Monday, June 8, 2009

If Only

"Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died." John 11:21

At the funeral I went to on Friday, the priest gave the best homily I've heard at a funeral ever. He talked about this line in the bible, how Mary said this to Jesus.

He talked about how quite often when someone dies suddenly or before their time (young), the people left behind are left saying to themselves "If only I had been there." "If only I had spent more time with him." "If I had just paid more attention to him the last time I saw him." If only. There are a million "If only's" for the people left to mourn this kind of death.

The priest said that does not matter, because Jesus meets us right where we are. He meets the person who has died right where he is. Jesus is there.

Can we change some of those "If only's" with people we see all the time, or don't see often enough? Can we forgive someone who needs to be forgiven? Can we recognize and compliment someone who needs that from us? Can we love and live as if it's our last day here on earth?

We can, with God's help. With prayer, with humility, with love.


  1. Jamie-thank you for sharing this! This is only too true...last year a friend's daughter died at a pool party we were at. It happened shortly after we left, and my husband constantly says, "If only we had stayed, it would have been more eyes on the situation." It is almost approaching the one year anniversary, and is a great reminder to be more present to the mother as the date approaches.

  2. Oh, Therese, your comment brought tears to my eyes, I will pray for her family too.

  3. what a beautiful site and beautiful family! My prayers are with you and your family.

  4. I read the paper and watch too much TV and see all the accidents that can happen with kiddos. I pray pray pray that I will never have "an if only" moment.

    I try my best to love and serve my family and those who come into my life. Best I can do.


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