Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exaltation Of The Holy Cross Doings

To celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross after Mass we had a delicious lunch of pesto noodles, tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad and Cross Poke cake.
The poke cake surprisingly turned out beautiful! Isn't it pretty? It's pretty amazing to pour liquid jello all over a freshly baked cake and not wreck it. (it was hard to do) How does it taste, you ask? Well, 1/2 the kids liked it and 1/2 did not, one only ate the delicious pudding frosting and I, well, add this to my picky list, eating wet cake is not my cup of tea. Although, it did have good flavor, one taste is all I could eat.
Pudding Frosting:
8 oz cool whip
any flavor instant pudding
1 cup milk
Mix and frost, delicious, creamy and thick, yet light tasting!
I did cheat a little bit and not make the pesto noodles from scratch, I used a season packet!!

Tomorrow for Our Lady of Sorrows, We will do the 7 almond snack!
For those of you who are interested in the poke cake recipe, it is SO easy. All you do is make a cake, any cake, but white or yellow work best to see the colors come through. After you bake the cake, poke it with a fork, all over, in rows, or lines. Make jello, the 4 serving size, any flavor or color and pour the liquid all over your cake, slowly. Refrigerate at least 3 hours, then frost!


  1. What a great Exhaltation fo the Cross feast Day celebration! The cake turned out great, but like you I'm not sure I could stomach it - I'm definitely not a soggy bread/cake gal.

  2. Sorry about the cake. I always find it funny when you make something special, and end up not liking it yourself. Those crosses are just beautiful!

  3. I love the art work. Your kiddos are so creative like their mama!

  4. Beautiful cake. I wonder if it would be on my picky list? We seem to have very similar lists! ;)
    Your feast days always look like so much fun.
    For my pesto noodles I use the kind in a jar and dump it on my noodles. Easier than a seasoning mix even. Yum! My kids actually all like it. That's hard to come by!

  5. You're such a great mom! I wish I was at your house for the crafts and food!

  6. Jamie, your cake turned out beautiful, the salad looks delicious, and the children's crosses are darling! What a fun celebration!


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