Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Compliments and Pride

Yesterday I needed to go to the craft store for a quick errand during piano lessons.
While checking out, a man, I'll call him "fifty something guy" says to me "She sure is a good baby, she's so easy going and calm." I smiled and said, "Well, she's the 5th, she has to be."
Fifty something guy says to me as I'm paying the cashier, "She's got her mother's eyes."
I turned (I'm sure) pitch red and said, "Yes, she does."
That's it.
That was the compliment.
"She's got her mother's eyes."
I should call him "Angel guy" instead of "Fifty something guy"
because of the way that made me feel all the way home, and even now as I type this.
One compliment like that, from a complete male stranger goes a long way.
A really long way.
Which is actually kind of funny, because, well, the compliment was actually for the baby, he was actually admiring the baby.
Now, I went home feeling good, but also feeling a little guilty for feeling good, you know that conscience was letting me know that it is so prideful to like and desire such compliments.
I used to be (before children) I'd say, (dare I) well, pretty dang good looking.
I don't think I've ever said that out loud.
I've never acted like I thought I was pretty, but I was and I loved compliments.
I always got the man I wanted by flirting and going after him.
Like a game I guess.
Except my husband, who was a blind date, funny, huh?
Looks can go a long way. They helped me get jobs. They helped in so many things.
It's sad, but true.
Our world loves beauty.
That is a good thing, God made beauty for us. But it's what we do with that beauty, isn't it?
It can be full of pride.
Pride that God knows needs to be humbled.
I look at this extra weight as that cross.
A way God is humbling me.
Now, that doesn't mean that I'm loving it or trying to keep it.
I'm trying every day to lose it.
It's something that is never not on my mind.
It's that weighty issue.
See, in the end, the compliment that made me feel so good and so prideful, actually
humbled me.
Thank you "Angel Guy"!
Disclaimer I must add:
Thank you all, BUT,
I am not looking for blog compliments, really, just wanted to tell the story and get my feelings out there you know.
It was hearing it from a complete male stranger who doesn't know me inside.


  1. Hey Jamster. I think you are beautiful...inside and out. Really I DO! Your kids too have pretty pretty eyes.

    My hair is all gone so I look pretty dorky right now.

  2. You are beautiful! And I love that you have reminded me about pride...I need to work on that!

  3. I definitely could have wrote this myself! Whenever Teenie gets the compliment I think it's for me! he he he!!! Well, it stinks to get the stink eye - and I got it repeatedly from a boy I fawned over for yonks and yonks in high school. He thought I was ugly. It hurt . . . but it humbled me. I figured out I'm not all that . . . on the outside, anyway.
    God bless you.

  4. And, Oh yes: you are a beautiful woman - inside and out.

  5. I agree with Christine that you are beautiful inside and out. Thanks for the awesome post. Your children are certainly beautiful as well. Have a blessed day.

  6. You are a beautiful woman, but your inner beauty is what makes you really special! ;-)

  7. Good post Jamie! I agree with all of the other women, that you are truly beautiful and I think it's your tender heart that radiates so well that helps the rest of you shine. I think I've told you before how beautiful I've thought you were from the first time I saw you. Back in my single days when attending daily mass and seeing you, I recall being mesmerized by what a truly wonderful woman you are :)

  8. you do have the prettiest eyes....
    God gave them to ya, so you can be "proud" of them.
    and you are a sweetheart.
    that was a great story!
    life is full of weighty issues, friend.
    i always loved the quote by erma bombeck, something about life's too short, so eat more icecream...or something to that effect. but i guess for health reasons we have to maintain some kind of balance.
    blessings to you, friend!


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