Friday, August 7, 2009

My Apron!

This is pictured for Tracy, since she always sends me great pictures of mailboxes, I'm posting my apron for her! My MIL made this actually for my husband, she made a smaller one for Jedi and a matching one for my hubby, but he has never worn it, nor had a reason to, I guess. It works perfectly for my large belly! I don't know if it's pretty, but it's cool!
(Please ignore my right elephant leg!)


  1. You are too cute, Jamie! How are you feeling?

  2. If it fits ... I'd claim it! I wanted to see your beautiful face, though.

  3. How am I feeling? 2 weeks, 6 days...that's how I'm feeling!! :) You too?

  4. It looks cool on you because you are cool!

  5. Oh, I love this unofficial parade of aprons! Did you see Meredith's and Jen's that I linked to?

    I never knew how handy a pretty apron could be!

  6. Hang in there (or out there! :)I'm so glad things were so good your first week of school. It always is a period of adjustment for the littles (and bigs!) that first week or so. I remember crying the first day of school last year, because I was trying to make it SO perfect and it just WASN"T! Maybe had something to do with me being in my 3rd trimester... :)


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