Sunday, August 9, 2015

Far From the Madding Crowd

 I watched this last night.
Tom brought it home from the video store and thought I'd like it.
I'd never heard of it.
It was originally a novel by Thomas Hardy.
It will be available in DVD via Netflix September 1st.
I was pleasantly surprised, as I thought it was not going to be good!
I would not rank it up there with the 2005's Pride and Predjudice,
yet, it's very close!
I just might have to watch it again before Tom returns it to the video store!
Bathsheba Everdene is played by Carey Mulligan.
I like how they showed her character as a naïve, yet strong woman
with dreams that she knew she had, yet, had not really figured them out yet.
(isn't that the way it is for a lot of young people?)
Miss Everdene has 3 men pining for her attention and hand in marriage.
One gets it.
One gets dumped.
And one patiently waits.
The cinematography is amazing here, almost makes me want to visit England!

 Matthias Schoenaerts plays Gabriel Oak.
You will fall in love with his character.
He is such a gentleman.
I felt sorry for him waiting, loving her from the sidelines,
yet, it showed his unconditional love for her,
even if it meant he could only be friends with her.
How's that for a proposal?

 Michael Sheen plays the older, wealthy bachelor, William Boldwood.
His character, though, hopelessly in love with Miss Everdene,
remains a gentleman and makes you want to help him find another woman to love.
It will also make you kind of  mad at Bathsheba for leading him on so.
 And the third suitor, Sgt Francis "Frank" Troy, played by Tom Sturridge.
He's the reckless young love, that leaves you wondering why she fell in love with him
and what his actual motives really were. 
 I loved the scenery, the dresses and clothing designs for that era of time.
Like this dress, isn't it beautiful?
And her hair. 
I love her hair.
I love how Bathsheba digs right in and works her farm,
she's not afraid to get dirty and is stern, yet loving to her employees.

This scene.
I want to talk about his scene,
after you've seen it.
I don't want to give away any spoilers here
so maybe in the comments? 
There is so much I love about this scene.
It's the scene you've been waiting for.  
Carey Mulligan sings this beautiful song in the movie and you'll be
wanting her to sing more, it's so beautiful.
(don't worry, it's not a musical!)
PG-13 warning, it does have one part that I wish it didn't have.
One of the suitors grabs her over her dress and it happens
off guard and so quick, almost as if the director wanted
the viewer to feel how she felt or something.
It was the only time anything like that happened and it didn't happen again
or even escalate.
After she marries, there is a consummating the marriage scene,
to, I assume let you know they did, in fact, get married.
It is short and she is wearing undergarments and it shows nothing
except tender kissing.
There is another version of this movie on YouTube
 You can watch it in entirety
Has anyone seen this?
Would you like to discuss in the comments?


  1. This looks good! I havent seen it but will for sure because of the clothes. Wish we still dressed like that! sorta!

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing this!

  3. My husband and I saw it in the theater. I wasn't very excited because Hardy is frequently depressing, and as I watched a depressing Hardy movie with my mother when she was dying, he doesn't have very good memories. :-( BUT, we went because a. there was nothing else to see, and b. I was promised a happy ending. :-)

    I absolutely loved it, and my husband immediately read the book which is a lot longer as you might guess. Gabriel Oak is an awesome character with strength and perseverance of his name. I love that he has his values that he won't compromise for her, and he won't be around forever, so she has to get her act together. I need to rewatch it, and I wish there were more after that long-awaited scene!

    1. Funny (and sad) story...glad this brought happy to you!

      I agree, though, I wanted the scene to go on, I wanted another movie continuing what happened next. I wonder if he wrote anything.

      I'm assuming that the older version, (we watched it yesterday on Youtube) is more like the book--is that true? I did NOT care for how they portrayed Bethsheba. She was a brat. She was not nice to her employees...I had a hard time wondering why the men loved her.

      But in this newer version, the viewer likes her...she's likeable, just naïve and young.
      Do you agree with me on the part where Sgt Troy grabs her? Kind of shocking....surprising....
      ALSO, I love in the end scene how Gabriel does NOT ask her...he takes control. And she likes it. (finally) Like she secretly wants a take charge guy but wants to be in charge herself. Or appear to be in charge. There are so many levels on these characters...makes me want to read the book. (kind of)

      Did you send me a friend request? I think, I was like, "who is this?" and ignored it. In this context (blogs) I do know you...sorry...if it was you, I'll friend you...

  4. This looks good! I will have to check it out! I always enjoy your movie reviews :)


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