Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am so very thankful to God for my faith and husband and family and
Sweet girls in bandanna scarves...
Babies who can crawl up the stairs safely now...
Baby curls and chubby hands (click on picture)...
Messed up baby books....
Step back a little further and I'm thankful for happy dress-up girls...
(after having the dress up box put away in the closet for several months!)

I'm thankful for
Sweet babes that can still fit in the sink...
Mmmmmmm....vanilla candles.....and 4 year old girls who love to turn out all the lights in the house because mama has a candle lit!
I'm thankful
Our old broken crank out window is out now....
and we have a brand new $850 window for the girls, so now they can finally open their window!
(it broke about a month ago)
For good friends.
I've been contemplating friends this week and am so very thankful for all the different friendships I have, but a couple in particular.
First, my friend Sarah.
I was trying to describe her to another friend and to call her my "friend" is just, well, not enough.
She is really more of a sister to me than a friend.
And that doesn't even seem enough, more like a twin sister.
(only she's the prettier, smarter, taller, thinner one)
We have the same belief system, we know what the other is thinking and never ever tire of talking.
I thank God for placing her in my life.
I must also mention my new friend Susie. I've gotten to know her this past year and so look forward to seeing her every time I see her. She's beautiful inside and out and every time I am with her, I'm thinking "Why would someone so cool, hang out with me?"
She has been such a source of happiness this past year to me and I am thankful for her and her family.
(of course there's Kissteen too)

I am also thankful finally

For smart babies who are starting to talk and sort, and big sisters who cheer her on and teach and love her so much.


  1. We both have so much to be thankful for. You had some really great pictures today.

  2. OH NO!! Quick get a refund. That window money is your new camera money!!!!

    I sit and look at our stupid car and think of all the cool stuff I could have bought with car repair money. I probably would not have anyways. So important to have savings for the stupid car.

    Love having you for a friend. I am the lucky one to know you. I can be myself and you like me for who I am.

    The video was the best. She is smart because of all the prayers I say for her!!!

  3. EEK!! I wasn't prepared for the extreme closeup on there! ;) I'd MUCH rather see your pretty face than mine, always have!

    We have been blessed with a wonderful friendship, a precious sister friendship - one forged through our love of the Faith, long before our marriages and children came.

    We've been there for each other through the terrible, heartwrenching times and the wonderful, full of joy times. I thank Him and you for that!

    I will always cherish our special friendship and I thank God that He has entwined our lives together, no matter the miles between us!

    I love you, Sis!!
    Love and Blessings,

  4. I love it~ its great to be thankful for all the wonderful blessings in our lives:) Your post made me smile...


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