Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some Reviews!

 OK, this part is not a "review" but an observation.  About myself.
I realized that I like love pizza.
I love any kind of pizza. (as in any brand name not any topping)
I like frozen, take out, any kind.
I like it cold, I like it hot.
I like the little bits my kids don't eat.
I like the crusts.
I like thin crust, I like thick crust.
I like deep dish.
Which brings me to my first "review"!
I'm on Weight Watchers again.
I love this program.
can eat pizza on this program, but not much.
It sure shows how much we over-eat that's for sure!
This mascara!
It's the best!
I have been trying to find a new washable waterproof mascara
for over a year now and finally found one!
I love this stuff!
I, of course, buy the light side stuff, but it's OK if you like the dark side!
it doesn't clump, it washes off easy and looks amazing. 
 Nice transition into movie reviews, huh?
Have you seen the new Star Wars movie yet?
When is long enough to wait to actually talk about it?
It was SO GOOD!!
I loved so many things about it.
I loved how they joined the old with the new.
I loved how classy Princess Leia was.
Carrie Fisher really has grown old-er gracefully, don't you think?
I mean, she is older, and I love that she looks like that.
There is such a beauty in aging.
Seriously, how much of Christie Brinkley is actually Christie Brinkley?

Then, there's Harrison Ford.
Good ol' Han Solo, he still has his corny lines.

Everyone clapped when he was shown, as they did
with C-3PO and Chewy and R2-D2
I cried in this movie.
In this part.
It was a good cry.
It's good to cry.
Go. See the movie!
Then, maybe we can talk about it!
(this movie is still in the theaters)
 Onto Netflix movies!
(sorry for the blurry image)
This one was really really good!
I watched 3 times!
It is a French movie, so there are subtitles,
but there is not a lot of talking, because it's about a blind/deaf girl.
Think Helen Keller, only a newer movie, about a nun that teaches her!
 They did a really good job with portraying the sisters and the Church.
This is based on a true story.
This is a great movie for the whole family!
(well the ones that can read)
This is another movie about deaf people!
I also loved this one!
This one was not based on a true story though.
They did a good job of portraying deaf people and some of the things they go through.
It was a little corny, but cute.
Great for the whole family!
We watched this one last night!
I loved this one.
Good, also for the whole family!
This one we had to rent.
(it's not on Netflix)
You can order it via Netflix though, through the mail.
I loved this movie!
I love finding good, clean, family-friendly movies!
This is not one of those movies.
I really liked this movie though.
It is for adults.
It's about 3 teens struggling with some severe mental issues.
The adults in this movie are very flawed, and I love movies about flawed people!
(as long as there is progress shown)
And there is.
Thumbs up!
(on Netflix)
Oh, my gosh!!
Upon some prompting from a friend that told me
she was sure I'd love this, I finally started watching it!
(via Netflix)
(thank you Kelly!)
I was sick for over a week, up all night coughing and have watched the whole dang thing now!!
2 seasons so far on Netflix and I thought it would last me a couple months at least!
He's the bad guy you hate to love.
Or is he?
And do you hate loving him?
I think not.
is he really a bad guy?
And dang it, is he really her father?
"I am your father"
(deep booming voice)
Oops.  Wrong movie...we're already done with Star Wars.
Back to The Blacklist. 
I can't wait for the next season to be on Netflix!
Thumbs up!
(adult show)
I'm still watching The Mentalist and loving it.
I'm towards the end of season 2 now.
Thumbs up on this one!
Light-hearted, not corny, yet serious enough to be a drama.
Tom and I watched this one the other night.
We rented it.
This one I liked, Tom didn't really.
I loved a lot of it, most of it, really.
But, as with most movies, there were some parts, that, you know, make it a little
harder for me to give it a total thumbs up for.
Like his love interest....why do they have to insinuate that they slept together?
And a few little things like that.
Other than that, really, I liked the rest, it was pretty good!
How's that for a wishy-washy review?
OK, onto music!
This is one of my new favorites!
Somehow, my daughter's One Direction CD got onto my iPod list
I love it!
(I know, I'm weird)
I like all the songs, but this one is my favorite.
My daughter was also listening to my music with me the other day
and when this song came on,
She said, "Of course you would like him! Charlie Poop!!"
I was like, "What?"
I love this song.
He's a kid.  A talented kid.
And I guess kids make fun of his name.
At least mine do.
Charlie Puth
I tend to like male singers more often than females.
I do like females, but not many compared to the male voice.
I like men.
My whole family teases me because of my male singer preference.
Here's another.
I heard it the other day on the radio
and found out it's actually an older song:
This is a great walking-on-the-treadmill song!
Yes, I read too!
This book is not out yet, but, I'm looking forward to ordering it!
I am reading this book right now.
It's really good.
I'm also reading this awesome book!
My priest suggested this book for me to read during lent
(I couldn't wait)
It's a "Can't put down" book!
That should keep you busy for a while!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thankful Christmas!

Thankful my youngest ones are still little.
It's so wonderful having little ones at Christmas time!
Everything is new again!
(trying different settings on my camera)
After the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass,
we come home to a special Christmas meal, (complete with a birthday cake for Jesus)
Pictures by the tree and gift opening!
Recently my cousin brought it to my attention
what a mutual friend thought about Christmas;
that it is funny how everyone gets gifts except the Person whose birthday it is.
I told her we bake a birthday cake for Jesus, put on a candle for each of us,
and sing "Happy Birthday!"
She seemed surprised by this.
So upon further thought,
I wished I'd remembered all the things we do all of Advent.
All the things we do to prepare our hearts for Jesus.
We draw names and become secret "Advent Angels" for each other and
do nice things for our secret person.
We pray for our secret person all during Advent.
We look for acts of charity we can do for other people all during Advent
We do extra prayers while lighting the Advent candle.
We do the "Jesse Tree" which is daily readings
showing the lineage of Jesus starting with the creation of time
and going all the way up to His birth.
We read a ton of books all about Jesus and the reason for the season!
You see, our season, our Christmas, is all about Jesus.
We give gifts because God gave us the biggest gift ever.
He gave us His Son.
I wished I'd thought of this immediately when talking to my cousin.
I think I was assuming that everyone did these things.
I put myself in a bubble with like-minded people,
with people that make Advent and Christmas about Jesus.
I realized through this conversation though, that a lot of people
do not know how to do it.
They've never seen it done. 

Guess I should blog more.
It reminds me to open the conversations,
 it's the only way to spread the LOVE of Christmas.
Trying to get "selfies" with my middles
It's not working.....that's a wide forehead you have there....
OK best we got!
Thankful for these middles, gosh they are so  much fun! 

Thankful for my oldest son, yes, he's taller than me! 
Thankful for my oldest daughter....
Thankful for my bookend boys

Thankful at least we have fun memories (OK, not so fun)
trying to get good pics by the tree....
OH, my....
Thankful for daddy and his boys
Thankful for daddy and his girls
Thankful for this man, the love of my life! 
Thankful for all God's blessings....
He was so particular when opening....everything was new and exciting.
SO cute!
Onto Christmas at my parent's home
Yes, it's freezing in this picture.
I'm mean that way.
It's kind of cute, though, isn't it?
OH, I wasn't wearing a coat either....
Thankful for times with cousins

Thankful for my 1 year-younger-brother, John and his family
They just adopted 2 girls last weekend ages almost-5 and 10!

Thankful for my little sister Brenna
Thankful for my little brother Jordan and his wife Sarah
Thankful for my parents
(total dad face there)
He is incapable of smiling normal.
Onto my Grandma's Christmas
Thankful for my 93 year old Beautiful grandma!
(my dad's mom)
Thankful for fun visiting with my cousins!
I only got one picture of a cousin and it was my cousin Kristin!
(we have like almost 50 cousins and 60 some great cousins and even some great great I think!)
My dad's little sister and my mom's brother
They are married!
Cute, huh?
My siblings and I.
Why oh, why did I think I actually looked good in this outfit?
Oh, my gosh.
Not wearing it again.
I look like a COW.
 Another Christmas with my husband's side of the family at our home!
I was hosting, so there are not as many pictures....
Thankful I got this one of Grandma (tom's mom)
 Thankful for fun times laughing and giggling with cousins
 (that's fudge he's hiding behind)
Jammie time!
Thankful for our Christmas picture wall!
Thankful it's all over!!
It was a wonderful Christmas
I am so very Thankful we were here this year to celebrate with everyone!
Now, we are all sick....
And it's really really cold outside!
God bless Everyone!


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