Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Have A Holy Living Room!

This was the bottle that held my special inch of Lourdes Holy Water. This was the bottle that the Mama left just within reach of her 4 year old "Mary", who left evidence, (the empty bottle and open lid) on the counter for her Mama to find. When the Mama asked where the holy water went, "Mary" took her Mama down to the basement to a corner and said it was put there. Upon feeling no water, no wet carpet, the Mama, inquired, "The floor is not wet, where did you put the holy water?" She responded, "you can't feel it because it's in the corner" With a little arguing with the 4 year old ( it happens quite often), "Mary" decided to tell the truth. "Aaaaalright, it's uptairs in the libbin room." She then, took the Mama to the living room, where she found the exact spot somewhere behind the couch, by the window, where the floor was wet and where we proceeded to pray for the Holy Souls. No Holy water going to waste in this house!
As special as it was.


  1. I love kid stories. Oh Mary! You have to just love her.

    I have some still from my MIL that I could share with you!

    funny word verifi...: shide

    "Mary tried to shide the holy water in the libben room!"

  2. Ahh...a day in the life of a full time mommy for sure!! Cute story. And now VERY blessed libben room!!

  3. That's a fun story you can tell her someday. Holy water around here usually doesn't last in fonts because it's so dry. But I brought out my fatima or lourdes water (can't remember) in a Mary shaped container a few weeks back, and the kids like that. I'll make sure it's in a secure place :)

    Speaking of kids and bottles of liquid, the worst I believe is when my kids decided to play with my massage oil on my suede bed cover a few years ago.

    PS - Miss you!

  4. Yeah, "libben room" is hilarious and so sweet at the same time.

  5. aww, cute story! kids are so funny. I love 'em!

    I'm sad for you for your Lourdes water, though. I went to Lourdes about 11 years ago and shipped gallons to myself when we moved back to the States. We're getting "low" now. Only a gallon or two left. I think I'd cry if my 3 year old "baptized" the rug with it!

    And still..... such a cute story! And the Holy Souls are eternally grateful!

    I've enjoyed visiting your blog!

  6. You gotta love'm:) Its always the looking back that makes you laugh.


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