Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All Saints Day

Our Catholic homeschool group puts on an All Saints Party every year. This year, the kiddos picked (from LtoR) St Zita, St Ursula, Mary with baby Jesus, and David with Goliath as his prop (brave daddy who wore that skirt all night, just for his son)

Each family brings a game for the kiddos to play. Every year, I bring this game. Usually I have a hula hoop for the flowers to be tossed into, but our hoops broke this summer, so God's garden got a little smaller this year and we used this big bowl. It actually was better, as it made it much more challenging for the bigger kids. It was a lot of fun, we always look so forward to it!


  1. How fun! I would love to do more with the kids for this feast day.

  2. You've got a good man there, Jamie. He and Jedi make a great David and Goliath. What a great idea! They look perfect in their costumes.

  3. Wonderful costumes!! How cool for your husband to agree to go along as Goliath!! It is perfect!

  4. Thought I would never see the day when your husband wore a skirt.

    Nice LEGS!!!!

    Love the costume ideas. So creative.

  5. Fantastic costumes, Jamie! Kuddos to your husband for going along with the fun. He looks TALL! Or was he standing on something?

  6. Sarah, my hubby is 6 feet 6, exactly one foot taller than me!!

    SO, he actually is like Goliath to some people!


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