Friday, January 20, 2017

Living Rosary for Moms

 I belong to a Living Rosary for Moms group. In this group, we gather together every day in prayer spiritually, praying for one another in our vocations as mothers. We unite our prayers and petitions.

My friend Mary started this group after reading this post. She read this article and wanted to get together 20 of her friends to pray one full 20-decade rosary. What happened next, was a whirlwind for her. (God works like that) Within a couple months she had 9 full 20-decade rosaries!  Each of the 180 women praying a decade for and with each other spiritually. Mary chose the above picture for our group to show the love Jesus had for His mother. His love, joy and respect is so evident
I have the 2nd Luminous Mystery, The Wedding Feast of Cana. Every day I pray my mystery, my Our Father and 10 Hail Mary's, trying to contemplate on the words of Mary about her Son.
"Do whatever He tells you." -John 2:5
She always brings us to her Son.
She does not take away from Him, she adds.
I try to think about all these other women and the intentions they all carry in their hearts, just like me. I pray my decade in the shower, in my taxi van, waiting in line or at a doctor's office, after or before Mass and sometimes in bed before drifting off to sleep.
I can't even begin to describe the bond I feel with all these beautiful prayer warriors. It's our love for our families and our faith that bind us together.

My friend Mary has put me in charge of keeping the Living Rosary for Moms going,
and I currently have several open decades from women that needed to leave for various reasons.
We can also start a 10th 20-decade rosary!
The options are infinite!

If you are interested in being assigned a decade, please contact me via email if you are reading this through my blog:
(jamiejo99 at (no spaces and use @ for at)

I will then assign you a decade to be prayed every day for and with the other moms in the group.  You will be allowed to join the Facebook group if you are on Facebook, introduce yourself if you so wish, and ask for any petitions you'd like to. We won't bother you with any postings other than petitions and Rosary related memes.

Facebook group is HERE if you'd like to look around.
You must message me directly.

If, after you've signed up and been assigned your decade, you find you need to quit it, you'd need to only message me and I will relieve you of your commitment. It is important you let me know though, so I can fill your spot and we have no lapse in the rosaries being prayed.

(I apologize blogger is messing with my text switching from left margin to center not letting me pick just one)

God bless you and may the Holy Spirit prompt you to join us!


  1. Dearest Friend,
    This is amazing!
    I emailed you!!!

  2. Yay! I'm so happy you joined us! Christine is also in the group, but she's in the Facebook one!

  3. I only have 5 spots left!! Thank you ladies for taking decades! Anyone else?

  4. Can I join? I just heard about this.

    1. Yes, of course you can!! I actually found some more open spots that were not highlighted on the list when I printed it up and so I missed the spots! Even if those spots were filled, we can always start another rosary! Email me, jamiejo99(at)gmail(dot)com (no spaces, add the @ and .) I'll assign you a decade!

  5. Wow, Jamie, this is so cool! I'm going to think and pray on this, and I may be e-mailing you to join sometime. What an epic ministry!! I'm so glad I found this post on the New Evangelists Monthly link up!

    1. Awesome! It will be great to have you!
      So happy to hear that the New Evangelists Monthly helped!!
      Looking forward to hearing from you!


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