Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time Keeps Ticking

 I apologize for not blogging this past month.
August always comes and goes so fast
I catch myself wanting to slow down to enjoy it more
and at the same time trying to fit in as much as I can
before it ends!
In just the last week we've celebrated a new 11 year old's birthday,
 her birthday request:
to spend a day at a local small zoo with 2 friends and no one else (except me)
(meaning no other kids)
 We made our first carrot cake for her birthday together!
It sure was moist.
Recipe HERE
 Tom's birthday was yesterday!
Love how Sim's is looking at daddy here.
This is a picture of my world.
 48 years young!
He always wants PIE!
Today is my birthday!
I am blessed beyond measure.
I am more than happy.  
I really liked 45, but 46 it is I guess...

My first thought of this picture though, is "Wow, my boobs are big!"
 Look at us two old women figuring out our phones...
 Christine came by and gave me sparkly things and fresh tomatoes..she knows the way to my heart!
The day continued with several friends coming to was really nice!
 We also had a first day of school in there the last week...
We've got a:
10th grader
8th grader
5th grader
4th grader
Life is busy to say the least.
But Blessed.
"Orange you glad school started?"
We make these every year on the first day of school!
46 and loving life.
My name is not Randall.


  1. Hey Randall! (hee-hee!)
    So good to get an's hard to find the time, isn't it? Hoping that your school year is going well. We're getting into our school groove. Some days smoother than others, though! :-)
    With any luck, I'll get a post out there this week. Exciting things happening over here in Kraft-land! :-)

    1. Thank you Heather....can't wait til you post!

  2. Happy Birthday to our beautiful Blessed Mother, your husband, you, and Clare!
    Your children are adorable!

    Okay, I have two questions:
    1) Which of your children is most like you in personality? Just wondering!
    I know I never met you, but you are always so joyful and so is your youngest girl in her pictures I've noticed.

    2) What is the necklace you wear around your neck?
    Is it the miraculous medal?

    Jamie, you do not look 46 at all - I don't see one gray hair on you!
    I just turned 49 and my hair is now salt and pepper. Since it has turned more gray, the texture is changing to more coarse and more curly - my hair is WILD! I have no idea how to take care of curly hair. Right now I'm trying argan oil.

    Again, happy birthday to one of my favorite Catholic Mamas and friends - hope someday we can meet in person! Maybe in AZ?

    You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers!

    1. Thank you Maria Therese!

      1) OH gosh, they all seem to take a little of all my bad characteristics.....and a little of my good ones...they are all SO different. I'd like to say I'm most like my 11 year old because she's thoughtful and helpful and so kind and practical, and most like my oldest daughter because she's a fighter....and most like my oldest son, because he's so sensitive and smart, and most like my 9 year old because she's so loving and playful....and yes, my youngest daughter is always joyful...except when she's not, then she's really really whiney. (I don't think I whine!) Sims is just fun...and smart....

      I don't know, not so easy to answer.

      2) I can answer this one easy! It's a Miraculous Medal and I've had it for over 20 years, it's been blessed in Medjujorje and at Marian Conferences....I always wear it. I have a long silver one that I wear with some outfits, but always the Miraculous Medal. (and a scapular)

      I, too, hope to meet someday! Yes in AZ!!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday my beautiful friend!!!!!

    1. OH, thank you Billie Jo, you are next my beautiful friend!!

  4. Happy birthday, Jamie Jo! You look so pretty in those pictures.
    So, we are loving your 7-Up and frozen strawberry drink here and now we're going to be making those orange drinks. They look yummy, too.

    1. Well these drinks are not as healthy with the ice cream! But fun for the kids!

      Thank you!!

  5. Happy Birthday to you, your husband and your daughter!

  6. Happy birthday!
    I love your pictures of your life and happiness in the family's faces.
    The picture of your son loving looking at his dad is precious!

    1. Thank you! I Know, isn't it just melt your heart?

  7. Like Mary said...all the happy faces! That is what I see through this post. Lots of smiles. Happy Birthday to the youngster and all the oldsters!HA

    Thanks for letting me come. Was good to see you! I loved looking at your flowers. They are so pretty!

    1. It was great to see you!

      Although, while there were people in the kitchen, Katherine got 9 wrong on her first page of math...after we went outside, she finished the 2nd page she got none fault. I should have had her go downstairs or we should have gone outside right away!

      I ended up getting 3 more big pots of beautiful flowers (mums!)

      Thank you again for coming and the wonderful presents...I've been using the RED sparkly pen for correcting! The kids call my red pens "Mom's blood red pens" !!

  8. Great, joy-filled post. You are so blessed with a wonderful family. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the coming week.

  9. Now that I'm off of FB, I never know when you blog. Guess I'll have to check in more often.

    Tell Christine I have that same book! It's so good! Hope she likes it too!

    My first thought of that picture was how pretty your hair looked! I was not looking at your boobs until you went and mentioned them, lol!
    Hey--you need to go see the movie "War Room". Best movie ever!!! And then you must do a movie review! Ok, hitting the sack, I'm sounding upbeat here but I'm actually sick with a bad head cold...

    1. I"m not going to tell Christine, because it's MY book!!! Hahahahah!!

      She's borrowing it for the first chapter, because she does not order things online. We are reading it for our book club! :)

      Go see a movie? GO? That's a rare thing, but so glad War Room was good! "Best movie ever" is a huge statement!

      Thank you for alerting me to watch "Gifted Hands" The Ben Carson story...watched it before I knew he was running for president! I'd love him to win.

      Hope you are feeling better!

  10. You are always such a bright star in the bloggy world! Happy birthday to the three of you! Since I've turned 46, I'm feeling wiser, as in when to stay silent, when to really enjoy, how to show more compassion, when to listen more, when to reach out and not be so "busy". You are going to LOVE 46!

    1. BTW, the whole boob thing? I've been looking at my twins the same way lately ;)

    2. You are so sweet Patty! I'm glad 46 is the wise stage...I need some wisdom! :)

      That silent thing, I need to learn that one. Sometimes I do it (keep silent) but sometimes....


  11. Hey Jamie.
    Needless to say, cute pics like always. It's so nice to see fresh smiles of your family... all happy and hunky-dory.. Your new 11-year-old looks stunning. I know I am late, but I want to wish her a very happy birthday.. May God bless your sweet family .. Keep spreading the smiles.. Love, Manju

  12. Awwww... Abd it was yours and Tom birthday too!!! Happy birthday you guys! Stay blessed! xxx

    1. Thank you Manju!! How are you pretty woman? Gosh, so good to hear from you!

  13. My sister-in-law was reading your blog and saw the pictures with Christine holding my book in her arm. Pretty cool! Happy belated birthday. I'll be 48 next week.

    1. Oh, my goodness!! Thank you for commenting! We are really enjoying your book in our book club! Happy birthday to you Connie, God bless you!


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