Thursday, August 27, 2015

We Have A New 6 Year Old!

My little Sweetie Pie is 6!!
I can't believe it.
It's actually hard to say, "She's 6"!
Why does that sound so old?
It means Kindergarten this year.
It means she knows how to ride a bicycle.

And she knows how to roller skate!
(in her pajamas!)
She's learning piano.
She's growing up right before my eyes.  
She learned how to ride a bike this summer
and ever since has wanted a "biking birthday".
We live on a hill, our driveway is a total hill.
I had no idea how to do a "biking birthday".
Then the Thursday before her birthday,
 (her b-day was Monday, the 24th)
I was sitting in my holy hour with Jesus,
I was not even thinking of this party, but it came to me.
(or Jesus told me, I think)
that we could meet at a parking lot,
she could invite all her friends and we'd bring cupcakes and lemonade.
Flatter me and tell me it looks like a bike tire. OK?
We met at our church parking lot!

Even though it was August, it was pretty darn chilly and really really windy!
Aren't they cute?
So windy, we decided to open gifts in the back of the van!
(I stole this picture from Christine!)
Anyone recognize this little sweet girl?
(she's my goddaughter)
 Christine's beautiful Ava! 
I had a pretty pink table cloth, but it was so windy,
there was no way we could get it to even lay down!
We also had a bunch of these orange cones for games and races, but they just blew away!
That's fine, the kids didn't mind at all!
There's a little playground next to the parking lot, so it worked out perfect!
This is my cousin's cutie pie, Samantha!
(she's a whole year younger than my 6 year old!)
Yes, I said YOUNGER!

We got these cute baskets, water bottles, gum and stickers to decorate it with!
Some bikes it worked on, 
Some, not so much.

All kiddos and any siblings were welcome to play and ride or whatever!
Sidewalk chalk time!
That's a lot of pink!
(the blue girl came later) 
She loved being sung to, look at the JOY, pure JOY on her face!!
And his concentration.
Eating messy cupcakes is serious business.
There's the blue girl!
I have to tell you a story about little Alice here.
She is a year and a half older than my little one here
and when I was pregnant with Sweetie Pie, Alice had the cutest little
head full of ringlet curls.
SO, I prayed for a girl with curls.
Well, she was born with only a little hair
 (my last 2 hardly had any hair compared to the others that had a TON)
She quickly lost her hair and then, around a year, new hair started coming in
I then, remembered how a year and a half before I prayed for her to have curls,
all because of Alice here! 
Us mamas got to visit!
(Christine and my cousin Kristin)

More mamas....and babies....

Teens got to visit
Simplest party ever.
Meet in a parking lot.
Eat cupcakes.

Time to put the candles on the bike tire cake!
It's always so much fun to put the candles on! 

Next week, another birthday
and the next week, 2 more!
Fun times!! 


  1. It totally looks like a bike tire!! What a great looking party. SUCH joy on her face... I am sitting here smiling at my computer screen!

  2. Looks like it was lots and lots of fun.

  3. Happy birthday Sweetie Pie! My oldest turns six in a couple weeks and my second just turned 5 yesterday. Wished we lived closer so they all could play together! The cake came out so cute :)

  4. What a great idea, looks fun! Great cake! Birthday blessings!!

  5. That is one great birthday! Those smiling faces are contagious! I smiled through the entire post.

  6. I was thinking after the party how much Bridget smiled. She didn't care about the weather and wind and coolish air. Just loved the day. I want to be more like that. More child-like and enjoy life vs. all the stuff that can really not make us smile. To be a kid again.

    Being an adult is so stressful!

    The idea was perfect. Kids had a blast riding bikes. Chalk. Playground. Cupcakes!

    Happy Birthday sweet sweet Sweetie-Pie! I do so love your curls. Jonah was the only one to have curls going all the way down his back. I cut them off when he was 3. Sad. He still has nice thick dark curly hair.

    Had a good time talking with the mamas!

  7. Can't believe she is already 6! Our oldest grandson turned 3 yesterday-it doesn't seem possible. So glad your Sweetie Pie had such a wonderful birthday!

  8. That was an amazing idea!
    Love the party!!!!
    And your baby girl...I insist on calling her that...because of course mine is right behind... Looked so happy!!!!!
    Good job, Mommy!!!!

  9. What a great birthday! She had a great idea for a bike party and Jesus helped it happen. I love that! Super idea on the bike tire cake. I totally see it. Very neat. Great photos filled with smiling sweeties and lots of pink. It looks perfect!

  10. I am completely jealous of the weather, as it has been around 100 here in Houston. Non the less your party looks like a blast. You are so creative. I am jealous.

  11. Ohhh, silly me. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday to your sweet baby! She did have the look of pure JOY on her face, didn't she?! It looks like it was a perfect day for her, wind and all :)


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