Monday, March 2, 2009

What Do You Do?

My question is do you tip at a buffet? My husband doesn't and growing up, my parents did not either. I, personally do and think we should. I think actually that the waiter/waitress at a buffet works harder, they are constantly refilling waters and pops, bringing napkins, and taking away dirty plates. Just curious!


  1. The only buffet we go to is Old Country Buffet. I don't feel obligated to tip there, but on occasion they do more than their job. I usually just compliment them, because I think in the end - that means more.

    If I would leave a tip there, I am sorry, but that's the kind of place that it would most likely get stolen if left on the table. So if you tip, I'd suggest giving it right to the person or in a tip jar.

  2. We don't eat at these places - and if we do, it is few and far between. I don't think we have ever left tips at a place like this for the reason Melissa said.

    I can't stand buffets: too many hands and whatever else sticking into the food I might eat - just thinking about it makes me ill.

  3. Oh, I know, we hate buffets too, but the kids love them and there's such a variety for those picky ones!

    I took the 2 big kids to a chinese buffet (they begged me)this past weekend after 2 hours of indoor soccer and left a tip, the tip is paid right at the register, we pay with our cash card.


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