Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thankful February!

 Thankful on February 1st, we left for Texas!!
Backpacks and suitcases packed!
 Watching the airplanes
Thankful for the Beach house we are staying in!
Last year, we stayed in a condo....boy this year has been so much better in a house!
We have room to move around, room to have privacy, and it's just better to have a house!
(especially with 6 kids)
Thankful for our car rentals!
I haven't driven a car since before children!
(that's 16 years)
I'm loving this cool little car!
(we had to rent 2 cars to fit us all)
Thankful we are just a block from the beach and can head out there every day!

 Cutest little bird feeder. Ever.
 Thankful for hole digging
and shell finding.

 Thankful for Texas Grapefruit!!
It is SO good!!
(sweet and juicy!)

 Thankful our beach house has a high lock
 It makes having a heated saltwater pool, worry-free!
(the hot tub is not on, he thinks it's his own little pool)

Thankful we still have hot cocoa!
(little kiddos get cold after the pool!)

 Thankful for sunrises
 and my sunrise walking partner!
(and our tag-alongs!)

 Thankful for freckles on girls....
 Thankful for sunsets

Thankful for sun-kissed kiddos!

 Her masterpiece!
She worked for 2 hours making this one!

 Thankful for games on our porch!
(you know I love porches!)

 The kids love the porch too!

Thankful to see my kids be so care-free!
This is my favorite video!

 Thankful to be able to see my kids love each other so much.
Thankful for my in-laws that made this trip possible.
Thankful to be able to feel God's Love and Peace within our hearts,
and to see His beauty and goodness down here on South Padre Island!


  1. Looks like you're all having a wonderful time! We've hardly had any winter this year, so I know the weather's been good for fun on the beach. So happy you've been able to come back to Texas this year!

    1. Oh, yes, the weather has been amazing!! This year, we've had almost every day sunny and almost every day close to 70 or above! Yes, I get that saying "My heart belongs to Texas"

  2. Wonderful! Your beach house looks IDEAL!!

    1. It is....so much better than a condo!
      Cheaper too! :)

  3. I've been wondering where my Jamie is!!!!
    How amazingly wonderful for you all!
    You know what I love most?
    All of you all together in that beach house.
    Just you and your people.

    1. Yes!! We're here. On the beach!
      I love what you love most too...all of us together, with no place to go, you know, no appointments, no piano lessons or anything to run to....Oh, it's going to be hard coming home to reality....

  4. Looks like you are having a great time! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures of your lovely family!

  5. So wonderful! Jealous of those sun-kissed glows that look so beautiful. I will have to ask more in person about where you found Rosie's modest tanks/swim beach clothing. I'll be on the hunt for Lily soon. :) Ps...we can't wait until you are home so we can visit and have some get togethers before you leave.

  6. So happy for you! Enjoy your time at the beach.

  7. So glad you all had a great month!! Loved the pictures of the healthy glowing sun kissed faces!!

  8. The cutest picture of all is Simeon in "his own" pool! lol! Of COURSE he thinks it's his, it's just his size! Looks like so much fun, I am envious, in a good way.


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