Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowflake Crafts

For January and February I will have this pretty snowflake soap out.
Can you smell it? It smells like vanilla.
I'm a sucker for those flowers in the grocery store.
I love to buy them and put them in water, makes me think of summer.
Speaking of flowers....are you sick of the flowers on this blog?
Everyone picks such great designs and I've had these flowers for like 2 years now.
I haven't been posting our crafts, well, because we haven't been doing much in the craft department.
It's always hard when the older kiddos grow out of making crafts, or get very selective about what they will do.
That's when I get lazy and skip it.
But that's not fair to Colette. (remember that's Babycakes' new blog name)
The older kiddos did get into making snowflakes for the windows.
We cut out circles (you could use squares) and folded them in half 3 or 4 times and cut away.
The designs are beautiful and each one unique like each child.
If you click on my "craft" label on the sidebar, you'll see what we've done in the past. I'm thinking though, now, that I should have labeled them by month, because you'll have to go through quite a few crafts to find all the winter ones. (someday I'll fix that for you)
This craft is very easy.
We drew some snowflakes
Then, we traced them with Elmer's glue.
Let them dry overnight.
Then water painted them.
Since she's the only one crafting these days, I only have these 2 to show you.
We are planning on making these today.
Since I love to tie-dye, we will have to try these next week after I can get some supplies.
For a snack, we might have to get some groceries for these!


  1. I LUB LUB Babycakes new bloggy name. Colette...oh la la so very pretty and French. Also St. Colette is the saint of Belgium. Brians grandma came from there and my Colette is named after her.

    Love the snowflakes. Your bloggy is pretty! I like the flowers.

    I am so glad I am feeling better. Never realize how much mamas are needed around a place until you are sick.

    ava fell down the stairs and off a chair (under Brians watch!)
    so hard to lay in bed and listen to my baby cry.


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