Monday, January 11, 2016

Thankful December

Hi everyone!
What better way to catch you up on our life, than a "Thankful" post?
December started really mild here in Minnesota.
No snow until almost Christmas.
Our house is down the hill behind the kiddos.
Thankful for a mild December
 Thankful for rolling down big hills
(who needs snow for sledding?)
You know you want to roll too!
See that line of houses? 
 Our home is on the right side of the last house on the right.
Thankful for all these beautiful hills behind our home!
 Thankful for some beautiful winter sunsets.
And our view from the porch.
(it's not quite warm enough to sit and relax on the porch though)
Thankful for annual Christmas cookie baking with our good friends!
This is Melissa.
Isn't she beautiful?
Her personality makes her that much more beautiful!

We used to live next door to Nicki and Melissa
I think we've been Christmas-cookie-baking for like 13 years now
Melissa used to babysit our kiddos
Nicki is on her journey to becoming Catholic!
Exciting isn't it?

This year, we had an extra person, her fiancé, Jacob!
Thankful he came along for the day!
I think I kept the questions under 20.
He passed.


Yes, there was flour everywhere.
That's OK

The "S" masterpiece!

This cookie has something to do with Dr Who....

Nicki is Simeon's godmother (awwwwww!)
Thankful Guadete Sunday caught us in our pink! 
Thankful for my cutest helpers!

Thankful Tom and I celebrated our 19th Anniversary!
I love this man so much! 
Thankful this little boy turned 4.
Yes.  My baby is 4.
Which technically means he's not really a baby at all anymore.
At least not to you.
He always will be to me.
It was a Christmas tree themed party!
4 year olds come up with the best themes!

Trying to snuggle my baby and there's always someone trying to get in on the fun!
 Thankful for these chocolate Advent calendars
I kind of miss them waking up asking for candy every single morning.
But, it is fun and it is a good memory
(and the candy is tiny)

Thankful for special Christmas visits from friends!
You know these sweet ladies, don't you?
Christine!  When are you going to blog again?
I can't link you!

My sweet goddaughter
Thankful for hot cocoa time with cousins in cute piggy tails!
(my cousin's sweet daughter)
Hi Samantha!  
Thankful for special time with my sister
(we watched one of the old Star Wars movies)
Which reminds me....I've got some reviews coming up!
Thankful for amazing winter sunsets.
Taken from the inside warmth of my home.
Baby, it's cold outside!
Yes, we have snow now.

Thankful, because the kids LOVE it!

If you are still here, that was my December Thankful's
I'll have Christmas ones soon. 

Thankful December is over and we are one month closer to spring!



  1. Jaime! Love all the pictures! Thank you so much for sharing - your kiddos are getting so big!

    Happy 4th Birthday to Simon and Happy 19th Anniversary to you and your husband! Nice to see photos of your neighbors, sister, the Hubby, Christine, and her adorable little girl too!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas photo card - love getting snail mail from you! I hung up your photo card on my fridge as a reminder to pray for you and your family!

    Maria In Mass

    1. Thank you Maria!! Happy new year to you too!!

      Thank you so much for your beautiful you!!

  2. Hi Jamie Jo! What a fun December! I can't believe how big your kids are now. Have I been reading your blog that long??? Wow, time flies. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    1. Happy New year to you too Deb! Isn't it funny how time seems to fly in other people's lives? Christmas photos do make it seem like the kids are all of a sudden grown up!

  3. Well here you are!!!!'
    Loved sharing these wonderful family moments with you and your sweet family!
    Happy birthday to,your baby. And baby he is.
    Flynn is still a baby...and she's six!
    Tell Christine to come back!!!!!!!

    1. I've told her...she will again someday!

      Yes, he'll always be my baby. I know why those babies of the family have special places now in their mama's hearts.....

  4. Yay! You're back! Great to see you and all of those happy faces.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Kathleen! Hoping to blog a little more...I miss everyone!

  5. I always enjoy your thankful posts!

  6. Love sering all your photos and thankfulness. Looking at the snow is great too. We have temps in the 100's this week.

  7. I love your thankfuls. :) I loved having a milder first half of winter. Snow and cold have hit but it doesn't seem so awful this year.

    Everyone looked like they had a great time making cookies. I like your angel cookie cutter. And the Star Wars apron! I love it!

    4 year olds... the best. My 4 year old "baby" told me she "doesn't want to get bigger" but next year for her birthday she wants it to be a glow in the dark one.

    And I have to ask, what is the height difference between you and Tom? I don't think I have ever seen one of you two standing side-by-side.

    1. Laughed outloud when I read "Glow in the dark" birthday!! 4 year olds are the best!! How fun! Evening birthday it is! :)

      Tom's mom made us 2 Star Wars aprons a long long time adult one (for Tom, but I use it, he NEVER cooks) and one child size one!

      Tom is 6 ft 6 inches.....I am one foot shorter. I am almost 5.6
      How about you two? There's a big difference between you and your hubby too, right?

    2. Adam grills but rarely cooks - only if necessary and it's "easy." We have a big height difference! I'm 5'4" and Adam is 6'8"!

    3. Never met anyone taller than Tom!! Wow...where do you get clothes for him? Our problem (and I"m sure yours too) is he's tall but not BIG and Tall is not necessarily the best....just tall.

    4. Yes, exactly! Isn't that annoying? Shoes... he wears forever but we order online (and before online, catalog), though I do see 15's starting to crop up in places. Pants are tricky. The place where I can find at least one pair to try on is JCPenny. A few years ago I ordered from Old Navy (or Gap? sister sites, I always forget) - he liked the sweats, hated the jeans because they fit tighter in the thigh and low in the waist, like how women jeans do. Shirts - JCPenny or Meijer (which I don't think is in your area) is good. Our choices are limited here. There is an actual big and tall store near the shopping area but Adam hasn't needed anything new since we moved a few years ago other than socks. He needs pants so maybe I can get him to check it out. :) I really want to get him good Carhartts or a snowsuit that'll fit him. Do you have recommendation for that?

  8. Hi Jamie Jo! so much here...Simeon is 4. How did that happen so fast?! Your oldest two seem to be really grown up all of a sudden, too. Beautiful picture of you and your sis :) And how did you get those Advent calendars attached to your cabinet doors?

    1. Oh, my....I used that packing tape, I wouldn't put that on a wall, but it doesn't hurt the wood and it doesn't come off! (your husband might not let you do that, being a cabinet guy and all!)

      I hate the mess of them laying around so I've been taping them up like that for years now! (and I'm glad they are off now! Looks much cleaner~)


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