Wednesday, February 25, 2009

St Vincent De Paul?

A while ago, in January, Allison at Totus Tuus Family, decided to help anyone who wanted their Saint of the year to pick them. She prayerfully picked Saints for each person who wanted a Saint, either for themselves, their family or their blog. I kind of reluctantly decided to go for it. I say that because the first time I did this several years ago, someone working in a local Catholic bookstore picked a Saint that I did not want and actually did nothing with him. (except wonder why I got him) Which is kind of ironic now, because that Saint was St Pius X. This time, I thought, Alison knows me, her prayers will be more heartfelt and therefore I will get someone like Blessed Mother Teresa (my favorite) or any patron Saint of my children (we've named all our children after Saints). But, she picked St Vincent De Paul. Now, I was very disappointed at first. My first thought was "why him?" He is my dad's patron Saint, his feast day is on my dad's birthday, September 27th. I kept asking over the next couple days "why?" knowing that he was for me for some reason.

Well, God answered me, in the shower of all places. (around here, that is the only place I get peace and quiet) St Vincent De Paul is my dad's patron Saint. Who knows him better than Jesus and Mary? His patron Saint. My dad and mom (and sister and brother) left the Roman Catholic Church a couple years ago and joined the SSPX (Society of St Pius X) which has given me great pain (click here). Anyone see the irony? I am now praying to my dad's patron Saint for him to come back to Rome. I just have such a hard time hearing my dad say "No, we are not in full union with the Holy Father." I do, hope and pray someday they will be in full union, and I do believe someday they will be, but for now they are not and they are wrong. Simple as that.
Thank you so very much Allison, God bless you!

**I'm trying to catch up on posts, I'm so far behind, I owe Sarah (JOT) a huge thank you and I've been a lazy blogger lately...I've been a lazy everything. I have no energy. I have no ambition. This baby has taken it away!! I am positive the energy will come back, my husband says "no, it will be gone for the next 2 years!" He's wrong, right?


  1. Jamie-I will pray for your family as well. I know how hard it is!

    Don't worry about your silence-I get it! I'mm feeling awful too! Soon, it will be better, and we'll be enjoying our first trimesters!

  2. Why do you owe me thanks? Are the books I sent you distracting you???? Do what you have to and blog when you can . . . we know you're having growing pains!!

    Sarah (JOT)

  3. Oh, gosh JOT, I owe you a huge thanks because I love the books and have a post in my head, but haven't posted it yet, I want to give you a proper thank you, on the blog, you know!

  4. That's really wild and wonderful. Let us all know what fruit comes of it!

  5. I like the Lent header.

    Good to hear your voice today. Along with all the splishing and splashing of bath time.

    I hope you do get some energy soon. Do not let the fact that we might get 6 inches of snow get ya down.

    Just do the best you can.

  6. God bless you Jamie!! I'll pray for you re your family and your pregnancy. What would God do without people like you, whom he can use as examples of faith and perseverance to others???

  7. I'm so glad that you're back again. It took me awhile to find out that you were back to blogging, I guess. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    God Bless!

  8. I've been praying for you and the baby on the way every day. I'll add prayers for your family. Thank you for this blog, its been a great blessing to me.
    God bless,


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