Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Please Help if You Can!

 This is my friend Karla, and her family.
(her husband Ted, children Max, Cheyenne and Josy)
I met her many years when we started homeschooling.
She's a spitfire, full of energy, compassion and most important LOVE!
Her and her family are on a fast track adoption process
to adopt 2 brothers from China.
The boys are ages 13 and 10.
They first lost their mother in a car accident and then soon after lost their father
who died from heart failure. (This just happened 2 1/2 years ago)
The adoption is fast tracked because the 13 year old will
be "aged out" of the system in less than a month, when he turns 14.
That means he will be separated from his little brother and only family he has.
He will never be able to be adopted.
He will never have the chance to have a forever family after that.
Aren't they cute?
Oh, the pain they've been through, breaks my heart.
Look into their eyes.
So much tragedy in their short years. 

Look at him, he's just a kid. 
He's only 13.  Even in a few weeks when he turns 14, he'll still be just a kid.
I have a child almost 14. 
I cannot imagine her on her own, with no one to love her.
With no family.
Can you?
He's just a kid!
First, I'm going to ask you to please pray for this family, pray for these boys.
Prayer is powerful!
I truly believe that God picked these boys for my friend Karla and her family
from the beginning of time.
He knew they would love them and do whatever it took to get them the help
they need and He knew they would LOVE them.
All children of the world are God's children.
All need to be loved and to have a family.
2nd, if there is any way you could donate money to my friend to help bring their boys home.
 I know my friend and her family would be eternally grateful and never forget you in their prayers.
Let's help there be "Two Less Orphans" in the world.
Their Go Fund Me page is
Banks do not give loans for adopting parents.
They need a lot more money if this is going to happen.
Karla's blog about the adoption is
Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and
 hopefully, pray for this family.
(and donate if you feel moved to do so)
God bless you.
I hope to update with GOOD news in a couple short weeks!


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