Thursday, April 30, 2009

St Joseph the Worker and May Day!

We made our beautiful May Day baskets again this year! This year, though, we can't drive to anyone's home (because of my leg) so we are giving baskets to people who come to our home, and we started today! (except for a couple neighbors)
Like last year, we will also plant our Morning Glory seeds in pots to get a head start for Summer and color and paint everything flower!!

Head on over to Waltzing Mathilda's and get a great coloring sheet of St Joseph the Worker!
St Joseph, pray for us! There's also some great ideas for food on Catholic Cuisuine!


  1. Beautiful May Day baskets!! Did you just use sheets of scrapbook paper and make them into cones? I love them, and will have to remember this for next year ... or I guess they could just be belated this year ... We have to get over some illness first, which hopefully doesn't spread to everyone. (ugh!)

    Happy Day!

  2. Sarah- yes, I used scrapbook paper, bought for things like this!

    We are getting over illnesses here too, in fact my next post will be about that!!

  3. I've always wanteds to do that for May Day. Just lovely!


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