Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie Review and Weight Update

Yesterday was the feast of the Assumption of Mary.
One of my favorite days of the year.
This year with Tom making it with me, it was, I don't know, different.
In a nice, different way.
It got us in the habit of praying together every night.
I usually do my prayers right away in the morning, knowing that I will be too tired to do it in the evening and I don't want to miss any days.
This year, I waited for him and we prayed every evening usually while the kiddos were in bed, but not always. There were lots of interruptions which is the season of our life right now.
With 5 small children (Jedi is 10 now, but that's small, right?) anyway, with 5 small children, I feel like I've become ADHD or something. I have a hard time concentrating or really praying, at least the way I want to. I'm visual. I want to take it all in and feel it.
I am so very thankful for this busy time in my life, I know in the not so distant future there will be time for silent retreats.
It's not about what I get out of it.
It's about Jesus and what I give Him.
I offer my life and all it's failings and imperfections.
He can make them beautiful when I don't feel anything.
Just this morning, Mary Hannah came into bed with me and started talking about her birthday (she's on the big countdown) which is in 16 days. She kiddingly said "I'm going to be six----teen in sixteen days, get it mom?" I said, with a pain in my heart, "You'll be 16 for real, much sooner than I'd like. Come here my sweet 16-year old!" (followed by tickling kisses on her neck)
Some day, she won't come into my bed and snuggle.
Onto movie reviews!
Win a Date With Tad Hamilton.
Great movie!
It's a few years old and I'd never heard of it, until Sarah told me about it.
"Guard your carnal treasure!!"
I laughed out loud when I heard that part.
I've never even heard of it called that before. I like it. (I hope it's not a bad word)
Kind of a girly movie, but I like those kind.
My husband calls them "Jamie movies" and I'm pretty sure he'd like me to tell you that he did NOT watch this with me.
Very cute movie.
Update anyone?
I started on a Thursday and so it's been a week and a half. My weigh in days are Mondays.
Today is a good Monday.
I lost 3 pounds total!!
It's amazing to eat more and actually lose.
Most days I have a hard time filling my points. I feel so guilty having a whole cup of frozen yogurt at bedtime. (5 points)
Wish I'd have done this sooner.
I still struggle with finding the time to exercise (as I sit here on my big butt in my exercise clothes, I want it all, blog time & exercise time)
I'm trying to not feel guilty and just do it when I can.
My kids are so sweet about it.
Jedi, this morning said "why are you trying to lose weight mom?" "You don't need to."
I explain to him,
I want to feel good about myself, I want to lose weight to be healthy. I also explained that Weight Watchers is not really a diet as much as just being accountable to the amount you are eating. I'm just really counting that's all.
I like that Weight Watchers is a life plan, not a diet.


  1. You are so very sweet, Jamie--such a beautiful heart to match those beautiful eyes which (as you know) are the window of the soul.

    Great job on the weight loss. I loved Weight Watchers and think it's a great organization.

    Have a blessed day and please say a quick prayer for your friend down south. I'm struggling a bit today with one of my girls and it's not the young lady you'd think!

  2. I love it when kids come into bed to snuggle.
    My 14 1/2 yr old son came this morning. I do not think they ever get too old. But...he came to snuggle with the baby not me.

    Congrats on your 3 lbs!!! yippee!

  3. Jamie Jo I would have to agree with Margaret about the beautiful eyes as well as the smile and heart. Your words mean a lot to us. Speaking of movies, I, unlike some men, like the ones that make you cry. For instance, A Walk to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle, You've got mail, My Girl. They are all good ones. But then I also like actions movies and went to see "Salt" for the second time this past weekend. Enjoy this special time you are having with all the glory to Jesus.

  4. Glad you liked the film. Carnal Treasure isn't a bad word. You are so funny and sweet!
    Congrats on your "loss"!!! You go, girl!!! I started on WW a few years ago, and then dropped out. I think it would work if I stuck to it. Exercise is my downfall as well - I have to get moving for any of it to work. Keeping you in prayer for this intention!

  5. You're always inspiring, Jamie! What a beautiful gift for your marriage and for Our Lady....

    Are you doing WW online or do you have to go to meetings? COngrats!

    And thanks for another movie to check out.

  6. What a blessing to renew your consecration with your husband! Thank you for the movie review. I hadn't heard of it and often look for decent and funny films but never sure what you'll get!?

  7. Good for you on the WW, Jamie! Also wanted to thank you for your latest movie reviews. We have similar tastes, so I'll have to add the two latest 'thumbs up' selections to my netflix.

  8. I love WW!! I joined for 2 months last fall and lost 11 pounds, and have pretty much kept it off since then because it really changed they way I eat. Congrats!!

  9. JMJ, I chose to do WW online. I am still accountable. I don't like those meetings. I'd rather do it at home in front of the whole blog community...(haha)

  10. Weight Watchers is a great plan, and something that is easier to maintain than others.


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