Friday, August 22, 2008

Our New Schedule!

5:30 am Mommy up, say prayers and breakfast

6-7am Workout and shower

7-8am Computer time, read blogs, post etc...

8am Everyone up, prayers, breakfast, get dressed (by this time 2 are already up)

9am School starts (no phone, turn off til afternoon)

10:30 Snack and quick break (recess)

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Outside recess

2:30 Finish any school work not done
Reading time
Nap time for Babycakes

6:00 Supper

This all looks nice on paper, doesn't it? (well, on computer) This is the schedule I want to follow. I do believe it is impossible for a night person to get up this early. I have been practicing the 5:30 am thing, and going to bed no later than 11pm for the past 2 weeks. My alarm goes off every day at 5:30 and then every 9 minutes after that for the next hour. Then, I finally turn my nightstand light on and start my prayers. Leaving my alarm on just in case I doze off while praying. (who me? Yes me!) Then finally getting out of bed and putting my workout clothes on and down to eat breakfast, but by this time, everyone is up and I'm serving breakfast. I finally exercise around 9am, on a good day. Today it was 4pm. Yes 4pm!

My husband can set his alarm and just get out of bed the second it goes off, if he hears it at all, usually he wakes up before it goes off, way before and is out of bed, because he can't sleep. What? How do you people do it? My best sleeping time is from 5am-8am. Well, with the new schedule which will be official September 1st, my morning workout comes before blogging, so my blogging might slow down even more. Because that extra hour of sleep at the time feels so much better than the computer. We will see.

Then comes Thursday nights, I have my holy hour at 10pm and end up staying until usually 11:30 and come home ready to blog. (I'm usually in bed by 1 or 2am) I have a new energy after visiting with our Lord. SO, Friday mornings might have to be our day off, my day to sleep in!


  1. I don't think 6 and a half hours of sleep is enough, Jamie. I know it's hard, but you have to go to bed earlier, if you want to be up at 5:30. At least I would! But then, I skip the exercise. :o)

  2. My actual bedtime goal is right after my bedtime testing (I test my blood at 10 and take my bedtime insulin) But, I love to read at night or watch something...and it ends up being 11!!

    I know....I know...

  3. Jamie, I am totally a night person. I just love those night hours and tend to read till very late. I am up at 7am or 8am. I will have to tone it down once school starts.

    I also need 8 hours of sleep. Study after study has said that sleep is so important for the little ones and also for us big people.

    Sometimes working out in the afternoon might have to do. See what works best!

    But where are your priorities????? Giving up blogging??????? just kidding.

  4. Jamie, we really are kindred spirits. I too am a nite person. I get my second wind at 9:00. Even years of getting up early for work didn't change my internal clock. Now that I'm home due to health reasons, I'm back at going to bed at midnite and sleeping til 9:00. No small children helps too! ha
    My husband is the same as yours. Always an early bird-I just don't understand it. I'd love to be able to rise early & enjoy the sunrise, but I am realistic after all this time. Love & understanding, Nerm

  5. I absolutely love it when I can sleep from 11-7. I would too if it weren't for our baby rooster who wakes between 5:30 and 6:00!

    I don't know about you, but watching the Olympics has contributed to sleep deprivation around here.

    My intended schedule is much like yours. Looks good, but hardly ever happens.

    Back-to-school is always a good time to turn over a new leaf. Let's wish each other luck and throw in a few prayers and maybe we can help each other get on track!

    Blessings to you - I had a wonderful time yesterday - did you?

  6. I also loved my night time quiet hours but after years of trying, my husband finally convinced me I needed to get up early. So now I try to get up at 5:30 and get in my prayer time and shower and stuff before the kids get up at 7:00. I miss those night time hours, but I have come to realize that everything runs smoother if I am up and ready for the day before the kids get up. I might not like it, but it does seem to work out better this way.

    I'm also a schedule person, so I love seeing others who work with a schedule. God Bless!

  7. You are very inspiring! I wish I could go to bed late and get up early! I wish there were more hours in the day (at least more "Me" hours!)
    I'm trying to plan my life, to come up with a schedule (I wrote about it just now!) Sometimes I think that God is just trying to tell me to slow down, to let go of so much.

    It's not easy...


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