Monday, August 3, 2009

3rd Coldest July Recorded Ever!

In Minnesota, we just had the 3rd coldest July ever recorded, the other 2 cold July's were in the 1800's!! They said the average temp was 66 degrees!! Yes, I guess it's a great year to be pregnant. We only get a couple months of warm, we want them!! I'd rather have warm summer weather, I'm going to swell up anyway, might as be warm!

Yesterday, we got our swim suits on and thought it was going to be nice to go to the pool (we've only made it 4 times this year, because of cold weather) and it started to rain as we were getting in the van! I had some crabby girls when we went back in the house...including me, do you know how long it takes a big prego lady to get her swim suit on? It's a long time and quite a workout!


  1. We hit a high of 114 one day last week... Our highest EVER was 115. It has been way too hot!

    I'm not complaining (too much) though. I know what you mean about enjoying warm weather... It is always gone too soon. I hope it warms up for you all! =)

  2. I love the cool summer! Thanks for the image of a pregnant woman struggling to get a suit on, how well I remember those days! I would have just stood in the rain and cooled off from all that exercise!

    God bless you Jamie! I know you look forward to the day when you will be putting your sweet little baby into a swimsuit instead of yourself!

  3. You are the best mama in the world to go through all that so your kiddos can swim. Most of my babies have been born in the winter so I struggle with snow pants and boots!

  4. 66 sounds wonderful!

  5. I'm sorry about that! A struggle to get into your suit . . . I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings that it made me chuckle. But, I have been there so I'm remembering and laughing.

  6. I am feeling your pain up here in chilly Fargo. We were SO looking forward to many days at the pool next door and the little lakes close by. Our pool here has been closed at least one day each week - which is really something as it has to be under 65 degrees to close!!
    Maybe we'll get a warm winter with all of this - I think we're earning it!


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