Monday, July 27, 2009

I Wonder...

Why, on the day I pray specifically for patience and love and joy for one child, I am full of impatience for another child?


  1. God must have just heard the first part of your prayer! And then He had an incoming call, which was my prayer for patience.

    [My toenails are painted a pretty pink, by the way. Correction: they were painted a pretty pink, and then my 4-year-old colored on them with a dry erase marker. Yes, you heard correctly.]

  2. Don't pray for patience. God will send you trials. We learn patience through practice. Pray for peace and wisdom! ;-)

  3. You said it! How does that work?!

    I think it goes along with 'every time I think I've got things figured out, God has other plans in mind and changes it up a bit'.

    Blessings on your day!


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