asleep and didn't see the end...isn't that just terrible and then I slam on it and I didn't even see the whole thing!! see..I would make a horrible movie review person!

      Kids are out of school. Went to the library today and got 83 books! And hit some garage sales. Pretty comical because there was no room for anything.

      My house is a mess. I don't like to clean or do anything with kids around!

      Going to a wake on Friday. Remember Luci...I was good friends with her in high school...her brother, 50yrs old, passed away. I will go with Carol.

      Back to the movies...Cinderella ..I did so love the courage and kindness and it was just so sweet...something Ava could watch with me. I just loved Angelica Houston as the step-mom...she was perfect. I did think the fairy god-mother was just a little too ditzy. Not sure why they made her like that.

      Went to the eye dr. yesterday...glasses for my ol'eyes!! Do you have glasses yet???

    3. No glasses yet....remember you are much much older than me! Ha! (just 1 1/2 years folks!)
      I have "reading glasses" I use when I read a lot...which is not much. You can get t hose cheap at Wal-mart or anywhere...

      Oh, I bet that funeral will be hard for Carol...didn't she lose a brother too? Praayers for your friends...

      We are stagnet...everything is packed away and there's nothing to do...it's rainy and cold and HUMID. Just want to sell, so we can get on with our lives!

      St Joseph is having (Pleasant Acres) is having their garage sales tomorrow and Sat morning!

      Let's talk soon hon!

  5. I was wondering if the Cinderella movie is appropriate for my five year old? Does she show cleavage in the movie like she does on the cover? I usually watch everything first, before the kids do anyway, but was just curious. Lucia hasn't even seen the animated Cinderella yet. My kids get scared really easily!

    1. Kari, actually I only remember the fairy godmother having way too much cleavage and breast showing..very very tight dress...I found the video on Youtube, but it will probably be gone soon, as they don't usually let people copy things like that, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCrZWWIyDmg

      I don't think anything was too scarey...My 3 and 5 year olds were with us! Maybe when the mice turn into horses...stuff like that....You check out that Youtube thing and decide.

      Start with the cartoon though....if you haven't seen the cartoon version do that, nothing scarey or bad in that!

  6. As a fellow member of the Whovian fandom, I must defend the fandom! Hahahaha :p Dr. Who is definitely for VERY nerdy people (Like Rose *cough cough*) Some people like it, some people don't, but if you don't think that you do like it, just watch season 5.... trust me, it's AWESOME :) I think that you would probably like it :D

    1. Ha! Thanks Miriam...I did say the girls love it! I just might have to check out season 5 (just because you said so...but Katherine says that season 6 is better!)

  7. Great reviews. If you get a chance, look for "The Cokeville Miracle" on netflix in a few weeks. It is out in theaters here now. Hubby and I are going to go see it today or Monday - true story - very Christian. I've heard good things and will let you know, but I think you will like it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these movies. I am always looking for good "upbeat" things to watch.

    1. I'm going to look it up now, I think we can get on a "wait list"! Thanks! Haven't heard of it..wonder if it's in the theaters here?

  8. Thanks for the great reviews, as always. I've been trying to get back here all week, but we had a grad party yesterday! Whew!

    I agree about And So it Goes. I liked it, but does Diane Keaton have to sleep with someone in EVERY movie she's in? Can she just say "no thanks!"?

    And I am really enjoying Blue Bloods as I come from a family of police officers. My dad, my uncle, two first cousins, and two brothers who were Marines. It feels very familiar. And it's great seeing their faith on TV. Your comment about the dinner prayer is funny because when I met my husband his family said a slightly different prayer than we do. It's close, but a few different words, so I guess everyone doesn't say the exact same prayer. I was disappointed, however when the priest didn't have him make his Act of Contrition after confession!

    Thanks again. I added a few more movies to my queue.

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