Monday, August 3, 2009

24 Season 7 Done!

Oh, Jack Bauer, we will miss you until next year! My husband and I just completed the 7th season yesterday. We never watch it on TV, just wait until the season is released into DVD and rent it from Netflix. They do have the best cliffhangers ! I was disappointed that they made a certain character a bad guy, I always liked him as a good guy....oh, well, Chloe is still good. (in her own funny way)
We have to wait another whole year for the next season to be released! Half of these people pictured are dead now, but are they really? I'm off to take care of my hostiles. Uh, I mean kiddos! Any "24" fans out there?


  1. Oohhh!! So it is out on DVD?! We've been wanting to watch it too.

  2. John and I are on Season 6 Disc 4 and are both thoroughly addicted. I am SO glad you didn't say who becomes a bad guy!

    Favorite line from last night's episode, (after the creepy Ricky Schroder character turned up at CTU), was Milo to Morris: "And you thought I was an ******."

  3. Cannot say we have ever seen it. Something to look into??!!

  4. We used to watch it, but it became too much trouble (I hadn't thought about netflix!) because lent always started early/midway through the season and we don't watch TV during lent. We TiVo'd it the our year and managed to watch all the episodes (that was year 3) but in year 4 we just couldn't keep up. One time the TiVo didn't work and I went so far as to buy the episode on iTunes! And still.... we became "24 Dropouts".

    I think I'll ask Chief about netflixing it! I'm glad Chloe is still Chloe!


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