Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wigs and Roundabouts!

My husband always wanted a red-head!
(not quite sure this is what he had in mind)
We went Wally-World (Wal-Mart) and bought a bunch of costumes and wigs for 90%
Twirly skirts $1 each
Jedi got Bobo Fett, Jenga Fett and Darth Vader for $4/each
Butterfly wings $1 each!

The girls have been playing dress up ever since!

Ok, aren't you happy I'm not putting Crystal Gayle up anymore?
I might still do it once in a while....Come on everyone, You know you liked it!
These are new to our City.
These signs are everywhere you turn, the grocery store, Sam's Club, the Library.
They are everywhere because no one knows how to use them.
They are stupid.
(my opinion)
I think they are an accident waiting to happen.
My kiddos said they are supposed to save energy, by not putting an actual intersection in.
I just worry about the icy MN roads and wonder how much sand and salt will be needed to keep these Roundabouts safe.


  1. I agree -- roundabouts are stupid.

  2. Have to buy stuff when it is marked down. Especially Halloween stuff. Sounds like you got some good deals.

    Love the redhead look!

    SO enjoy this stage when they like to dress up. I still like to "dress up". Never too old.

    Wonder why people need so much info. Why they cannot figure stuff out anymore.

    I want more common sense in this world...for Christmas. That is what I want...just plain ol'common sense.

  3. You have a valid concern about weather . . . however, I love round abouts! They are called "traffic circles" in Maryland (and I may never forgive MD for that!!!) LOL!!! We have one here on Ford Island . . . the purpose is to avoid all the stop and go stuff at four ways. I like them when eejits aren't using them.
    It isn't a new driving concept for 'coasters' but probably new to mid-westerners.
    Embrace your inner Englishwoman! I dare you!!!

    Hugs and Aloha!

  4. Oh, I forgot -- and I LOVE the sweet baby's expression in the picture of you with the wig on --- "Momma? Is that you?"

  5. We have a roundabout. Makes me crazy that people have no idea how to work it. They'll completely stop and wait for people to go by. They just don't understand the concept.
    And what is it with men and red hair? CH has suggested that I get red highlights for years. I don't get it.

  6. Traffic circles can be confusing as I have encountered a few of them. I noticed in Walmart this past weekend that they also had all the Halloween stuff off 90% but I passed by without thinking about it. Your children looked adorable.

  7. I agree about the roundabouts. However, they are better than shicanes (not sure about that spelling). Just wonder how they are going to keep the snow cleared properly ...

    Cute dress-ups.

  8. Whenever I drive in Jersey, I curse the roundabouts under my breath! They feel like a whirlpool of potential smash-ups. I even was told by a native never look the other driver in the face...huh?

    Smart lady to buy costumes now. My daughter would luv that. I remember when I was little I had a dress up trunk and my sister and I luved it! The photos of your sweet girls brought back memories.

  9. We just got a couple of round about here too. They're popping up everywhere. Not too long ago, when I went to visit a friend that I hadn't seen for a while, I was driving to her house and suddenly went through a round-about w/o realizing it and nearly ran into a car. I told my friend about it and she said, "Oh. Yeah, that's the new round about."

    I felt so stupid! Ever since then I've tried to avoid them but like I said, they pop up everywhere.

  10. I used to take advantage of the after-Halloween sales and buy up lots masks and accessories and the boys would get a big box full for Christmas. They loved it!

    I too have great "disdain" for roundabouts. I don't think anyone pays attention to whom they are supposed to be yielding. I think they replace lights because people don't want to be delayed by lights, but they are definitely an accident waiting to happen!

  11. I love how Sweetie Pie is looking at you in that wig!

    I know I'm going to be the odd one out on this, but I like roundabouts. It's the other drivers that I dislike. ;) Seriously, 4 way stop signs are the worst here. No one knows whos turn it is and it turns into a big wave the other person through fest. **sigh**


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