Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Week of Reading!

A week ago, Friday, my husband brought home the first book A Child Called "it" and once I started it, I could NOT put it down. I wanted to find out what happened to this poor boy, when and if things got better. Now, I told my husband I'd have nightmares if I read it, but it was just too tempting sitting there waiting for me to read it! I think quite a few people have read these and I am late to even talk about them, as every person I mention them too, has read them!
Every free moment I had, I was reading these, including laying on my left side (resting) each day! The first 2 books were the most shocking and sad and "can't put the book down" types, the 3rd book, when Dave is an adult, is much better as it is really him trying to deal with the past. There is still some shocking stuff that comes out in the 3rd book. It sure makes you want to just hug and kiss your own children. These books are an amazing true testimony of forgiveness and hope for so many bad things out there in the world.


  1. It's truly amazing, in a world where it's easy to blame others/someone else for our troubles, that this child grew up to be a man who was able to forgive and find a way to live happily despite his beginnings.

  2. That mama was evvvvvvvil! Abuse is evil. I do not care what physco-babble they have out there for every person with a mental disorder. She was evil. plain and simple

    I really wish I could do some butt-wupping on people like that. Too many stories I have heard with child abuse and neglect. I read the 1st one for sure and the 2nd one I think a long time ago. It is a book you cannot put down.

    totally unreal. Thank goodness there are some decent teachers out there who got involved.

  3. I have actually always wanted to read those. Now I know which one to start with! :)
    I'm with Kissy, but I know I wouldn't actually harm them. I just feel sorry for people who ruin their lives and try to take others down with them. I'll never understand it.


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