Monday, November 9, 2015

Movie Reviews!

 Most of these goodies are family movies!!
It's so awesome when we can all snuggle up in the living room
and enjoy a movie together!
(Key word: together)
Max is a story about a Marine dog, whose owner/trainer/soldier
dies.  He is then sent home and ends up living with his trainer's little brother.
(who is slightly troubled)
 We watched this movie this past Saturday.
Another awesome movie for the whole family!
(it is listed PG-13 for WWII talk, "Japs" and some bullying)
We let all our kids watch.
I laughed, I cried  (a lot)
and I loved it.
Such redemptive quality in this movie!
 We rented this movie!
I loved it!
My family think that I have 2 of those blue people in my head,
because I always cry in movies.
I tell them, it's a gift.
(and that they are totally insensitive and un-feeling)
Without Sadness, you cannot have Happy.
Some people have reviewed this movie to be more for adults,
in its themes, but my kids loved it and got it.
Awesome movie!
 I finally watched this one.
The kids saw it a long time ago.
I finally sat down and held my littles though and watched it.
We'd been reading the book that week,
so I wanted to see what the movie was like.
The movie is only a little like the book.
I loved this movie also!
 This movie is more for pre-teen, teenagers and people like me.
I really liked this movie.
It's about a girl that loses her father and the struggles that follow.
Good movie!
We watched this via Netflix streaming.

 Tom and I started watching this show and we are really liking it!
I like that there is a little humor in it, and Tom likes that it's not quirky humor.
We started watching Crossing Jordan, and didn't really like it much,
this show's main character "Bones"
is totally the opposite as Jordan, in Crossing Jordan.
Bones= Thumbs up!
I am watching this show!
I'm really loving this one.
I first saw this Australian actor, Simon Baker, in The Guardian
and loved him in that, so wanted to see him in others.
His character is flawed and struggling, yet much happier than the character he
played in The Guardian.
I give this one, so far, a thumbs up! 
There you go, you winter lovers, grab a blanket,
some popcorn, hot cocoa and snuggle up! 


  1. Yay! I LOVE your movie reviews. Since I seem to be "people like you" when it comes to movies, I'll give Tiger Eyes a try! :)

  2. Great reviews! I don't have much time to watch movies, but I do appreciate knowing which ones will be good ones! Hope all is going well.

  3. I really want to see Little Boy! We went to see "The Martian" in the theaters because all 3 kids read the book. It was ok. I could have waited to see that one at home. But I am reading the book and, of course, the book is better.

  4. I'm with Christine--Little Boy looks wonderful! I think I'll start there and will keep you posted. Love your reviews!


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