Sunday, February 12, 2017


 OK, oh, my gosh!! This movie might be a new favorite for me! This movie was awesome!
Tom watched it first and told me I would love it. I trust my husband, but I doubted I would love it.
I should never doubt my husband. He was right. I loved it.
                        1950's version                                                                            2016 version
I didn't even know they did a re-make of the old Ben-Hur. Not that I saw the first version, in fact,
it is probably the first version that made me think I would not like the new version. I know lots of people love old movies. I am not one of those people. (I do like some old movies, just not many)

So, it's a story about 2 brothers. (they are actually friends like brothers) Think of Joseph, King of Dreams meets Gladiator. It's a movie about betrayal, and revenge and forgiveness. It takes place during the time of Christ. Jesus is in the movie, a few times and in the end, it comes full circle and Christ wins. Forgiveness wins. I promise, it's good. I let my oldest 4 kids watch this with me and they all liked it.

My one complaint is Morgan Freeman. I mean, couldn't they find any other old, black actors to play his part? Why does it always have to be him. I know, he probably needs the work. He was fine.
This movie I'd also never heard of, turned out to be a great movie. A movie just like the cover says, a movie about true friendship. I really enjoyed this one. I liked seeing Eddie Murphy in this more serious role.
A favorite anytime. I could watch this one over and over and over and....well, Tom bought one online for me and it was only 1.99. That's it. Shipping costs more.
We found this one on Feeln. Liked this one. Twists in it and you know me, if I like it, it had a good ending. Check it out.
This was a show I watched this past year via Netflix. I liked this one. I didn't like that he smokes pot quite often and the show makes it seem like it's something a lot of people do. I don't think that even needed to be in it at all. Why do they do that? Interesting show though.

Ben-Hur. You've got to watch Ben-Hur.
That's all.


  1. I loved the original Ben-Hur. I'll have to check out the second one, too!

    1. I saw a review of both on YouTube. It actually made me want to see the old one. The guy reviewing said that the new one kind of condensed the parts in the old one that drug on. He also said he liked different parts in both of the movies. He, then, at the end said if he had to choose between the 2 which one would he watch again, he said then newer one because the relationship between brothers was portrayed better in the new one. I thought it was interesting.

  2. I have only heard of the Ben Hur remake, none of the others. Well, except You've Got Mail. I'd rather watch Sleepless in Seattle though.

    I started watching Sherlock Holmes series on Netflix and am enjoying it. There are three episodes per season at almost an hour and a half per episode. I need to finish the third episode of season 1 tonight since it'll be awhile until I get to finish them.

    1. Sleepless in Seattle, I think I've only seen it once. I should watch that one again. I can't even count how many times I"ve seen You've God Mail!

      I watched one episode of Sherlock and barely made it through it, I must have been tired or something. I didn't want to watch any more. I like the shows that are only 40 minutes long!

    2. I cry in Sleepless in Seattle. The movie that they cry over in the movie though... My husband and I finally watched it this past year and were both like, "What? This is ridiculous. She had this perfectly good guy and throws him away for an affair." Affair to Remember. Guess we should have guessed by the title.

      My husband watches Sherlock with his parents and sister. They come over and it's so late when they do. But since I couldn't sleep most of January, I actually caught part of one episode and was like, hey I think I could like this. But when it first came out... no, I had no interest.

    3. I've never seen Affair to Remember....I think I'll skip it!!

  3. After we watched "Ben-Hur," my husband did a bit of research, and it is the 5th film adaptation of the novel, "Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ," which was written in the 1800s! So interesting, but this story is pretty timeless ... We really enjoyed it!

    LOVE "You've Got Mail!"

    1. Wow! That is SO interesting! Love the title....Glad you liked it too!

  4. Great Movie picks, I am adding some to my watch list. I totally agree with you about the pot smoking so many movies and shows mess up because they have to add stuff like this, it makes me so disappointed when I absolutely Love a movie and they throw a scene it that I have to skip over when watching with the family or I wont dare watch it with my kids present. You've got mail is a favorite of me & Hubby he tells me don't cry me shop girl when I cry. hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Yeah, not just pot smoking either...sometimes it can be totally a great movie and then they'll throw in something and my husband and I are like???? Really???? We have to preview everything now before kids can watch. Love how your hubby says that to you, so cute!!

  5. Glad you liked Mr. CHurch! I am going to check out Scapegoat and Ben Hur.


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